The next morning.

The owner of the casino had appeared in the mansion of Rivolve.

The sky is still clear today without a cloud, except over Sinn Itmulau.

The refreshing breeze that blows into the study is said to be comfortable to be washed to the heart......

Only he who stood was letting himself shrink, as if he were a metal that hated the sea breeze.

"... so? Is this what you're trying to say, Na? A man named Champagne Akemakri, who has taken a wild tail woman, naked like a boiled egg, sells it into the casino... Thanks to Soytz, I made a lot of money..."

"Ha, ha, no," the owner answers with his voice upside down.

Instead of picking up a throwaway dog that's been rubbing off in the rain, he looks so tight that he'll even be reviewed for doing enough to kick that dog in the ass.

That kid in the class also said, "You're so gentle by the looks of it that you pick up a throwaway dog that's been rubbing off...! Instead of," You're so gentle by the looks of it that you can just kick it without killing the throwaway dog you've been rubbing off...! "and so many other illusions, super kowamote......

Not too much facial murder weapon, the more you can just glance at it and see it dead.

Follow the wals with their power, they are so big that there is now no stranger in the casino world.

But even so, in front of the merchant of death, he is as dear as a turned-around cat.

He was too frightened. He shook his purple lips, at last.

"Ha-ha...! Well, the guy and the Wild Tail woman combined to mawa" Narrow Roulette, "and the customers were thrilled from day one...! Ever since, I've been mavering them both......!

"So much so that it became very popular to take a look at all the seats, he said... And yesterday, you showed your true nature in front of a large crowd of visitors, huh, Na?

"Yes, no! A wild tail woman who's been playing ball has told me about the boiled egg bastard as a flavor of a wild dog mask...! I looked it up and out of the pockets of the boiled egg dude, there's a wild dog mask......!

"Huh, so?

"So, the woman brought it to me! If you find out you've put a wild tail on a roulette that's not an evil man, then you're just going to be sorry......! If you want me to keep my mouth shut, turn the boiled egg bastard into a ball and let myself do the MC......!

"Finally, you're scared that story's gonna get in my ear, so you're saying," Na?

"Ha, ha!? Yes, no! Never intend to hide it from Master Rivolve......! Ah! Well, yes! If it's a flavor of a wild dog mask, a customer asked me to hang it on the 'Narrow Wheel'......!

"Well, no, Na. So?"

"Ha-ha! The boiled egg guy was pretty mawdy too, but that wild tail woman was pretty good too......! I burned more and more of my customers and piled up wagers (chips)! That's 10 billion yen (ender) too! What a 10 billion yen (ender)!? Fees alone, for about a month's worth of casino sales......!

"I don't care about the money story Na. So, how'd it go?

"That's the, er... Oh, yeah! Kikyu, suddenly customers are making a scene. Nice to meet you...! Must have wasted the money you hung! I'm rambling, so...!

"So, Na, I made a fuss to drive out most of the Shinkansen (us) guys, and... Besides, the boiled egg bastard missed it, and... Is that what you're trying to say, Na?

"Ha, ha! That simmering egg bastard, as soon as I removed it from the roulette, I wrapped the godtip group around Chem......! And then if I make it look like a cockroach, I'm stuck, and I'm running away in no time...! Ugh... Ugh! I'm sorry! I'm sorry. Ahhhhhh!

The owner is half crying, blah! and lay on the floor.

from its overhead,


and sounded like fitting pieces of metal puzzle.

The owner learns that he has become a participant (player) from the ruler (owner) and shrinks like a turtle.

"Hii... Hii! Ro... forgive only 'Rosinante Roulette'! Forgive me!!

"One first. You decided she was a heathen without 'treading' on a wild tail woman, and put her on a 'narrow roulette', Na."

... patchouli.

"And the lid. He tried to hide it from me..."

... patchouli.

"Find out next. When I found out that the boiled egg bastard was part of a wild dog mask, without sticking it out to the god tip group... at Temei's discretion, I turned it into a sphere of 'Narrow Roulette' na"

... patchouli.

"There's more, okay...... Because of the wild dog mask, the island is under martial law...... Plus, I made a lot of noise, Na."

... patchouli.

"Finally, when... I missed a piece of the wild dog mask, Na."

"Hih... Hih! Oh, with five shots!? 5/6, that's too harsh! The omission of" Stepping Painting "was a casino staff hassle! Even though the boiled egg bastard knew it was a piece of wild dog, he couldn't report it because he was threatened! I turned the boiled egg bastard into a ball for the same reason. Shh! The noise was made louder, rather, by the Divine Spirit group......! So, so I'm not bad! It's not bad. Uh-oh!

"Huh? What na you mistake. I'm not going to blame you for what you just said. You made such a big mess of her that I don't care about her. I put five bullets in my partner because of that."

"Yeah eh!? I'm not doing anything other than what you just said! What the hell is that?

"Not yet, don't you see...? I paired it with a piece of wild dog... and I was having a squid sausage. Nah...? Using 'laughing pills'...... Nah, I'm not saying I don't know. Nah...? Knowing that I don't want to see my wife sleep..."

"Hih!? Higi!? Okay, then! But yes! Thanks to that, I made $10 billion (ender)!? The game became so popular that it stayed exactly the same for the casino to make money......! Damn...... yes! I will pay you the full amount of money this time! So! Please, please...!

"I told you earlier, Na, I don't care about the money story. I'm not into non-life chips...!

Googling......! and squeezed gun nails (triggers).

The face of the player, who was once the owner, was earthy all over the red rust, like metal already abandoned in a warehouse on the beach.

"Ah......!? Ahhhhh!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?


Live or Die......!