Livolve's mansion was laid with strict vigilance throughout the night, while the museum seemed to have been sent daily notice of the robbery.

The hallway is lined with armor decorated with western halls, as well as armed Shinsengumi.

The entrance to the study and the terrace are also guarded.

The mansion, which was like a resort villa, is now like the Azito of the Mafia in protest.

There was usually a starry sky outside the open windows, which made it one of the healing things for Rivolve, but now its campus shows boneless men uninterrupted.

One sigh, looking back...... Rivolve opened his mouth.

"... as soon as Mother Reincarnation came to this island and found out she couldn't get into it, she called out all kinds of unintelligible things... Then suddenly the ship broke down, the sea was rough, and the sharks were gathering... that's what you're trying to say, Na?

"Ha, Master Rivolve!

"He didn't lose my ear. Looks like it was your brain that was crazy, Na."

"No, it's true! Master Reincarnation is really here on a painted ship of hectic Osama...! You are disturbed by the way you paste a hectic osama all over your body...! We called for a storm!

"Well, no, Na. So, what happened then?

"Ha! And then again, it was hard! You cured the shark attacked god tip group of people with 'prayers', but they were in the middle of being attacked by sharks, so the sharks got mucky and ate more and more! Dear Reincarnation, please heal us from the side where we are eaten! Sharks were eating more and more because it was a cure, and it was as if they were eating their bodies infinitely! Master Primla stopped Master Reincarnation and finally freed me from the shark, but it was like hell!

The crew who came to report to Livolve is the captain of the Marine Guard.

The explanation gets no guidelines, because he is also a shark-eaten cunt, remembering the fears of that time.

If you want to briefly explain the situation, from the shark side, it's like the person you're hitting is recovering healthy while you're hitting him.

Usually this can't happen.

Because the Virgin's 'prayer' has time for prayer before it is activated, and when it is activated, the Virgin herself wears off, so it cannot be used next unless it is placed between them.

But Mother's 'prayer' is out of standard.

Just "I want to be there, go away!" heals all who are on the spot.

And I can activate it continuously as many times as I want.

When the sharks attacked, Mother was panicking in a different way.

But as the Virgin, those who are wounded in front of her cannot be left alone, and she turns semi-frequent and calls out 'prayer'......

That turned out to give the Marine Guard a living hell of a taste.

The Marine Guard people who were damaged, by the way, were all hospitalized, although they did not leave a single wound on their bodies, which caused a great deal of damage to their hearts.

Only the captain was put on the stretcher and brought into this study to explain the upside of the matter to Livolve.

Neither does Rivolve's sigh stop at explaining his pupil-opened men, as if he had woken up to new values.

"So...? What happened to that crazy mother? Did you even bring him to this island mental hospital?

"No! Master Primla has turned back the ship!

"Phew...... Speaking of which, you Marine Guards kept getting eaten by sharks all the time, didn't you, Na? After all, how did you get away from the shark?

"Ha! That's what Primla did great!

"Great stuff?

"Ha! I gave you an ointment called 'Shark Fried Cream'! Even though the sharks ate me, when I applied that ointment, the sharks happened to run away!

"No to Na?

"Hey, you have great stuff on the continent! I can't believe we're avoiding sharks! Dear Revolve, I would love to buy that cream in bulk and have it deployed to the Marine Guard as well!

The captain looked perfectly impressed.

And, unknowingly, it seemed to be the Virgin Magpie, the boss sage.

Anyway, if you want Livolve, the brave creator, to make an item, "Buy it" means...!

...... zdahhhhhhhhhh!

No longer in this study do gunshots explode that are no longer uncommon.

Those on guard were also accustomed, as much as a glance at the passage.

Revolve throws his buddy (revolver) at his desk with a big tongue in his heart.

- Chip...! I've been so upset lately. Nah.

I know it's all because of that wild dog mask bastard.

The only person in the Marine Guard who was attacked by a shark, whose spirit was Matomo, was shot.

No, it's not Matomo, Na.

It would also not be impossible to come to the idea that...

Speaking of the Holly Doll family, the prestige of the Virgin is such that rumors can also be heard on this island further from the continent.

When it comes to its parent, Mother Reincarnation, she is also known as the rebirth of the goddess.

Such a great person......

I can't believe I got on board with a ship and body decorated with a heck of a Osama and went mad when I found out I couldn't get into the island...

At this point in time, the rapporteur is at a level where sanity is more questionable.

If this goes into Mother's own ear and Mother is furious, it is not strange to be condemned to death.

And then I can't believe I just rolled around the deck screaming about things that don't make sense...

One foot at a time was said to purify even the air that was around him, that mother......

No one would be able to imagine if a bad kid set her robe on fire without panic and the way she disturbed the bad kid by allowing her to.

Besides, I can't believe the sea is rough like a storm and we collect sharks...

At this point, I don't even feel like I'm willing to hide a lie anymore.

Still, let's give up a million steps and admit Mother went crazy.

But the waters around this island of Greysky have never been rough as far as history knows.

Besides, the presence of sharks has never been confirmed.

How could you...

What history is proving, how...

How can I suspect...!?

Unexpectedly, a voice interrupts Livolve's thinking.

"Ugh... Ugh...!

It tends to interrupt. It was the captain of the Marine Guard who rose from the stretcher.

Blood shed from his head fills his eyes like a dead fish.

"Oh, yet, are you alive... My partner still has room for improvement in power, and the bullets don't penetrate."

"Ri... livo... l... v... sa... ma...!

"Is he half-dead? In this Rosinante roulette, it's more than a survival win (jackpot). Some of you are running around right now, aren't you?

- Fine, Nah, he's a horse running light...

'Cause that means you're in the "narrow space" of "Live or Die"...

When man is dying, he traces back his memories of the past and desperately searches for any 'art of life' in it...

If you are lucky enough to find the 'art of living' in the memory of touring like a roulette, you will survive (Alive) …….

If the time runs out without being able to find it, it is dead (dead end) …….

This means, so to speak, the biggest hit-and-run of my life, betting on 'life' or 'death', nah......!

I'm sure in that roulette you can taste the feeling of being in the 'Narrow' more than anyone, more than anything else......

I've been trying to make this island full of the 'biggest thrill of my life'...

Rivol is no longer interested in things that have attracted a death cut (dead end).

Turn the chair and look out the window.

- I'm sure he's still somewhere on this island looking at the running lights...

Moments more desperately than this starry sky, and falls...

He finds a star that blinks once and for all.

"Apparently, there's a guy who's looking at a neat lantern... Damn, I envy you nah......!