Champagne Akemakri... No, Djangian Bali lost everything on this island.

But he crawled up again, using his predecessor's tongue (like this) and the "shabby" that Gorgeous's sons were carrying together.

It was... hard and tough days.

But...... I believed that Master Godsmile would be looking at me quite a bit.

As if that thought would bear fruit, the gift sent, it......

I fell off as well as I did, Wild Dog Lady......!

He did not doubt, believing that Colle must be the 'wing' that Master Godsmile had given him.

Again, to rise to the sky......!


Disconnect along the way, only you can travel to heaven, "the second step of a two-stage rocket"...!

But a little more......!

They thought I'd take off the stratosphere in a little while, then...!

They grabbed me......!


I'm in line......!

On the same stage......!

Right now, right in front of him, she was laughing.

Although it is the mask that is not worn......

It's the lunch box, though I don't have it with me...

Same as that time...!

No, with more discomfort......!

On the back of Champagne Akemakri's brain, a hot memory ran cold sweat on his spine.

But desperate, I tell myself in my heart.

- Oh, calm down!

What that woman is saying must be haunting......! Absolutely Hatter......!

Even when I brought in my lunch box on The Immortal King's Country Tour, you did...!

Intimidate me with a confident attitude, swallow the air around me and make me believe it......!

But it's a vanity......!

The contents are suckalakan, nothing......!

Hattering you......! No, Hatteri Chan......!

Though I took an unconsciousness the first time, I can't lose anymore......!

You can't lose an argument twice if you want to be a big host in the brave world...!


I'm sure this was given to me by Master Godsmile, a trial......!

Sho's wings burned towards the sun and he ripped his fangs off at me...!

But if you can't get through all this, you can't even get close to the sun (Godsmile)...!


I'm the MC of Dear Godsmile, and I dream of being the general host at the "Choir" to be celebrated at the end of the year...!

By the way, that 'singing battle' competes divided into gold and white groups.

The Golden Team has been selected from among the brave men who played this year, and the White Group has likewise become the Virgin who played this year.

When the year is near, like every time to the Holly Doll family,

"Congratulations! You have been selected as a White Team player! This is a great honor! Pleasure!

And, like a push and sell, comes the singing staff.

It is indeed a matter of dreams and dreams again for the Virgins of this world to compete in the 'Singing Battle'.

It is indeed very honorable, so it is odd that the chosen ones should be ecstatic...

"Oh, well. Thank you. But, Mom, I can't do that every year because I have a 'don't smile' on that day. Primla, what could it have been this year?

"Yes, sister. This year it's" Uncle Deacon 24: 00, "which shouldn't be smiling (straw). Um, excuse me... I chose it because of you, but for the same reason as your sister, it's hard for me to compete in 'The Singing Battle'... I am truly sorry."

What a world famous event for the Virgin Sisters in such a nasty event as never heard of before!

As far as the three women were concerned, they didn't even approach the singing staff... they just didn't like it on the far roll.

... Let's get back to it.

Kulalalaka and Champagne Akemakri confront each other across the water wheel on the casino's 'Narrow Roulette' stage.

Champagne Akemakri roars his throat with a curdle, solidifies his grip, and screams like he has decided to.

"Then I'll show you proof that I'm a collaborator of the Wild Dog Mask!!

He expected.

It's not physical evidence or anything that the enemy comes up with, but it's haphazard as if it existed.

Even though there was no one behind it (Buck), it was as if there had been that human order......

With the authority of the powerful, I guess you're going to shut me up......!

- Even if the audience could fool me, I wouldn't fool them anymore!

Champagne Akemakri tried to point out that Bishi poked his finger and was a hatchet,

... Bishy...!

To frustrate his nose, the enemy shot him with his finger first.

"There! There's definite proof!

Like a knight's sword, a slender, stretched finger showed a pair of jean burly trousers.

It wasn't the usual rough half pants, it was a tuxedo pocket that I deliberately ordered for this stage......!

The owner blows it off unexpectedly.

'Ha, ha, ha! You wild dog bitch, you overdid Narrow Roulette, and you were like a crooper! Why do you have such small pockets with solid evidence and stuff! This Krulper is mistaken for a biscuit or something!

Wild dog women, too, blow huffs.

"Right. If you think so, show me what's in your pocket. That will clear your suspicions!

'Ha, ha, ha! Fine, if that's what you're convinced of! It's about a handkerchief in there......!

Along with mockery, Champagne Akemakri sticks his hand in his pocket.

A flash, that grin, becomes like a blown out candle.


This touch...!

Must be a handkerchief!?

It's a cloth, but not a handkerchief out of shape......!?

So, what is it?!?

Like a performer with his hand in a box that doesn't know what's inside, Champagne Akemakri can pull his hand in.

Yaji just flew.

"Whoa! What's wrong with you?!?

"I thought you were supposed to show me the inside of your pocket!?

"Yes! What are you wearing?

I feel that the balance named 'Unbelief' in the audience is just leaning.

'Damn, that's...!' The voice I uttered turned upside down, but the champagne Akemakri shouted, regardless.

"Damn......! That's...! That's how wild dog women do it! Turn away the conversation so it doesn't matter at all and bring it to your own pace. Munchkin!

"You must be the one who's distracting us from the story!

"That's right! You just have to show me what's in your pocket for a second!

"Let's not! What are you wearing?

Kulalalaka repositions himself to carry them as he watches the audience.

Face darkened by backlight, crooked.

"Apparently, the audience is on my side......! No, the staff is already on our side......!

Champagne Akemakri says' Ha!? 'And when I realized, there were creepy staff around trying to hold him back again.

The owner of the stage sleeve said, "Let me out of your pocket! He instructed me to."

As it is, it is only a matter of time before you are dragged out of your pocket......!

Here he makes the worst choice.

"Ku......! 'He groaned and ran out across the audience.

"Ah!? You want to escape?

"To... don't let them get away with it! Oh, chase...! Go after him. Yeah!!

But it also crumbles quickly.

The coolaraka,


and by the spitting ping-pong sphere out of his mouth, Champagne Akemakri was taken off his leg......

...... zdahhhhhhhhhh!

and in the middle of the stage, fall......!

And something that slipped out of my pocket, twofold and slippery.

Once it touched the audience's eyes, it was engulfed with great screams.



That's, oh, my God, oh my God...!


Like a killer, wild dog...!