Janjan Bali was on top of the Cloud Sea.

There is no star around, black heaven as the dark screen has descended.

There was only Buddha, who ruled the sky like the Aurora of darkness.

With a gentle grin, she moves her mouth like this towards Janjan Bali.

Well said...! Then let me give you what you want......!

... Gwah...!

Buddha's hand is shaken up and opened.

It was star-shaped and distorted (snoring) like the back of the moon.

That's the downpour, like a black meteor that leads the world to annihilation......!

...... Gwashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Gianjan Bali, Wazumi (Face Hug) Huh...!

Warm tears flooded the deceased, who continued to be tortured and wept.

I really felt that nature and laughter were spilling.

"I did... I did... Yay, hey...... Afro, Named Live, Full Smile...... You got everything in your hands..."

The voice was dry, the opposite of the moisturizing eyes.

But that didn't matter.

And sometime, Buddha was gone.

From beyond clouds like white waves, the morning sun rises.

Janjan Bali opened her hands and feet in bold letters as if they had become part of that sunshine, shouting delight.

"You'll see! Look, look, look, look! Guys... you gotta see this! Do this, 'Full Smile'......!! I won't let you tell me you don't recognize this face! Yes......! I'm a brave man, Janjan Bali Bali......! The righteous guide who makes everyone smile and agate (what the heck?) JAHHHHHHHHHH!! Oh, everyone's! Hike it!!

And towards the sun......

No, I scream, as if I had become the sun myself...!

"Janjan Bali, you're back like an undead bird!! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

...... Bang!!

and burned his eyeballs by the strong light, his landscape turned.

When I realized, there...

It wasn't heaven or anything.

Of course, it wasn't hell either.

The light I thought was the sun is the spotlight that illuminates the stage.

Hands and feet open in large letters to sing freedom remain in captivity.

And the pile of corpses that glimpse beneath your eyes, not the deceased...

The black Buddha, who became like a silhouette in the light, was not a Buddha or anything......!

'Did you hear that!? Everybody! That the ball just screamed! And you saw it! Once I applied the contents of this medicine bottle to the face of the sphere, it made me smile all the time...!

...... Ha!? and breathtaking, the burning air entered his lungs.

And consciousness awakens even more.

The electric tank was causing Janjan Bali to wander through the abyss of death......

I waited for him, who managed to survive with the Hungry spirit before me and the bumps engraved in the genes of the brave...

It's like busting everything he's piled up so far, accusations......!

Besides, the source is myself...!


It was only to make this last accusation that Kuraraka stood still without killing Djangian Bali...!

"Chi......! No, no, no, no, no! Oh... I was framed by that woman!! I was dying in an electric tank...... you just got inducted!!

And I just tried to deny it, it's too late......!

He has moved the hearts and minds of many people with his previous tongue….

This series of roars was the most powerful, soul shroud in his MC history......!

There's no way that doesn't shock the celebrity world......!

"Oh, um...! Evil people......!

"On the contrary, deceive even the name of the brave, the undead......!

"Even those two things alone deserve a capital offense...!

"That's all I'm tired of......!

"You've been telling us that you've been a squid...!?

"Hey, more than that, I'm hungry -!

"Shh, be quiet. It's a good place to be."

"Oh, I, I...! I've been a regular ever since my current MC, The Laughing Evil Man, was hung on this" Narrow Roulette "...!

"Me too......! I regretted so much because I had a 'full smile' no matter how much I was blamed for the water, I bet a lot to give you a roulette rpm......!

"But that too, for the most part, I had him in this casino...!

"That's okay, I thought that was okay. I thought one day I'd see that 'Laughing Evil Man' cry out, I was going to invest, and I was stuffing him at this casino...!

"The smile, it's all in the making...! I can't believe it was a trick, created with drugs...!

From the audience, Kularaka finally entered the 'Last Finish' when she felt the mundane rage coming up.

'What do you say, you understand with your own hands! The way the casino on this island works! Everything is squid, everything is good......! Glimpse with flashy decorations, nothing in it......! Painted with lies, the contents are carrappo......! There is no such thing as truth on this island!

Another person is plunged from heaven to hell by its obvious lead.

The owner, who jumped up on stage sleeves, said, "Hold him down!" and send gestures to the staff.

The caution sticks rose to the stage one after the other, surrounding Kulalalaka.

I'm surrounded by gorillas, wild dog lady......!

And that look, bold and invincible......!

Coolaraka glanced around with a wolf-like sharpness as she threw away the loud stick.

"I am a wolf with no fangs and no swords to fall out of properly......! But even if you don't have fangs, you won't be late...!

Screaming like a howl calling and gathering swarms of wolves, whilst silencing the gorillas that strike simultaneously, like a beagle announcing the opening of the war.


Her MC plenty like acting like a general and boosting the morale of soldiers......!

It was a fabric stone to give the final assault order...!

"Saah!! Everyone!! Get up!! Sanctions on this island Inkiki Casino!! Start by smashing your hands out of this casino!!


When the celebrities raised their bandit-like roar, the opposite of their graceful looks, they held the sticks and sun umbrellas in their hands and stuck to the stage.