Kularaka ran as she dragged her immobile legs as she thought due to fatigue and injury and rubbed her hazy head against the wall.

The fatigue was no longer exceeding its limits.

The body passes screaming and is heavy as if it is stuck in the mud.

But if you stop, you'll be dragged in.

In the name of death, on the bottom of the water...!

Surrounded by wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

And from behind,


It's like I just got out of jail, murderer roar......!

The sound of a meat-cutting knife, mingled with its oddity and beaten so close apart by one wall.

What kept Kulalalaka dry and sane was a strange song (Capricho) that was ironically untouched and his mind untouched.

No longer, this back alley is completely besieged.

One by one, they refuse to escape, as if to fill up the maze, so as to match the answers.

And on the last mark sheet, so that the pencil can be hit......

What was in front of Kulalalaka was a high wall......

It was a trail...!

Approaching from behind, a storm of anger and oddity.

In conjunction with the crazy laughter, a shadow approaches from the corner.

He stops from time to time, shivering his ass and body as if he knew this was the end of the line.

The less general feeling of fear disappears, and the body gets colder even though it wasn't struck by rain.

This was supposed to be the southern island, but I felt freezing cold and my teeth rattled.

But even the sound disappeared, and only the sound of heavy rain, like before the storm, rang through my head.

I felt like I was being dominated by hopelessness.

My head, my body, nothing moves anymore.

I think this is how it feels to be a frog stared at by a snake.

And at last, I can't even stand.

... about...!

and the body shakes.

The tip where I left my body to be swallowed was a crude wooden door.

...... bahhhhhh!

and kicking it, and the fallen body perched on the decaying floorboard, was almost simultaneous.

Behind you, it sounds like you're falling off a chair.

"... wow!? What the hell!? What the hell!?

The voice of a man like I heard somewhere, but a little different.

But Kulalalaka can't afford to think about it anymore.

I entrust a desire, squeeze the last force, reach out.

"Ya... please...! Oh, they're after me... I'm here...! Ha, help me... give me...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Coolalalaka jumped in a house like an abandoned house in an alley.

The man in the house was slipping his hips at the big woman who had stormed him like dinner next night.

But when I found out Kulalalaka was being chased, he dragged her into the room and misled the chaser who came later.

And now Kulalalaka sits at a crude tree table, cheeky with a sandwich that will be her first meal in a few days.

"Yay... thank God! Thank you! Instead of having it covered, in addition to the scratch handling, this is how we even eat......!

"What, come on. Apparently, from what I've seen, shouldn't you be homeless?

"Oh...! Actually, I was on this island at work, but I was in a little accident...!

"I'm out on the island right now, copying the arrangements, and I kind of look the same?

To that one word, Kulalalaka, who hardens himself.

The man laughed off.

"Yikes, Yikes! I'm not gonna stick it out to the godtip group! If you were going to stick it out, you wouldn't bother!

"Shh... sorry. But why did you tease me when you were arranging it? If you find out, you'll just..."

"Hey, I was in an accident, too, and I was terribly impressed by the god tip group, Kuchi. I was just coming to the resort on this island, and now this Zama."

The man spreads his hands wide open in such a way as to cheer him up.

Brown skin on the skin head, shorts on a flashy shirt.

The clothes I wear felt like gold hobbies, but they are still dressed, which is a lot dirty.

It looks like a rich man who has been devastated in a resort and left speechless.

And for Kulalalaka, he was supposed to be the first person to see him, but he didn't feel like he'd seen him anywhere.

But I feel like something decisive is missing, and I can't really remember.

Then if she can't help thinking deeply, she trumps discomfort early.

"Are you saying that your lord was in the same situation as me?... thank you so much for your help"

That said, Kulalalaka bowed her head.

It's been a long time since I've bowed my head so honestly.

So much had been hunted down, and so much had been saved.

"Hey, when we're in trouble, we talk to each other. That's why you have to care. Even so, I'm poor too, so I can't entertain you much. But I can do it if I want to tease you. It's safe here, so I hope you stay until your leg injury heals."

Kindness shivers your body as if it had just stained you...

Kulalalaka seeped gratitude into the words.

"Oh, oh, I'm sorry......! Really, from what to what......!

"If you're tired, there's a couch in the back, so I hope you lie down."

"Now let me sweeten your words. As a matter of fact, I haven't slept properly in the last few days."

Standing up with his hands on the table, Kulalalaka drags one foot to the back of the room.

Along the way, turn around,

"Speaking of which, you hadn't heard the name yet. I'm Kulalalaka. Where's your lord?

"... 'Champagne Akemakri' shan"

"Well, that sounds like a very economical name. It's very different from wild dogs."

The light mouth was shaking Champagne Akemakri's forehead pickly, but Kulalalaka would never notice.

Walk straight to the couch in the back and start to freshly sleep as you fall in.

"An unexpected onion rolled in and yah!? It's twisted! He's twisted, and uh-huh!? Champagne, Akemakreeeeeeeee!!

Even such a unique cheer would no longer arrive.