"Saaah! Now is the time to exercise the power of our righteousness to true evil! Remind the wild dog masks that make this island noisy! How much money have you taken from us, and we can't take it to our hearts!

Kulalalaka's MC plenty was more like an army commander than a moderator.

But that's rare for the celebrities, like a morale soldier,


He responded with a great voice.

The chips pile up on the bar counter set up while the stand-up party is still in place.

Still like a trench, high, high...!

In the meantime, Kulalalaka was whispering to the champagne Akemakri, who was being turned into a waterwheel.

Of course, low enough not to go into loud magic.

"Scared? But don't worry. How many times have I been put on a" Narrow Roulette "by you, and how long will I drown? This is my first fight in action, so there may be some mistakes...!

Awesome, "Yikes!?" and the balls of the 'sphere' shrink.

"That's not the only skill I've acquired with this one. I was free to spit out the ping-pong sphere in my stomach, of my own free will. As far as timing goes, even the type of sphere, as you wish, dude......!

"Haa!?," the 'sphere' breathed as if it had caused a cardiac mahi.

"No way, that ball of chance...!?

"That's right. I swallowed it last night while you were asleep, it was original...!

"That also means I put a wild dog mask in my pants pocket......!?

"Oh. As you know, some of the backpacks I had on the run were packed full of wild dog masks......!? It was brought to me by a man, but I didn't know the time would come to be useful in this way......!

A cymbal to mark the end of betting time, SHEAN! and ringing across.

Kulalalaka to stop chatting and go back.

Champagne Akemakri twisted his unfettered body into his final appeal.

"Mi...... guys! Hey, this woman just confessed! You put a wild dog mask in my pants pocket! The wild dog mask was originally this woman's thing! The house...! I want you to check my house! That way, there's a backpack with tons of wild dog masks......!

But even that accusation, the general woman uses it.

"Oops! Looks like you finally made a confession! You heard me, guys! They have a lot of wild dog masks in this man's house! Apparently, we are indirectly threatened! There are a lot of wild dog masks which means that there are a lot of people who wear them too......! They summon their fellow wild dogs and make them retaliate!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! and audience seats filled with booing like an alarm.

Even though betting time is said to be over, further chips can be piled up.

'But we will not yield to such a threat! Like wild dogs don't have knights to break their knees! Instead, I'll kick your ass! There's only one thing before us...! It's a victory and a crown......!!


"Wow! Then announce your bet amount! Our First Attack military funds......! Oh my god, it's 5 billion yuan (ender)!!


"In this" Narrow Roulette, "keeping your bet low is a must for the first time...... GREAT! That's fantastic! That's all our hearts are touching!!


The hearts of those in the casino were completely united.

The audience, of course, stares at the female knight with a heartbreaking look, from the staff to the owner.

Except for one, hung man (Hanged Man)...!

"Oops... $5 billion (ender) Huh!? That means 500 revolutions!? If you were so soaked in water, you'd be dead!? No, before that...! What I see in my eyes is strange! Weird. Weird. Weird. It's crazy!!!!

In this he was truly like a heathen.

The female knight asks him, like an inquisitor.

'Hmm......! Beyond this period, do you still have something to say? In that mouthful, it's like you're hiding who you are! What's up, say it!? Who the hell are you?

"Whoa, I'm, Yong...!

Champagne Akemakri swallows the 'Last Truth' that almost popped up with his mouth on the verge.

If you rose that you were a brave man, you might be able to get rid of this desperate predicament.

But at the same time, it's going to be a rip-off that Janjang Bali is Zura...!

Even if I want to, I can't...!

Because that's a secret I swear I'll take to the graveyard, I can't tell you even if they rip my mouth off......!

Champagne Akemakri notices Kulalalaka's aim.

- This woman (Ama)... Huh!

In order to clear your wet clothes, you also need to clear that you are Zura, know...!

I must have asked you something like that trigger...!

Yikes... can you tell me...! I said, Marushi-kun...!

She shrugged her shoulders as he suddenly shut his mouth.

'I didn't know you were going to be like a shellfish before it was burned when you said you were calling so much...! But it looks like you're ready for our judgment! Unlike you, I don't want to scream, so scream as much as you want!

With a crisp look at all times, the champagne Akemakri stares back.

- This is... Patience comparison!

Play big games with the honor of Janjan Bali as a stake (chip)!

Then... you can't ever lose!

This, even in the name of life... only the honor of Janjan Bali, protect it and show it!

...... ragged ragged ragged...!

By the waterwheel, when a lever like a blessing is turned, the bound large body rotates.

After the tuxedo sleeves were soaked, a face like a smoked egg went into the water......!

Then a face full of faith changed,

"Damn!? haha gu yd sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

He began to distort his face as if a smartball was rampaging inside, spitting a ton of bubbles out of his mouth and nose.

Already, a watery corpse-like look.

I would have left it sinking for a while, but Kulalalaka looks awry and I'm going to turn the lever.

... zaba!

and the moment I was fried like a hot spring egg,

"Whoa!? Ooh!? haha!! Ha ha!! Hiya!? Hiya!? Hiya!? Higi no!?!?

He said he had just finished his first spin, but with a pale face, like he had just returned from the Three Ways River.

"Also...... I don't like you anymore! I don't want it anymore! This is so painful, I don't like it! Whoa... I'm a brave man, JANJAN BALIBARI! So, forgive me!! Forgive me. Ahhhhhh!

Light, confess...!