... Well, have you noticed?

that there was a huge error in the interaction between Rivolve and the owner who had fallen victim to the pathetic 'Rossinante Roulette'.

If this had been in Revolv's ear, the battlefield might have changed, critical information......

That's what was missing...!

By analogy, a slice of pizza that has just been delivered is missing and there are no customers who don't think it's strange.

Where the delivery guy sauced around his mouth and said, "I'll do that kind of design from the start," you can't even be convinced.

But I received it......! Rivolve is......!

Stuffed, pizza...!

And sanctioned......! The clerk...!

Far enough away to "deceive you" if you like, in a separate matter......!

A piece of critical information that was missing, it is….

It is about the MC of Wild Tail, which has changed since it was taken to Janjan Bali.

Due to his impression of appearance, the owner only reported about Kulalalaka as a 'Wild Tail Woman'.

This' Wild Tail 'look is the crook, and it creates a preconceived notion.

Human beings, when they have great traits in the others they meet, take their attention away from them and they don't remember the small traits.

Let's take the 300 million yen case as an example.

Witnesses to the incident replied, 'A man dressed as a white bai' when asked by the police about the characteristics of the killer.

Of course, that's not one clue, but the killer doesn't dress like a White Bai operative all the time.

Probably after the crime, you'll be taking that uniform off and dressed completely differently.

Important here are the small features such as faciality......

Suppose, for example, you had information such as' The Fox Eyed Man ', maybe you were much closer to arrest.

If the owner had communicated the characteristics of Kulalalaka besides the big info called 'The Woman of Wild Tail'......

Livolve could have found a match with the arrangement and connected the dots to the dots.

But the brave man who ruled this island drove her unconsciously once he received a report called 'The Woman of Wild Tail'...!

But I can neither think nor force myself to.

The presence of 'The Woman of Wild Tail' and others is the same on this island as the stain on the wall of the neighbour's house.

Whether there are more stains or holes in the walls of someone else's house, there will be traces of something being filled, but so that no one else cares......

"The Wild Tail Woman" had been removed early from a suspect in a wild dog case.

But if you wanted to beat a wild dog, you couldn't have suspected it more...!

And this is not the only misjudgment on the part of Revolv.

His thoughts had been completely induced by the owner's report.

'The wild dog mask that is making this island noisy right now is not alone, it's still a group, and there are other collaborators,' he said...!

But this is also an impossible story.

There's no way Osama can crush two Shinsengumi Squads by himself...!

There's no way Osama can carry those bodies into the mansion by himself without being noticed......!

and who can blame me even if I conclude in a brotherly mood that doubts the cuteness of my sister?

Because this is also one of human sexuality.

Human beings are when the facts apply to the first hypothesis you make….

"I knew it was," he stops thinking and stops exploring other possibilities.

I finally stop thinking, but if you still want to beat a wild dog, then you shouldn't.

Again, I couldn't have been more suspicious.

"Are you sure the wild dog mask is a group? Aren't you really the solo criminal who made it look like a group? 'and......!

But the presence of the brave......

It would be cruel to expect it from Les Zane Human, a subhuman being.

Even if he makes a big extraction mistake...

Who can throw him a stone...!

Livolve immediately issued a circular to the Divine Spirit Group.

"A man like a dried boiled egg is on the run, deceiving the name of Champagne Akemakri, or the brave Djangian Bali. Give us all the strength we need to find it."

Significantly invest his pawns (resources), the Shinkansen crew.

This puts certain people at risk, and vice versa makes certain people safer.

so that the balance leans heavily.

Kulalalaka's chaser, who has so far been pursued with the suspicion that he may be 'a collaborator of a wild dog mask', has become thinner......

Janjan Bali, which has obviously become a flavor of wild dog masks, is to be marked......!

Now the alley of the city on Greysky Island was surrounded by a hustle and noise like a front street.

"... there he is! There!"

"Really, you look like a dried boiled egg! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

"Cock Cook Cook Cook......! If you can take the neck of an undetected man who deceives the name of a brave man, you can expect to be born all at once! Cock-yah!"

"Heh! Wait for me! How dare you deceive the name of a brave man! The Giant Tanishi, the mightiest brave man, has crushed all the rotten eggs!

The murderous men, with a blade in their hands, are chasing one man around.

"Hih!? Hiya!? Misunderstood. Misunderstood! Really, I'm a brave man! Ghaa!? Don't stab me. Don't stab me! You're gonna die. You're gonna die! Don't die. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Desperately while fleeing, Djangian Bali complains of the truth.

I couldn't even get him in a barrel, and like a pirate who had been stabbed directly, my sword was stabbed all over my body.