I'm a brave man!

I am in control of this world, I am in control, led by Master Godsmile, you brave family!!

You're no longer human, you're a good God!!

This world is brave or not......!

That's everything!!

A brave man has every right to be free!!

Even if you are human......!

Instead of ordinary people and guards, even knights and virgins......!

No, even the Grand Virgin and the King are free!!

The world is... for the brave...!

The folks...... they are for the brave. Huh!

In the coolaraka, wagging, dictatorial solo......!

I sneeze my face, I weep, I snort, I covet...

On the face of a man who spills a daze and waters up his tank, a bump.

Melted waxy, ugly face......!

Sentirus', final face......!

"If you don't already... but..."

Kulalalaka's lips move faintly.

Ah, Ri Ga...

On her face, bent down, there is a deep shadow.

True to the contrary, his eyes, like starving wolves, sparkled with girallies.

"… you are………. You still look like a brave man... to the bone marrow!

Gah! With an outstretched hand, like gripping a rotten boiled egg...... grabbing a giant burly cheek.

And he stuck his hand in his pocket that was open and took something out.

It's a tiny brown vial of the contents.

"Oh, is that...!?

"That's right...! You put me on the 'Narrow Roulette', the first night...... It's what you threw away on the floor...!

It was a demonic voice that was quietly shaking the tympanic membrane of a man.

"Do you want me to paint this...!? Do you want to give back the audience…!?

The man is like a sunny thunderbolt, breathtaking.

"Ha......!? Oh, yeah! That's right! With that, you could be a 'full smile'! The smile is a trademark of Janjan Bali......! I'm sure you can prove that I'm a janjaweed!

The man didn't notice.

that it is already not just the tympanic membrane, but also the soul that is gripped and shaken.

Only being recognized as a brave man is the way to survive......

Just proving it was the best I could do...!

"No... I want you to apply it...! I want you to apply it. I want you to apply it. I want you to apply it! You want me to paint it!!

"Right......! Then you only have one more lap to endure...! If I can stand this circumference, I'll give you a 'full smile' from me...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

About the same time.

One young man was coming out of a common exit in the fortress of Rivolve.

He is finally released after a rigorous physical examination by Shinsengumi.

He was walking toward his home on the outskirts of the city, looking up at the night sky.

- Oh, more than a week. Even now, I want to dream...

I can't believe I met Master Giangianbari on this island...

The meeting was really, like, a thing.

I ran into you in the city on the day my weapons development workshop was closed.

I was once braved many times by Janjan Bali's MC.

It is only thanks to Gianjanbari that I am now able to be under the great brave creator, Lord Livolve.

Master Giangian-Baribari seemed to enjoy a vacation on this island with patience.

I got so excited that I ran over to him and grabbed both hands.

And then I cried.

It was a disgusting behavior to think back now, but even against me, Master Janjanbari behaved like a hickey.

"Something's going on!? Then you can't. But you're gonna laugh! And here's what you said! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyy! Then you're going somewhere you don't like things!

I was delighted with the casual Gianjanbari, and I bumped into my own thoughts.

... I was born into the family of the Challenger, who specializes in pharmacy.

When I grew up, I had to go to a training workshop in order to succeed my parents' workshop.

But instead of giving credit at the end of the training and decorating my hometown with brocade...... I couldn't get any workshop hired in the first place.

I don't think my skill as a champion is a problem, but I was extremely drawn to it.

So much so that I was dropped in an interview that I finally thought I'd hang myself, when I was cornered......

Outside the apartment, I could hear a noise that was so busy that I had ear problems.

"It's this, giant burly thing that separates the" Brave Festival "of the day! Whoa, whoa, you're peeking through that window there, brother! You're awake and you look like you're counting sheep! It's a festival! Come here, let's make a noise together. Huh!

I was never born to make a scene at a festival. [M]

But at the end of the day I thought... and fluttered out of the room.

And that day was such a fun day that the morning I wanted to hang myself was ridiculous.

I was saved by Master Janjanbari. [M]

That's not just once, either.

Even if he was dropped in the workshop interview more than once, he didn't even think about throwing himself... thanks to Master Gianjanbari.

It just reminds me of that out-of-the-box voice and that bright face on the bottom, and the laughter creeps up...

I felt like trying again.

And I am finally able to work for Death Dealer Rivolve on Greyskay Island, a weapons workshop specializing in divine tip groups.

The development of weapons for the Divine Spirit group is something that even the Creator is very honored for.

My parents were very happy, and "I can leave this to you to pick up the trail," he said, pushing his heartbeat.

Still, Master Rivolve's workshop is a place to take out the eyes of a living horse where leading creative brave men gather.

I'm in a hurry for accomplishments. Sometimes I fail to develop poison gas and make laughing pills.

But no matter how many times I fail, I don't screw up.

Because I have Master Janjan Bali...

... I've just met Mr. Gianjanbari all at once. [M]

But Master Janjan Bali didn't make a single disgusting face,

"Laughing pills!? You don't have to laugh to laugh, you supreme!?

How dare you praise my failures and even say you want them...!

I took laughing pills out of the workshop without a word or two and gave them to Master Janjan Bali.

And I was lucky.

At the time, the body-checking of the guards was not as rigorous as it is now, and it was easy to bring it out if it was about medication.

I still can't forget Master Giangjanbari's smile when he gave you the medicine......

I'm sure there's something painful about Master Giangjanbari, who's always laughing.

You don't have to laugh without laughing...... that's what MC specializes in brave people.

If the medicine I gave you could help Lord Janjanbari...

And with the smile of Master Djangian Bali, if many human beings are ever saved......

Never been happier to me......!

Oh, Dear Janjan Bali......!

You must still be laughing somewhere, in front of a lot of people...!

And here's what you're screaming about......

Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!