... the most spiritually painful event for my life is as mentioned above.

And the hardest thing physically was the trial to become a Virgin's squire (Holy Sabre)......

I thought this two-top would remain the same in me for the rest of my life.

Until we celebrate these days......

"Of fun narrow roulette today, it's a start. Ahhhhhhhh! Today is the day we all join forces and let this laughing gorilla be called a gaffoon. Ahhhhhhh!

"That wicked woman, today is the day I'm gonna make you bark!

"Yes! We're stuck on this island, and we're screwed!

"Oh my God, I was looking forward to Marine Sports, but I can't even do that anymore, so let me clear that up!

Like being in a dream, a sloped world.

That fills it loosely, like it's going to submerge.

Eventually, it flies white......

"Sounds like something fun, Dear Mother Reincarnation. What the hell are they doing?

"Oh, Coolalalaka. I mostly play the Fukushi Games at the store, but I make the ball. '

"It's a ball of blessings!? Gordowulf, let God, the Grand Virgin, do something! Today is the day, I won't forgive you!

'Well, wait, Kulalalaka. This is what my mom told Gol.'

"Master Reincarnation himself...?

'Yeah. Fukushi isn't very exciting? Of course it's cute where the balls come out, and the balls are colorful, fun...'

'Well, neither do I. I don't hate that...... What are the special products?

"A million yuan (ender) vouchers or ten" Let's Jump to Gol "vouchers."

'The latter is, who chooses…?

"Ugh, come on, who was that?"

... Recently, memories of the past have often run through my head.

So much so that we can no longer distinguish ourselves from reality.

And then the face of that man began to float.

"Man is said to look at a running lantern when he is conscious of death."

"I know! You can see your life in an instant, right?


"I look at it all the time ~! Your bookshelf collapsed again this morning, it was squashed, and so!

'It is said that looking at horse lanterns is to look back at past experiences and look for ways to do it, as the brain also feels in crisis when it is now dying'

"Live or die, the last roulette! But I don't want to leave my end to luck! I mean, you absolutely refuse to even be like that!

"If I come off the wheel, I'm going to die. If you refuse, you will die. But Charles Lott is going to flip every wheel."

"What, are you dying?!? The horse lights I often look at were just grounded on my mum!?

"A lot of people seem to think that horse racing lights are the last evil reward, and if you can find a way to live with them, you can make money, but they're not. Horse running lights are not randomly viewed by the brain, but rather present the right one in response to the crisis that has now been put in place '.

'I see, that's not bullshit. He's thinking about his brain. "

'Then keep your head nadenaded while you can, and you'll see a good running light if you have to. Nadenade'

'Don't stroke people's heads. Yikes!? The only person you can stroke Atashi's head with is Gol...... Atashi himself!

"Ah!? Speaking of which, my landlord Wong came to help me when I was always dying in my room! When I get home, I'll have a bunch of nadenades!

'When man makes death present, he falls into fear and confusion, something that prevents him from making a normal decision. But just remember this. The horse lantern is not "a coincidence of living or dying (roulette)" but "inevitable to live". If you see a running light, desperately explore it and raise it to the end, to the limit, in light of the situation currently placed'.

... Huh, what's "inevitable to live"...

The only running lights and things I see right now are other loving memories with Master Reincarnation and your crappy lectures...

So how do you get out of this' living hell '...

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"... ugh..."

When Kulalalaka realized, it was not a mad casino there, but inside an abandoned house.

Today, the same day as always, is coming to an end.

"Ho ho! Oh, my God!

Coughing up as I recall, stomach fluids and water are smashed to the floor.

spreading, cloudy waters.

It's like a dirty mirror, and I noticed something in it.

That's an open window.

Make sure it grabs onto the window frame, and one owl is clumped together.

Brassy eyes looked down like a bug at Coolaraka.

Like a bug found by a raptor, Kulalalaka gives you a happy face.

"Ki... you, muck...!?

Its name is Skeleton.

It's a giant gray owl, owned by Goldwolf.

If you look at it this way, there's about a small snowman.

He was called 'Muku' and adored by the Holly Doll family's three sisters.

Mother especially likes him, and cold weather and so on can make him a mockingbird's hat.

But Kulalalaka wasn't very comfortable with this owl.

"Rusty Wind," another pet of Goldwolf, is still fine.

He's a famous horse who can't complain, and he's a carriage full of lunches on the Immortal King's Country Tour, and he's specially attacked the stage along with it, so he thinks he's a good friend to call a warrior.

But isn't this owl just getting in with cuteness...

And as for her, who had nothing to do with cuteness, it wasn't funny.

But now is not the time to say that.

Kulalalaka listened and made sure Champagne Akemakri was snoring higher on the couch......

secretly, but squeezed out a sincere voice.

"Th... I'm being caught, help me...!

But the owl just leans like a neck shake.

"And... don't blur! I know, a regular messenger bird (Tegamidri) can only go where he's trained, but you can go anywhere you're told! Does that mean you understand the human language!?

But owls just howl back.

"Shh... be quiet! Sleeping Champagne Akemakri awakes! Wow... sorry! I was the one who snuck up on your mother's handmade pussy! Apologize! I apologize, help me...!

Then the owl did a quick-ish bowing trick.

"Duh... sit down and apologize!? A dungeon for a knight is more humiliating than death, who is to you, etc...!

The owl spread its wings like it was untrained, so Kulalalaka panicked.

"Wah...! Okay! I'll do anything in the dungeon! I'll do anything, so help me!

Move your tied body like a measuring bug and sit up, rubbing your head against the floor.

Then the owl raised one leg and let go of what he had grabbed with his toes (Ashiyubi).

...... con!

bounced high against the floor. It was

Con! Con, Con, Con, Con, Con, Con, Con...

Bouncing, I hit the tip of Kulalalaka's nose.

She kept crawling,

"Ko...... this is!?

And it was breathtaking.