...... Ladies aan gentleman!

Exactly fluffy to call me lady and gentleman......!

No, no, fuzzy to call me queen and emperor, it's great to be stared at by all the noble people!!

In my head, a voice ringing as far away as a siren.

I can't wait to feel uncomfortable, like an ambulance approaching my home at midnight when I'm asleep.

Oh, there you are, Mother Reincarnation!?

What, no!? The beauty of that mercy seeped out is so confusing with the Virgin Mary!

So, there you are, Ride Boy Zepuro...

Oh, no, no, excuse me for being with such a heckle!

The laughter sounds and the consciousness awakens.

Though dragged out of the mud, I can't help but feel like I've already become a mud person myself.

... what... Ugh, come on, dude... A little more, put him to sleep, and...

Ahhh!? Apparently, the star of the night woke up!?

Because of this, when you say you've singled out the gaze of the noble people, they're taking it all away!?

Pah! and the back of his eyelid suddenly brightened.

On my eyelids, I try to open my eyes with a nod.

There, it wasn't on a fallen couch or anything.

On the contrary, it was not an abandoned house or anything else that escaped by chance.

I don't really see it because of the backlight, but it was a pretty wide hall-like place.

From the deepest part of the room, the sun-like spotlight of mid-summer falls.

Since the point of view was in a much higher position, I become aware that I am in a place like a stage.

Large spaces like guest seats in the back.

A table with white crosses floats in countless darknesses.

It was nevertheless like a flock of jellyfish floating in the sea at night.

At the table are seated those who seem to be of good standing.

The lights are only candlesticks of candles, so I can't see my face, but the dresses I wore and the jewels I wore reflected sparkling.

Something unexpectedly approaches me and puts my face out of the corner of my sight.

A head that reflects on the light and glows like a full moon.

That's all I knew right away.

Your Lordship is......!? Champagne Akemakri......!? What the...!?

And I was gonna say it out loud.

"Hiho haha......!? Hichan-hahahahahahahahahahahaha......!? Highhhh......!?

And as if he was paralyzed, he couldn't turn his mouth.

Then, I notice that my mouth is fixed with something like a wax, with its mouth open.

On the contrary, even both hands and legs can be spread, like frogs to be dissected, to be fixed...!

Champagne Akemakri brings the face of the baked tecateka closer in the day, with her tongue twitching with pero to li.

"On the stage of The Immortal King's Country Tour, thank you so much for your help. Bye?

In a leopardy tone, Kulalalaka is hacked.

"Hih... what about Hisama!? Hichan Ri Ri......!? (Ki... what about you?!? Janjang Bali Bali......!?

"He said he came to this island of Greysky on a heartbroken trip to be troubled by wild dogs... I got hit by a rampage horse, and I got all sorts of eyes. Bye?

… Djangian Bali is a ceremonial master specializing in brave men, so to speak, MC.

He is a brave man himself, but he has hosted a number of brave events, his flashy hairstyles and costumes, and the same name.

"Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!

He was the most motivated moderator, who was well received by the good multiplier of the economy.

And until recently, I had the momentum to drop flying birds...

He was inspired by the stage facilitator of the Tour of the Land of the Immortal King, going with Master Zepuros, commissioned by the 'Gorgeous Smart' of the Hallbury Small Country.

That was originally meant to discredit the status of 'Slumdog Mart' and improve the status of 'Gorgeous Smart'......

Hema, the brave rideboy Zepuros, and the mishandling of the operational staff overlapped, with various consequences.

He himself fell back to 'Slumdog Mart' at the end, saw Suki and escaped......

It was the only stain in his host's life that continued to glory.

At that time, other brave men's failures were so great that only I managed not to be demoted......

Either way, it was the first time in his MC life, and a huge setback.

I visited this island of Greysky for a vacation to soothe my heart...

In the earlier "Rampage Horse Incident," the horse takes all his luggage and possession.

On the contrary, it can be called his identity, even Afro......!

Afro is a rash, but that's top secret.

Absolutely, I couldn't find out that it was Nicea Flo.

If it is, there is nothing wrong with being a brave man where there is nothing left on this island.

Because if you can even prove you're a brave man, the hotel can stay in a tight spot, or you can take a boat home in a tight spot.

But to do that, you have to leave.

Just like that (● ● ● ●) ……!

Even though it's not as cold as it sounds, Djangian Bali thought it was too big to redeem.

If they find out that it is Nicea Flo, they will lose their popularity......!

... I don't know if that's actually going to happen, but he thought so himself anyway.

What pained me about that was the reaction around me since Afro disappeared.

In the beginning of Kulalalaka, who, as one, does not realize that he is a Janjan Bali......!

That was a shock, but it was also convenient for me to want to hide that I was Nicea Flo.

By the way, there are plenty of spare afro in his home across the continent.

It is also possible to send out one of the letters to the servant and have it mailed...

But Top Secret......!

Being Nicea Flo is an absolute secret that even servants don't know...!

He walked safely through the island and when he found an abandoned house in the back alley where no one was, he uprooted it...

"Champagne Akemakri", a selling host for the brave...

In this island of Greysky, we tried to relapse.

To keep working part-time as a casino host and get Afro back.

It should be noted that his favorite afro is not a party good like the one he sells in its heap, but the finest.

That's why I needed to make money anyway.

At first, there was little or no one to deal with the unnamed moderator.

After street performances, he will finally be hired by cheap casinos.

He lived in detail as he continued to host the Affordable Casino.

The meal has been received at the store, sandwiches made of chopped ham, scum vegetables, bread ears, etc.

Until a few days ago, it was the difference between a cloud muddy, even though he said he was drumming his tongue at a luxury hotel dinner.

But he didn't give up. I didn't screw up.

I used to keep looking down, to the common people visiting the cheap casino, heck......

I was dreaming about the day I grabbed Afro.

Before him like that, one day, Big Chance rolls in.

The goddess, named 'Kulalalaka'...!