"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!? Nico smile as proclaimed, Nico smile ahhhhhh!

"Wow... wahahahahahahaha, hihahaha...!

- I'm not there, laughing, etc...!

Kulalalaka's voice and soul were crying out at the same time.

But it doesn't arrive......!

Her face was drawn and distorted, creating an expression that was the opposite of her will.

"This gorilla says: Shh! In just about five revolutions, he said it's about the daily bathing of water for Gori, who believes in wild dog gods! What a bold statement!

- Hey, I didn't say it! I didn't say that!

Kularaka tries so hard to shake her face and deny it, but she's fixed with gutter and can't let it be slight.

Moreover, the expression remained smiling, so that bought the audience further objection.

"What the hell!? What a scary thing to say about that wild tail!?

"He said he's a god of wild dogs!? Dear Lunarillis, I can't believe you worship dogs!?

"Is it a wild dog or a gorilla, which is it!?

"Either way, you must be more scary than a Demon King follower (Sanitast)!

"After commemorative shooting! I want to stretch out and decorate the living room with a true picture of that wicked man crying out!

Booing flying like a machine gun from the passenger seat.

Champagne Akemakri turned his sneak laugh towards Kulalalaka for just a moment and stirred up the audience even more...!

"That's right! Master Godsmile must be furious with this female gorilla! Then, as requested by our customers, we'll be late for the commemorative shoot, and we'll go for the second round! Let's bet a lot and bust this full smile! Champagne, Akemakriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!

- Ya... don't!

Stop, stop, stop, stop...!!

Behind what is a voiceless plea, the chips pile up like mountains.

It was, nevertheless, like a mountain range of despair......!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What a second round, a bet of as much as $100 million (ender)!? We all want to punish this female gorilla like hell. Yikes! So, ten times as many revolutions, Yikes!

Wow! and boiling applause and cheer.

In this space everyone was dominated by excitement, madness, and enjoyment.

Just one, glance at the woman......

- Stop it!!!!

She had already overflowed with tears that just drowned her eyes.

But even that disappears into the tank.

Just like water...

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

At night, finally, Kulalalaka returned to the abandoned house.

Or she was sent back,

...... dosa!!

and like luggage, was thrown rampantly on the floor.

My hands and legs are tied, so I can't take a passive.

A decent beating impact squeezes your breath out of your compressed lungs.

"Have you!?

Water that can be smashed out of your mouth, like you knocked down a bucket.

The ball of chance that finally popped up was golden.

Champagne Akemakri shrugs her shoulders as she looks down at her.

"Ahhh, if there's one more round, it's going to be a lot of fun, Golden Ball coming out. Too bad."

Ping-pong balls passing in front of the muddy eyes.

It had a different sentence on it, but she couldn't even read it anymore.

"Hey, I think I used too many pills. You know what this is?

Poi, and the abandoned brown vial rolls down to the front of the lost eye.

The contents fluids that remained slightly swayed. It stopped when it hit the tip of the nose.

For the first time in hours, the lips released from restraint move faintly.

"Wa la i g s li......"

"That's right. I got it from a Brave Woman (Yusha) I know on this island, Laughing Potion. Weapons development has flourished on this island, so we can get these rare drugs. It's not like I'm actually laughing, it's the medicine that pulls the muscles off my face and makes it look like I'm laughing. But you're still laughing. What an amazing effect. You look really happy."

Like an iron mask of laughter, Champagne Akemakri crouches toward a smile that remains sticky.

Nitahhhh......! and a smile from the bottom of my heart.

"With this medicine, no matter how painful the water blame is, Ultra Happy. That full smile makes the audience even hotter, and the dimension is that you can bet more and more chips. Besides, The Full Face Smile is the parent's total take......! The casino is going to make money with Gappo Gappo...!

"Yi... Squid... Sama... Then... Nah... Yi..."

"It's okay, it's okay, I can't believe we have these pills. I don't even know that celebrities are brave. Because this is a failure born during the development of poison gas used to exterminate pagans, and only a few know it exists. I came to this island for a vacation, and I lost everything, but in my trouser pocket, I'm the only one left."

Remove the second medicine bottle from your pocket, Champagne Akemakri.

"I originally bought myself a few to try, even when I was on stage when I wasn't feeling well, so I could make a smile. But I can't believe I came up with such a use, I knew I was a genius......!

A peeking smile gives me a black shadow.

That was zoggly creepy, but Kulalalaka's cheeks aren't even allowed to pull because of the medication.

"I'm going to use this tomorrow and roll the money up from you stupid celebrities...! Part of the casino's share in" Narrow Roulette "will be my salary, so I can be a little rich in no time......!

"... Ya... Stop... Stop..."

From a dolly smile, the trembling voice squeezes out.

From a demonic smile, there is further mockery......!

"But don't worry...! I've done a lot of" Narrow Roulette "MC's before, so I know how long it takes to add and subtract the ball from dying...! I'm sure even in today's roulette you've seen the Three Ways River many times. Shit......! That's so much water play there......!

"... do it... don't... don't...!

"Of course, at the end of the day, I'll let you play with the water. Shh...! Once you've earned enough money, and you can buy Afro, and you've saved money...! By then I'm sure I'll be a Kurkruper and I've forgotten everything......! The fact that this is who I am is is also a Janjan Bali......!

"... stop, stop, stop... stop...!

"After that, I'm turning you over to the god tip group...! That way, you can also sell to the top of the Brave Woman (Yusha) who is on this island...! And as the MC for the enlistment ceremony of the Divine Spirit Group, if this I get promoted...!

"... stop... stop...!

"I can get back on the surface like an undead bird as a giant burly again!! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyy!

"Stop it!!!!!!