Grey Sky Island's finest casino was a day in and day out.

The audience was full, with a rapid increase, but still full of reservations.

The owner of the casino made a stand-up seat thoughtfully.

Usually celebrities who absolutely refused to stand by, but I wish I could participate in this (●) roulette.

For one thing, I want to see a certain wild tail cry out.

After the island became isolated in the Eighty Rift (Yazooki) Incident, in the Dog God Incident, the sea is in an unclear situation when a body floats.

People's stress is directed towards nature and inner institutions.

Called The Laughing Evil Man, she was becoming second only to the wild dog mask on this island.

Rumors call for rumors, and tourists arrive at the casino.

And today, finally, all the seats were removed from the audience, making it stand alone.

Still, thanks for being full......!

As if a super popular artist had arrived, the celebrities would hiss......!

The audience is the largest ever.

Tonight, it was obvious that enormous amounts of gold would move.

Perhaps the roulette enters a three-digit platform that the predecessor did not step on.

Yep......! Bet on $10 billion (ender)......!

A great battle for a generation, even for Champagne Akemakri, who divides the game......!

If we can boost tonight's game, we'll save money buying Afro......!

It was also the first sunny stage for Champagne Akemakri...!

He cries out soberly toward the brilliant audience as if the starry sky were reflected in the sea at night.

"... Ladies Arn Gentleman! Exactly fluffy to call me lady and gentleman......! No, no, fuzzy to call me queen and emperor, it's great to be stared at by all the noble people!!

Usual name condition.

But he was already proud.

Tonight the king says it's this me, not some money like you guys...!

"We have all the beautiful men and women tonight! Right now, if you walk outside this casino, you're gonna catch all the busikes. Bye! Ah, there you go, Master Lunarillis!? This roulette also makes the goddess obsessed - whoa!!

The tongue examination is in excellent condition as usual.

It was no longer thought that there was anything to prevent him from returning to Djangian Bali.

A rave that finally begins.

The first bet was suddenly ten revolutions of 100 million ¥(ender).

Champagne Akemakri approaches the water wheel to turn the wheel.

And gently ear to the 'ball'.

"Today, the Final Game......! That's why I'm gonna take you down. Normally, I've done enough to keep you sane. But I'll do everything I can today from the start. At best, I don't want to sound good......!

The 'sphere' that is being made to play 'Tsukiwa' is silent.

Kick! I'm staring back.

That's the usual interaction.

It was the usual sight for both of us.

But things are just a little different today.

I felt strange in the eyes of the 'sphere' and something like strength.

As if they caught you. Note that you are a warlord who believes reinforcements are coming.

But Champagne Akemakri doesn't care if it's also the last strength.

Like a lineman, move the lever with a familiar hand and rotate the roulette.

Like flow work, the 'sphere' was sunk in the water.

Are you more accustomed to the 'sphere' anymore, or disappear into the water without screaming?

Champagne Akemakri peeks into the tank and then pulls it up so that a part-time fast-food store worker can see how the potatoes are fried.

... zaba...!


There was a mix of ping-pong balls in the water spit out by the 'sphere'.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!? What is a chance ball from the first spin, UltraLucky Yikes!! ♪ What's gonna happen? ♪ What's gonna happen?

I pick up the ping-pong sphere that floated with Lunlun, singing with verses, and read it straight up.


Champagne Akemakri's tail soared to surprise.

My eyes peeled off like ping-pong balls.

'Become... Then why is this coming in...!?

I accidentally put it out in my mouth, and I snap in a hurry.

Gokuri rang his throat as he swallowed every stunner.

- Hey, when did a ball like this...!?

This, this ball of opportunity, I don't remember putting it in!?

I can't believe you took it off!

You must have figured out what you were going to talk about!

"Ko... this is Nashi! Doing this isn't funny at all! Now, come on, keep up the roulette......!

But where I was deluded, it was too late.

The audience looks at each other and starts talking hissohisso.

"... Speaking of which, if it's a regular 'narrow roulette', you haven't done anything about it, have you?

"Yeah. I didn't care because I thought it was a more painful trick to keep my mouth shut..."

"But if you think about it, wouldn't it be funnier not to have it?

"Yes, 'Narrow Roulette' is flavorful with the screams of 'Ball'!

"Yes, yes! In previous games, 'Laughing Evil Man' was screaming something, but you had no idea what you were talking about because of the"!

"Take it! Take it. - Whoa!

"Yes! I want to hear that woman scream!

"Eh! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! What the fuck!!

And the 'take the' call that begins.

Champagne Akemakri clogged the words, 'Ugh...!?' and lag behind.

"Hey... only the audience is gone! Ko, this ball of chance could have gotten mixed up wrong! So disable it! Oh, yeah! Instead, it's a full course of chance balls! To electric shock, to hot water, to pyrania......! Ku, I should even put a tickle on it. Ugh! Champagne, Akemakriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I tried to delude myself with momentum, but I couldn't.

The audience's call never stops.

Still, Champagne Akemakri manages and tries hard to distract the audience.

From the owner on stage sleeve: "Take it off!" Even when ordered, he resolutely refused.

The audience is heating up more and more.

And finally, the paralyzed owner raises the staff to the stage and tries to force them off.

"Is...!? No, no, no!? Oh, he's a fierce wild taylor! If I take it off, Gaboo's gonna bite me! Everybody got bit to death!?

Champagne Akemakri still resisted to the end, even if it was seized by the staff......

The effort was also vain, and the wild dogs wanted to be unleashed by the wild...!

That first voice.

A breath of death to get out of this predicament......!


Champagne Akemakri wasn't the only game of the day...!

The howl unleashed by the wild dog lady was, by far, incredible......!

"Ko... this man...! Champagne Akemakri is......! It's a flavor of a wild dog mask. Ahhhhhhh!!!