Champagne Akemakri's memory flashes back then as soon as he sees Coolaraka rolling into the abandoned house.

Gianjanbari had once harassed an audience who did not support the brave Zepuros in "Going with Master Zepuros, The Immortal King's Country Tour" for not selling lunch lunches.

"Oh, wow! Speaking of wild dogs, leftover clams Bye! That's why we're gathering in such a dumpster, if we like. Huh! One of these days I'm gonna stick my face in that garbage pile, and to start doing gasagoso, it's gotta be, uh-huh!

and other wild dog-side audiences, I was mocking......

That's what Kulalalaka said to the security staff gathered to break in and seize him in the carriage.

'Supplies! I brought lunch for the wild dogs!

At this time she was wearing a wild dog mask and hiding her face, but only that voice, I still remember clarity

And good thing she doesn't know her face, she keeps making fun of herself.

"I received a secret order from one of you, and I arrived here faster on a horse than Hurlberry, the king! How dare you capture me!

'Look! This event has as many as a thousand spectators! Everything you've done here today has been brought home as a souvenir story and rumored to spread throughout the country! Can't you understand that it's only bad reviews, such as pointless food attacks, that don't do us any good!

"It is only by sending salt to our enemies to win that our feat name will roar all over the country...! That's what they want! That's why I do wild dog masks and stuff on purpose!

I asked who 'that one' was, but they gave me a response that made me include, and I misconstrued that Djangian Bali was my employer, the brave Genocide Lower's.

I should have taken more suspicion if I had, but I was barely pressured by her grand hat......

Janjan Bali has allowed lunch distributions to the wild dog side.

The lunch box was, to be honest, brilliant enough to make me want to eat the fat giant burr of my tongue as well.

Now that I think about it, I even feel like that lunch case has become a decision hit for event failure.

In the end, the tour ended in great failure and Djangian Bali made a bitter choice to return alive.

"Ohhhh! The punishment for heckling braves, even if you break 500 rounds, still won't stop. Ahhhhhhhh! We're all gonna get rid of that evil brave guy like this. Ahhhhhhhhh! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyy!!

Sage the brave Zepuros that should have to be lifted...!

"Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyy!! Gold's the best hero out there today. Ahhhhh! Guys, applause and cheer!

I'm bald of a wild dog that was supposed to be derogatory...!

The humiliation of that time, I will still remember.

And the moment Kulalalaka took the mask, Ten Himself who made that kick......!

Shaking his long dark hair, the sweat of the balls floating on his brown skin, sparkling......!

Here's what she said...!

"Phew...! Your MC is doing quite well...! Not yet to be exclusive to Slumdog Mart......!

Gianjan Bali, preferred by brown women, was, in fact, only occasional for a moment.

But in the aforementioned dialogue, ruined......!

"Uhhhhhhh!? Impossible. Impossible. Impossible!? Impossible. Ahhhhhhhhh!? Using words as a weapon, it's impossible for me to ever be... beaten by words, and the employees at the shop at the end of the day, to be blindfolded from the top. JAHHHHHHHHHHHH!?!?

It caused him great humiliation and frustration when he became a charismatic host in a rough wave called the brave entertainment industry.

Maybe if it weren't for one of her words, I would have forgotten everything with my usual texture.

You may or may not have traveled on a heartbreak trip to Greysky Island.

And... I may or may not have been caught in various ways by rampant horses and forced to live in extreme poverty...

But now the chain of destiny is one.

He was sure.

God gave this to himself, and he said it was a test...!

He said he was destined to reunite with her ahead of the trials...

To make the restoration of the former vengeance and of the glory fulfill at the same time......!

Again, God made them look alike...!

It goes without saying that the prince who was chased after the country has overcome various trials, which are good for the people….

Take the Holy Sword (Afro), which is the testimony of the king, and defeat the wicked witch (Kulalalaka) and become king...

Later as a legend and told to future generations, it was one page of your species Drifting Tan "Kishi Hikaru"...!

Janjan Balibari generously entertained the bad witch to avoid being enlightened by the surprise of the reunion.

He seemed to have been chased by Shinsengumi, but he got rid of him with a good mouthpiece.

I was a little thrilled when she asked me her name, but I seemed to believe the pseudonym Champagne Akemakri.

And she was completely relieved and fell into a deep sleep, as if she had spoken poisonous apples...

It was also the moment when we finally got what had long been interrupted.

The turn of the wild dog that had been going on since the time of the Immortal King's Country Tour came to an end, and finally the turn of the Djangian Bali......!

Janjan Bali Bali, no, now Champagne Akemakri, put a dog ear and tail of the thing on her sleeping.

And take charge and head straight to the best casino on this island......!

"I have a good wild tail! Hang on to" Narrow Roulette, "and you'll have the best balls to see what you're after! If you let me do tonight's MC, Jean Jean... No, I'll let Champagne Akemakri make you some money!

Like a couple of street performers, I sold them in...!