Things thrown out on stage, along with Champagne Akemakri's body......

It was small and thin enough to fit into the pocket of his trousers.

But the impact I gave was the Megaton class......!

King Kong, who was a spectator, was smashing around like he had broken a cage and popped...!

That is the most contraindicated (taboo) thing on Greysky Island today......!

It has turned the resort into an annoying hell and an isolated island with killers......!

Wild dog mask............!!

By the way, needless to say, this mask is the object of being able to be Gordo, the image character of "Slumdog Mart".

In areas where "Slumdog Mart" is deployed, it sells well during the New Year's Eve party season, etc.

It's a popular product that is never scary and can be a hiccup for any kind of cobweb when worn...

Now his smile on this island was more of a creepy silo than anything else.



The audience was so screaming that it couldn't help cleaning up, seeing who the killer was.

It was a desperate situation that can no longer be escaped, but Champagne Akemakri complains.

"Holy shit... this is a misunderstanding! Oh, that woman set me up! Oh, that woman has worn this mask before! That's why she put her mask in her pocket to frame me...!

But that was also tantamount to the illustration of the underwear dro.

His words are no longer, for the audience,

"Holy shit... this is a misunderstanding! Oh, that woman set me up! Heh, I peeked inside the room and found out the owner was a busy woman, so I didn't steal your underwear! That's why she put her underwear in her pocket to frame me......!

It only resonates with such an ugly evil ascension.

The victim's woman, who became Jen-royal behind her back, takes on a further chase.

"It's ugly, champagne acquemacri! At the time of capturing me as a wild tail not a heathen and putting me on 'Narrow Roulette'...... it will no longer be obvious which is evil!

Kulalalaka is not a wild tail.

I'm just wearing dog ears and dog tails, attached from Champagne Akemakri.

But when I reveal here that I'm not wild taylor, I think it gives me a kick in the fight back, and it flushes.

Kulalalaka was also fortunate that the repeated reproaches of water had changed things a lot from the sketches in the arrangements.

And this is also the division of the battle from here.

Champagne Akemakri has been ambushed by Matomo and is unable to think normally.

We needed to move on to the next step before we could regain enough room just to make a logical objection.

Kulalalaka can afford to be like a commander chasing a mutilated soldier, pointing to the crawling champagne Akemakri.

"Saah! You've found that this man is making a scene in the alley right now, a flavor of a wild dog mask! Get him! Get him!

The casino staff, who seemed to have become her men, struck at the same time.

Champagne Akemakri tries his last resistance.

"Stop!? Stop!? Do you know what would happen if you did that?!? I'm really brave......!

That's how he shouted, sinking.

- Ko, here I am, if you rose to be a janjanjah burly, it might help you...!

So, but...!

Then you'll find out!

True appearance...!

The grid was somewhat well-dressed, but I am only afraid to finally find out that it is Zura.

Bad forelife, backed by his screaming like a death row inmate, Kularaka was whispering to a casino owner on stage sleeves.

"If you find out you hung a sinless wild tail on the 'Narrow Roulette', this casino won't be free either......! There, there...!

What I heard in my ear is suspicious even when I heard it up close......!

But what I don't even wish for......!

The owner was a well-deserved kowamote gentleman, but he nodded cozily, as if he had now become her assistant.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"... Ladies Arn Gentleman! Most fun and exciting tonight......! And promise me this will be an unforgettable night!

... Bang!

and illuminated spotlight include a woman like a super lady, kicked in a tuxedo.

She was tall and shoulder-width, so she was dressed without difficulty even in tuxedos for men.

And it became so beautiful that it was unlike earlier, it was like Treasure Tsuka's Top of the Table.

Its crisp brown beauty attracts all heterosexuality or even same-sex.

He gave a sigh of admiration to everything he sees, ho...

"I was a dream! He wants to do something called a casino facilitator! And tonight, thanks to the courtesy of the owner of this casino, that dream wants to come true!

Celebrities who were as good as anyone else's dreams, but were already drawn to her speech, wah! and send a round of applause for the blessing.

"And I'm sure this man, too, must have dreamed this would happen. Say!

When she shows with white gloves, the spot moves.

... Bang!

It was illuminated that

"Duh... why...!? How dare you...!?

There's a 'ball' like things haven't swallowed up yet......!

'This man must have been in his heart, grinning about everyone! I am glad to judge the innocent, that they are fools......! The original abominable beings are said to be right next door, but they are the foolish ones who don't realize...!

"Damn... I didn't think so! Bullshit!

'And here's what you must have thought! If I were to be a "ball," more from these people......! That's what would take the root chip away from him......!

The nascent MC proclaims exaltedly, as he rides the booming from the audience.

'Then why don't we take it and stand him up! With its overwhelming power, we the righteous will crush this evil "ball"! If we join forces, there's nothing to be afraid of! I'm going to teach this body and mind a thin, dirty "sphere" that there is no better than financial power in this world!!


The audience is total standing ovation.

No, Jumping Ovation......!

Champagne Akemakri was doing it in a different way and I grabbed their hearts...!