The island's best casino usually has many visitors, but this season has been particularly full.

Sometimes I don't have anything to do because the island is restricted, but the most important factor is topicality.

The wild tail that seems so strong, called 'The Laughing Evil Man', is crumbling...

As the sand castle is exposed to the waves, it will collapse...

At any rate, with this eye, I had the feeling that I had looked at it.

It's an emotion similar to love.

But she's a high ridge flower.

For some reason, she even spared her voice, finally......

Finally, I heard from you...!

"Ko... this man...! Champagne Akemakri is......! It's a flavor of a wild dog mask. Ahhhhhhh!!!

It's the first time I've ever heard of you, the voice I admire.

That's as sudden as spring snow.

That's as arrogant as spring thunder.

That, like an accusation......

I stuck my ears out of everything I hear...!

At that time, the audience was quiet as they missed the monumental voice of the wild dog lady.

As if a stone had been thrown from the shadow of a quiet lakeside forest,


Sazana stands.

Speaking of 'wild dog masks', there is no longer anything you don't know about this island, killer.

It stands on Sin Itomrau, and in the night's escape, he puts the innocents in his hands and gives them life.

For the people on this island, they were now more repellent than cockroaches.

The waves roam loosely.

"Ah... you know, MC...?

"Of a wild dog mask, a flavor......?

"That mc is the guy you're selling, right? I think I've seen it in this casino a lot lately..."

"Oh, it was the MC at the casino at the end of the day, but since I caught the 'Laughing Evil Man,' he's started going in and out of this casino"

Like the surface of the water where it started to rain, a grunting audience seat.

Champagne Akemakri screamed to squeeze out his life while being held back by his staff.

"Shit, no. Shit, no! What this woman is saying is just out of her mouth! If you believe what the devil says, there is a demon in your head......!

But the elucidation was blocked by the divine sip of the sea.

"I'm not an evil man or anything. No! I'll prove it to you first! Whoa, staff! I guess this casino has a 'stepping picture'!? With it!

The wild dog lady orders the staff, as high-pressure as the queen.

The staff was a little, "Why don't you just let it go!" He was drunk, and turned right and left like a servant, and prepared a 'tread painting'.

This "Stepping Picture" depicts the "Silanosinyi" that the Wild Tails profess to determine whether the Wild Tail captured by the Shinsengumi group is pagan or not.

If it's a Grayskay Island store, there's a decision that it needs to be left as an accessory anywhere.

Wild Tail, who was forced to "step on it," will be forced to make two choices.

If you step on it, you are acquitted, if you do not step on it... as you know.

Since the Wild Tails are not a single rock, some do not believe in Silanosinyi.

Its head is Strongtanisi, but he said he danced on it when he was forced to do this' tread painting '.

What the hell is the Wild Dog Lady going to do with this' tread painting 'to show that she is not an evil man...?

In her heart, she turned to 'Step Painting,'

- I'm sorry!

When I'm free, I'll offer you the finest pet food!

And, after apologizing,

......... Beh!!

And I wanted to spit!

"... ah!?

and an audience to be taken aback.

The wild dog lady made a Doya face and shouted even louder.

"... how about it! Now you would have proven that I am not an evil man! The many spectators here are witnesses! Come on, let's get this restraint out of here! Or something? Does this casino make the innocent? If so, then this casino is the cult's nest! If the Shinsengumi found out, I would be sorry to stay out of business!!

She glimpses the owner on the stage sleeve as she flirts.

Then the owner shrugged up like a frog scorned by a snake, and he got sweaty. Oh, "Take it off!" Signs were sent to staff on stage.

"Oh, shit? That wild tail is just playing a play that's not evil! I'm going to plug in some fancy pet food later! Don't be fooled! No! Ahhhhhhhhh!?

Champagne Akemakri has been screaming, but there is no one to take his side.

The air on the field was due to the wild dog lady being ambushed by Coolaraka and in a state of total defeat.

I can't help it.

The audience greeted to hear the voice of the wild dog lady.

If there, the wild dog lady is what they expect......

Had I begged for my life, cursed by fury, for example, it might not have been a one-sided air so far.

The Wild Dog Lady issued an accusation.

He tore apart the unintended identity of the unintended.

The culprit in the case was an escort MC, not a girlfriend being blamed......!?

If that's an analogy, 'The serial killer is, O (Yas)' …!

Or 'Fish, your body is a human being down there'......!

I was stunned enough to compare them to the audience.

Kulalalaka first got the thoughts of those on the spot in a shock statement that goes beyond the realm of human understanding.

Naturally, the person tailored to the real killer will argue.

But anticipating it, like a counter punch, hits further shocks.


You don't have to be a heathen to do it, you dare invincible act of spitting on 'tread painting'......!

The combination rolled out around it turned the heat of the place into cold air.

I planted a seed of guilt in the audience that I was helping the wicked, not exterminating the wicked...!

But for it to germinate, there's still not enough fertilizer.

Because at the moment it proved only one thing: 'Kulalalaka is not an evil man'.

Naturally, Champagne Akemakri also pokes at that point.

"Phew... because I spit on the stepping picture, what the heck!? That doesn't prove anything to me that I'm a collaborator in a wild dog mask! This wild tail is trying to make a fool out of my mouth, surprise me and say it! Don't let such an evil wild tail fool you!

Kulalalaka was freed from the water wheel and was finally on the same stage as Champagne Akemakri.

"Well, don't panic! I have proof that you are a collaborator of the Wild Dog Mask! I'm going to tell you that!

She's, like, done warming up......

He was smiling, snarling his neck.

That grin is invincible......!

Even though I know it's a lie from my mouth, it's enough to make Champagne Akemakri anxious......

I was filled with the power and confidence to the point of spookiness...!