...... zabhhhhhhh!!

The man finished the seventh revolution and was pulled up.

However, the black sun nearly extinguished......

Squeeze all remaining forces so as to deliver the last light, as if they had ascended from the horizon......

The look is miserable to see......!

Like after being tried for seven major crimes......

Like after a tour of the Seven Hells......

It was also abandoned by the faithful and exposed to sight and misery, like a saint who had been stoned.

The finest tuxedos burn and burn like drifters' clothes.

From that gap the brown skin is even darker and dull, causing the shush and smoke to rise.

The emergent blood vessels and skin color are like bark that is still thirsty.

Eyes to ears, nose to mouth, lower abdomen......

Drop a rotten rainbow-like liquid from a hole called a hole.

This was something only the person could understand, but his vision reflected multiple sights, like a cracked mirror.

But there is not a single thing in this world.

Sparks of electric shock, impending reapers, and turning horse lights.

A kaleidoscopic world of death was just spreading.

Zero life for both body and spirit no longer.

But there is no one left to stop me.

"Ha, ha, ha! That's good!

"It's like a dried zombie! That feels good!

"Dead!? Finally dead!?

"No, it looks like he's still alive!

"That's it. I got to go! What's still missing! We need to suffer more!

"No more!" Instead of stopping, "do more! It was the majority of the Yazi."

But not even those voices have reached his ears.

But he was hopeful, like a dead man who grabbed a spider's thread into heaven.

- Yay, yay, yay...!

Now, now, now, you can get 'laughing pills'...!

The deceased climbs the yarn desperately.

Kick the hand of the chasing reaper.

- With Afro, Famous Facts, and "A Full Smile"......

Align...! We'll get it all together...!

And the deceased who reached the top......

I reach for the legendary dragon ball, said that everything will come true if I get it all together......!

- Legendary, MC...!

"Gianjanbari Aphrodite Gorgestis"......!

Everything you need for that resurrection...!

That's a little more, a little more......!

The joints on my fingers are just a short distance away from what would have arrived if there had been another...!

From the clouds, the Buddha shows his face.

The deceased didn't think, he was mouthing.

"Holy shit... you're right, you made me stand the electric tank too! Ha... come on! Hurry up!

Reach out dry, like a junkie who wants medicine.

But Buddha said, "Ha?" and just puts his neck up.

"And... I hope you don't blur! I promised you that if you endured this seventh circle, you would!

Her mouth, always with a loud grin, hangs slightly.

"Will you...? Well, I wonder what it was about...?

"Hih... Hih! That's terrible!? You fooled me!?

"No, I'm not going to fool you. I remember only what I promised."

"Then hurry up! Give it to me!

"The only problem is its content...... I guess I promised to give you something when you said" give it to me "but" give it to me "?

Seeking the last dragon ball (part) Not really, he wasn't seeing anymore.

The mouth of the Buddha, as if it were a ghost of hell, Nitaa......! and distorted......!

"Now let's ask......! What do you want…!? Call that clarity and I'll give it to you......! Come on, answer...! Heaven and hell, with enough soul screams to reach both......! Saah! Say what? Scream! Squeeze...! Wish you......!!

... Ugh...!

He inhales like a Monkey King challenging Buddha.

Bokon and his belly swelled like a hungry ghost.

And he's...!

On this planet's umbilical gray island…!

Love, hope, desire...!

JANJAN BARRI and I gave it to you......!!

"Wow... laughing pills!! You can smile instantly if you apply it, you want laughing pills!!!!

There's a roar as if the lid of hell is open, gosh! and rocked the ground.

From the bottom of the kiln, countless deceased people are flooding out.

"If I could use that laughing pill and be a 'full smile'......! You can prove that I am a Janjan Bali!!

The dead pile up like human pyramids and come under attack.

Raise your voice even more so that you can get rid of it.

"That's what I've been doing!! Bring the wild tail caught in the alley to the casino at the end of the day...! You were using drugs to make me laugh and wind up money from stupid customers!!

Ohhhh! and blood erupts from his mouth.

But he didn't stop screaming.

"And finally, you got a sturdy woman!! So I sold into the best casino on this island......!! And you made a lot of money using laughing pills!!

"If I were to be a 'full smile' in this huge battle that cost $10 billion (ender)...! You can get rich all at once!!

My throat was no longer so crushed that I had no shadow to see, no voice, no shadow to hear.

But he just doesn't want this thought to be delivered or anything...

Keep giving your lungs a flaky roar......!

"While I was able to get big rich, I got the ugly, dirty, golden deceased down here......!! You can do it without a sentence!!!!

"I'm going to crawl out of hell and beat these guys to the depths of hell!!!! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!"

It's just a generation, a famous speech of the soul.

It shook the hearts of many.

And... Heaven, silence...

The ghost of hell was regaining the laughter of Buddha.