Having become a Holy Sabre, I continued to serve as a knight for the protection of Sentirus.

In Puget, there are not so many Grand Virgins with Holy Sabres.

This presence of mine, "Chosen as Goddess and Knight," was to further advance the status of Lady Sentirus.

...... I was proud.

Lady Sentirus was a wonderful Grand Virgin, because my presence made it even more acceptable to the public.

And it was painful.

A rival Virgin without a Holy Sabre bites the hem of her robe and regrets it.

Previously, the rival Virgins laughed brutally at Lady Sentirus, who had taken me.

"Ah, Lady Sentirus, thank you very much. You're still bringing that wild dog you picked up in that alley today. Speaking of dogs, it's decided to be bloody, we can't exactly imitate them at home. Wow."

But now it's the end of cursing a proud bloodwriting dog in the shadows...!

"Kee! I can't believe that wild dog is going to be a Holy Sabre...! Now I don't know what I've been picking up a dog named you from the prestigious Knights School for! You, shame on you to let such a wild dog get you ahead of you!

I shouted out loud, not to anyone.

"Behold! Born, raised, etc., because we try to make people! I am indeed a wild dog, but no one can beat you for wanting to help Master Sentirus!

But still, Master Sentirus remained the same.

With the same smile you always had, you cared about me.

"If that happens again... don't be too impotent"

But then I thought it was no good.

I said I could finally reward Sentirus for what he did.

And that's when......

Master Sentirus will admit to me...!

I stood firm and made an effort to raise the name of Sentirus.

If you hear we've got a robbery camp in the west, get in and eradicate it.

If you hear of a demon king's worshipper (Sanitast) Azit in the east, you will break in and destroy it.

Eventually, Master Sentirus' name began to roar all around and even eight.

But at that time Pujeto had received the name of the great Virgin Riglas Holydor, in a distant and distant Halberry small country.

From what I hear, he is ten (●) years old, the same age as Sentirus.

He also said that Lady Sentirus had seen you at the Congregation of the Virgin, and that was praised as a wonderful one.

But you can't...!


Dear Sentirus, the best Virgin in the world......!

It has to be...!

I became even more annoyed in order to get Master Sentirus' name to Halbury, as he had always done.

But... I didn't know...

That's... hunting down Master Sentirus...

And... that you're in pain...

...... Zubaaaahhhhhhhhh!

I stopped putting up with the screams heard from Master Sentirus's bedroom one night and kicked through the door.

Then there...

Man like Lard's catamari......

No, no longer like a slime living in a sewer, shapeless as a person, creepy stuff, was stuck...

Push Master Sentirus down on the bed so he can be buried alive with that fat......!

On the bed as if Master Sentirus enjoys a distressingly distorted face......!

"Ki... you! I will not tolerate this Holy Sabre, such as Lady Sentirus! Get away from Master Sentirus now!!

Then he turned to his face without a neck… No, he pointed at it.

I dripped drooling sweat like a candle, distorting a sticky sauce (●) more than a bush......

I spilled sticky clouds and words from my mouth...!

"Duhhh......! You're the one who's delaying Sentan's period. (Nicha) Oh, or (Picha Picha)... Sentan hasn't got his period duff...? (Nature)"

His mouth was pulling a sticky thread like a rotten bean, and every time it opened, the stench drifted.

Every time I spoke, my tongue sounded peppery, my saliva splashed around, uncomfortable.

But I was more concerned about his words than that.

"... what does that mean!?

"Duhhhhhh......! Picking up a deemed child is an act that the Virgin should not do......! (Pichah) What disposition will be given to Dear Godsmile once he gets into his ear......! (Pecha) It's supposed to be an act to hide, but I didn't mean to go out of my way to hustle...! (Picho) But, well, thanks to that, I can think (●) well, duff...! (Pechowo)"


... I was shocked enough to be struck by lightning.

Picking up and raising a deemed child is a taboo as a Virgin......!

How much I have become a Holy Sabre, a wild dog doesn't change......!

"Oh no, you look like you've noticed so far...! (Nuchu) Even though what matters in this world is not what you did, but who did...! (Pecha Pecha) Where the wild dog put up a martial arts medal (Piccha Piccha) It's no use duff......! (NURU) 'Cause it also spreads to be wild dogs together duff......! (Pichah) Duhhhhhhh......! (Nurovo)"

I, I...!

"But it looks like Sentan wanted to keep his body up and protect the wild dogs, Duff. Hey...! (Guchuguchu) When Dev tried to report to Dear Godsmile, body and mind...... (Bicha Bicha) Happily dedicated to Dev from Duff......! (Nature)"

I was thinking for Master Sentirus and I was hanging in there......!

"But today I want to try sleeping in Sentan's bed, and this dev, a quasi-god (jun-shin) brave tuner, (Picha-picha) came all the way to such a nasty country from Duff...! (Nicha)"

I didn't mean for such a bastard to make Sentirus' body obscene...!

"Whoa...? (NURU) That is but a sword that is a testament to the Virgin's obedience (Holy Sabre), such as the Funyatin Blade...! (Pichah) And hanging on to it means I'm trying to def funyatin duff......? (Natura) That's okay, duff...? (Nicha) Speaking of quasi-god (Junshin) class (Picha Picha) God's Next Greatest Brave......! (Guchu) And I don't care about Funyatin...? (Buchu) Ahhh, Sentan's period is getting delayed more and more...! (Pichah) Because of this, I was going to give Sen Tan (Pichah Pichah) the crystal of Dev's love...! (Nature)"

"Ki...... kisamaaaaaaaaa!!!!

...... Zubaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

"... Hww, I'm surprised...! (Piccha) I can't believe you're killing me...! (Pecha) After all, wild dogs proved useless no matter how much you do, duff...! (NURN) But thanks to Sentan for covering my def, it helped......! (Jurl) But I thought I got a good Toddler Virgin because of this, so... (Nuchaaaa)"

"... let... sen... tiras... Dear Sir? Let... Lady Sentirus!? Why!? Why such a bastard!?

But but......

Master Sentirus remained the same.

Even at times like this...

Stripped and mauled as he was born......

Still, trying to shelter someone like that......

He popped up with a body full of oil, even if he was slashed...

With the same smile as usual, turn to me......

"If that happens again... but..."

[]/(n, vs) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk) (uk)

That was Master Sentirus's last word.

... then.

What makes me a body that can never hold my sword again?