Until before the roulette started,

... Never, ever lose a water blame or anything!

and champagne akemakri wanted with the will of steel.

Having roulette so many wild tails so far, he has a day long to blame for the water......

I assumed.

Five hundred revolutions may be difficult, but if I were to worry about it, I would be able to afford a hundred revolutions, I would have taka......

When I opened the lid, the identity of the spirit (corn) was not even stone or wood, rather than metal.

... I couldn't beat the water blame...

Just rotten hot spring eggs......!

... Water blame is one of the torture that is far more painful than it seems.

Even people who swim like Tobiuo from time to time.

In the first place, 'swimming' is the same act as' walking 'or' running ', under your control.

The timing of dipping your face in water, the timing of your breath, it's all up to you.

But in the case of water blame, everything is left to others.

Man cannot live without water and fire, and cannot live without being frightened by it.

Humans have overcome them by placing them under control and have lived with them.

But those two things are also a source of underlying fear for humans.

Big fire, flood......!

Fear of the great power of nature, which continues gradually from the birth of mankind, there is nothing humans can do about it......!

Anyway, water blame evokes primitive emotions that are embedded in genes.

First of all, it breaks my heart by 'unspeakable fear', and that changes for 'pain I've never felt'.

"Also...... I don't like you anymore! I don't want it anymore! This is so painful, I don't like it! Whoa... I'm a brave man, JANJAN BALIBARI! So, forgive me!! Forgive me. Ahhhhhh!

There's no point in him being so disturbed...!

Finally, Champagne Akemakri, who made 'The Last Confession'.

No, he was already going to jaunt bury......

... Step aside!

and was engulfed in mockery.

"Hey did you hear that!? That evil man said he was the Ginger Bali of the Brave!?

"I knew he was crazy! You're definitely a cult now!

"Instead of admiring wild dogs, I didn't know you would deceive the name of the brave man......! What a scare!

The audience is a believer, zero...!

What irony that you can't believe you revealed who you were so secretive......!

Janjan Bali cries out loudly enough to make the water wheel snap.

"Ho... that's true! I am the brave leader of Kwon Ten! So, when you hear this name dialogue, you'll see!? Look, everyone together, let it go, janjanjang, barriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

But even that sounds like a shitty thing.

Kulalalaka, after asking about the audience's reactions for a moment, went in between, well.

"This man, apparently, is jaunty burly! But this man seems to be cheating without knowing much about Janjan Bali! Because there has to be a big trait to Janjan Bali! What is that!? Together, let it go!!


Even though the Djangian Bali call was ignored, the audience all respond with one hand up against the Kuraraka call.

Janjan Bali felt mild humiliation, but not the other way around.

"Oh, you don't have Afro for a reason! That's...!

Tell me, I'll cruise for a moment.

But most of all, the mud boat that got on.

Even if we are lost here, we realize that the three-way river flow is inevitable......

He's ready enough to sausage his own bowels...

It was also the last pride, the greatest secret, with its own mouth......!

"Oh... my...! The Janjan Bali Afro was a rash! They took that away from me when I was in the rampage horse case...! So much has happened. Huh!!

To the exact confession, a bothering audience seat.

"What!? Dear Janjan Bali, was it a rash...?

"If so, isn't it a scoop at all!

"No, wait! He's an evil man! So much so that he didn't evil the innocent wild tail and hung it on the 'Narrow Roulette'! If it's to get us out of there, any lies will be fine!

"That means not only does he deceive Master Janjang Bali's name, but he detaches that Master Janjang Bali is a zura, and it's the same one he's trying to demean!

"Nmaa......!? What a scare, such as drooling the bad reviews of the brave...!

"I knew Soitz was an evil man! He's an evil man. Uh-huh!

Djangian Bali is no longer a dodgy state where the more we talk about it, the more evil people will be treated.

A half crying voice cried out to everyone.

"Damn... damn it! I revealed my secret because of you......! Guys, you have to believe me! I am truly, truly, what a jean-barrier!!

There, a helpship comes from an unexpected place.

'Well, calm down! Here, there's this stuff. I borrowed it from this casino dressing room, it's an Afro rash!

Was it even left in the break-in for years, all over the dust and spider's nest, an object like dirty cotton candy?

"Try wearing it and you'll be clear!

Giangian burr that gets it close to your face and startles you with goosebumps on your scalp.

'Yi......! No, no, no, no! I have a delicate scalp! That's why it has to be the finest cuttlefish! You're gonna get sick if you wear such a shitty afro! No, before that...! If you don't wear the best afro, you can't be a jean burly! You're going to be a shung shung siosio! This is the only pride you'll ever give up! So absolutely, absolutely no!

That statement of determination is now for real......!?

"Well, then I can't prove you're a janjaweed. I can hang it on the wheel while it's still in the nickel. Now let's take a second circle... '

'Ugh...! Liar! Liar! If you can prove it's jaundice burly, even Afro, made of pubic hair, will wear it! Ha, you want me to wear that afro soon!

As soon as I heard of the second circumference, even the last clamp is jaunted and thrown away like a menco.

... sassa.

and Sole, who was put on his head like cotton dust, in exchange for the pride of the brave......

No, I'd rather say it's a good match...

In any case, what a delicate feat.

"... I wonder if that is Master Janjan Bali...?

"Similar, not alike..."

"I mean, I don't really remember..."

"Yeah, me too. Impressed by all the nasty realities, the person, I mean, mostly, Zenzen..."

"Me too. I mean, was Afro really wearing it?

And the audience's reactions were so subtle...!