Rough exhalation and footsteps were echoing in the alley.

How long has it been since I've come to this island, how long has it been running, how high would I have felt?

But looking back is unacceptable, stopping your feet is unacceptable, seeking rest is unacceptable.

I'm hunting down my prey, because I'm surrounded by hunter-like rage.

"You're not getting away with this anymore!

"You're already under siege!

"Give it up, surrender!

I feel the volume of my voice getting a little closer.

They're right, the siege net is narrowing steadily.

The rush and fatigue recruit, and the legs snap.

out of balance as if he'd been grabbed by an invisible hand,

... zdaaaaa...!

and stuck it in a garbage dump at the front.

Just then, a window opens directly above him, and a man like Cock puts his face to the cross of his nose.

Flipping the bucket he had in his hand, the leftovers poured down with dosadosa and his body covered with a strange odor that curved his nose.

Cock noticed someone falling under his eyes and sighed.

"Oh, Wild Tail's coming to the garbage clams again. But he's already breathing bugs, so he's about to die."

Cock pulls into the back of the room once.

Back at the window again, what he had in his hand was a bloody stick of fire.

Cock pulls and giggles, as if he purposefully incites fear.

"Cockcook......! I guess it's one of my little pleasures to perform" Last Supper "in Koitsu. What a wild tail parent-like guy I cracked his head off before this, but still it was Kessak that didn't let go of the leftovers. The kids I was looking at in the distance looked more like they were dying, again in a psycho. Come on......! So, hey, are you listening!? Or did you freak out and die early?

But like a monster created by raw garbage, it got up.

"Ki... you...! I'm not homeless or anything...! On the contrary, such as putting trash on......!

Breathing disturbances and anger creep in, letting out a slightly rough breath, grasping the pattern of the sword that was on his hips.

At the end of the sword pattern is a snake-like ornament wrapped around it, but when pulling out a knife, it moves out and wraps around the owner's arm.

The swordsman is the sword that kills evil as one...

But snakes, like ornaments, don't make them microscopic.

Still, unexpectedly, I feel like I'm stuck around my arm, and I drop my gaze haha.

But what was tangled in his arms was the skin of a long apple.

Didn't Cock think the homeless were armed, "Coquette!?," he said, about to remove the burning rod.

"Shit...... Cock-yah!? So... who is it!? Somebody uhhhhh!? There's a wild tail with a sword! Getting killed uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!?!?

I hear screams and a chaser appears from across the alley.

"There he is! There!"

"Oh, he got away!

"Wait! The wild dog mask has already surrendered! I washed up about you, and I confessed everything! If you surrender too, you're not guilty! So stop running!

The impending call from afar does not include one thing, such as being right.

The wild dog mask is still standing in Sin Itmulau, and it's intense torture waiting for you where you stopped running.

Calling for surrender until you lie is one of the usual means used by guards and others against fugitives.

But for this simple fugitive, it worked extremely well.

"Damn......! Was the wild dog mask then still goldwolf......! What is he, selling me etc...!

Whiplash your body as you bite your teeth and flip your body.

I tried to run cock up my ass, but now it looks clear, with malicious hands,

... zdaaaaa...!

And they dragged me down......!

"Grr!? Uuuuuuuu!?

Exhausted by burning pain.

His thighs were pierced by the hook and nail of a burning rod.

"Cockcook! I didn't realize you were all over the garbage, but you're the guy in the arrangement!? This is Sama, the future brave! If you sell favors to the god tip group here, when Cock is certified as a brave man, you can expect to be born all at once! Cock Cook Cook Cook......!

Nasty laughing, cock trying to get out the window.

In both hands, a large meat cutting knife......!

"Ki... you ahhh...!?

He rams his body like a dying mite and manages to get up.

I tried to pull out the burning stick I was stabbing, but beyond the pain I ran through, I heard a voice.

'... change your taste today and study about the one-of-a-kind song sword. This is a sword passed down to Puget, called Shortel. "? It is characterised by a large curvature of the torso, like the letter". Do you know why you're in this shape?

'Yes, yes, yes! To attack someone with a shield!?

'You're right, Mr. Charloonlot. And this Shortel has other uses. Tip is, this sword is common in Pujeto as a sword used by guards...'

"I guess they use it to catch the legs of those who try to escape"

'Correct, Mr. Kulalalaka. And from here on out, it's a new knowledge, but besides catching legs, it can also be used to stab thighs.'

"What? What's the point of stabbing him in the thigh?

"Thighs cause a lot of blood when you stab them on the outside, so they lose their will to fight. On the contrary, the inside is worse, fatally wounded. And even if you are a master of swords, few people know about this. Shortel itself is not common in the first place, but it's because none of us are going to use it that way... '

'Then if you use Shortel, it's not a winning streak at the next swordsmanship tournament!?

'Perhaps so. And from here on out, it's important to note that if Shortel... No, you shouldn't let them pull you through at all costs if they stab you in the thigh with a weapon, even if it's not Shortel. For example in the case of arrows, they should not be unplugged on the spot. Blood erupts in large quantities, making subsequent battles and escapes unfavourable'

"It's like running away with breadcrumbs."

"Atashi will never run away no matter what, so I'm not."

"I don't like blood... even my nosebleed faints!"

... Ha ha ha ha ha to the laughter of the kids that happened in my brain.


Don't pull it out...!

Leave everything intact and run out.

A tree dragged on the pattern of the burning rod, making a crisp noise.