A specialty roulette at this Grey Sky Island casino….

The name "Narrow Roulette" was unique.

It was also popular because the rules were easy to understand and exciting compared to regular roulette.

There are many people who play only the 'Narrow Roulette' on this island, even the rich members of the House who don't usually go to the casino.

Here's the rule.

Rotate the water wheel with the wild tail in place of the wheel slowly.

The number of revolutions is determined according to the amount betted.

The roulette is just called a water wheel, and the bottom is a tank.

If you rotate, Wild Tail's face naturally sinks in the water.

After only turning the water wheel a set number of times, what kind of reaction Wild Tail hits the "ball" of the roulette will be the "appearance".

The headings are the following fourteen items.

"faceless," "suffering," "surprised," "crying," "angry," "resentful," "screaming," "laughing," "joyful," "incontinent," "fainting," "death," "frenzied," "full smile"

You can't just bet on the last 'full smile', which is equivalent to a 'zero' where it's called in the roulette.

At the time of the hit, it will be a 'house edge' that will make money on the casino side.

Then, if Wild Tail continues to even "smile on the full face," it will always be a win for the casino side......

The artistry of being kept immersed in water all the time and showing a smile from the bottom of your heart, etc., would be impossible without even touching your mind.

Incidentally, 'pulled laughter' and so on will be 'laughter' and 'joy' and not a win on the part of the casino.

If more than one element is met, for example, if you yell, it will be a victory for both "angry" and "screaming".

It is only judged by ambiguous elements such as facial expressions, which are stronger elements of 'play (recreation)' than guttural gambling.

The casino side will not be damaged as the hanging will also just move among the participants.

We take a few percent fee when moving the charge, so that's the main money on the casino side.

This "Narrow Roulette" was done anywhere in the island's casino.

Because it was the most popular from visitors.

That, in addition to the aforementioned clarity of the rules, is a great deal of recreationality.

It also feels unusual for someone to be badly impressed and entertained with their reaction...

If you look at contemporary bullying problems, the existence of reactionary artists, etc., you can see how much demand (need) there is.

And the other, great hypocrisy.

Captured on this island, Wild Tail is considered a pagan worshipping evil gods.

Depending on the total amount of the multiplication, it is more the rule for the water wheel to turn......

The more you bet, the more you can suffer......!

A heretic, who is an enemy to the world...!

In other words, this is part of a donation, typical of "Red Wings Fundraiser," etc.

Casino participants have no sympathy for watching the crying wild tail.

"Oh......! I punish the wicked now and do very much for the good of the world......!

And I feel it.

... Well, I've had a lot of roundabouts, but let's get back to Kulalalaka.

This island, the best casino......

A gambling lover, she also jumped first into the casino on the first day of her visit to this island.

I lost a lot as a guest when I visited before, but I definitely visited again and was looking to take back my loss.

But no way in this way, I was going to visit again......!

"Huh!? Hmmm!! Nfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Kulalalaka rams the limbs of the water wheel into pieces.

But the water wheel was made of metal and stubborn, and the neck of the neck was tightly fixed, so it was not even frightening.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Ha ha! Hihahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

"I'm not wild taylor! This man trapped me! Get off me! Get off me now or I won't understand!! As I complained in words, I am only groaning because I am being groaned.

Champagne Akemakri shouted toward the guest seat, as if to introduce the circus gorilla, rumbling with chatter in the cage.

"Ohhhhh!? This female gorilla looks like she's motivated! Gori will never die, Gori! And he's raving. Shh!

The audience beyond the spotlight are laughing like sushi shoppers, with a good fish in front of them.

"Ugh, heh, heh! hehe hehe hehe! Ho ho! Ho ho! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

"What, what!? No matter how many times Gori goes around, he will greet you with a" full smile "!? This is an obvious challenge!? A hell of a wild tail appearance!? I think we're all going to punish you for this. Shh, everyone bets more and more to punish this bad wild tail!!

Stirred by Champagne Akemakri, more and more chips pile up in the guest seats.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!? What a total of $50 million (ender) from First Bet!? Everyone can't wait to see this busty female gorilla cry out loud!! Champagne, Akemakriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

...... Gacon!

A water wheel that slowly turns out, along with vibrations that allow the clasp to come off.

"The wheel spins once per 10 million! So I'm going five spins. Shh! Together, everyone, countdown, sizzle!

Champagne Akemakri's famous condition makes guests feel as excited as they already are.

"Nice oooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Kulalalaka's dark hair drips and sinks ahead of the foaming water surface.

"Phew!? Phew Phew Phew!?

Shortly before her face soaked, she stopped screaming and tried to shut her mouth, but noticed that she was being put on…!


It sinks as I run my eyes blood like an excited gorilla......!

"Me!? Bobby Bobby Bobby!? Boom, boom!?"

From his mouth, which remains open, the water flows in relentlessly.

"Go ahhhhhhh! Look, look, look, look! This face! Holy shit! Buhhhhh! Where did you get your strength just now, you look like you're already dying and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Champagne Akemakri pointing to a distressingly distorted face, swayed in a glassy tank, filled with algae-like dark hair.

He bounces around on the stage alone and rejoices like a child when his seniority resentment clears up.

With him like that, the guest seats were more and more engulfed with laughter.