Following the Eighty Rift Incident and the Dog God Incident, Greysky Island was attacked...

"Celebrity Frenzy Case"......!

The exposure and fanning of Kulalalaka has led to a massive outburst of celebrities gathered at the casino.

As a result, the island's best casino has been destroyed and rendered inoperative.

Although there was no physical damage to any other island casino there, it is forced to close in a convoluted fashion.

Because X-DAY (that HI) …….

Most of the casino users at this resort participated in the riots….


At last, I couldn't have stayed open more than knowing to all my customers that 'casinos on this island are squid'...!

By the way, it's not like 'Squid Sama at all'.

The owners of the casino knew that they hated Livolve squid sama, so it was about a 'little tick' to the point of making a dime......

But the bad reviews that have spread can no longer be helped.

Even the stores that usually serve the best dishes make sure they are ruined by just one food poisoning......

At least, the casino's making money this season has gone hopeless.

This can no longer be called triple bitterness.

In addition to the restrictions on departure from the port, the beach is sealed with two major resorts: a casino….

It's really just an 'island with killers'......!

The only entertainment left is' getting killed '......!

And... can you believe it?

So much panic that if you follow those threads, everything will reach only one Osama...


That (●) Osama is near the top of the 'Mountain of God's Residence (Sin Itomrau)', from the hole….

Literally out of "Hole Bear Enclosure," without a step...!

They took away all the opponents' pawns...!

Incidentally, most of the casino guests caught by Shinsengumi were released after glancing at some of them.

It's not meant to be forgiven, such as breaking out in a brave, breathtaking casino...

From the point of view of the lack of a possibility of escape, I simply made him write a pledge saying, 'Even when he returned to the mainland, the matter is useless', and I did not blame him.

But still, the discontent of the tourists is solicited.

And at once, the city begins to rough up.

X-DAY (that HI), the celebrities who bet their entire fortune at the casino can't get their wagers back......

They kicked me out of the hotel because I was speechless.

If I were some power, of course I would have been bailed out......

Little rich people are truncated to an extent and thrown out into the city......

As a result, "Homeless People of Good Identity" continued......!

Those who had become wild celebrities were nagging in the alley.

Some of them were family-friendly.

They are repelled by confusion and regret.

You should have come to a fun resort, how could you...!?

Horses chase me around and show off my aquatic body......

And trapped on the island......!

The casino headed for Usa Sunshine turns out to be a tick......

As a result of the protest, after being repressed by violence, all the money was taken away….

At the end of the sentence, live without...!

Why have you fallen so far when you have done nothing wrong......!?

They were desperate and distressed.

And I thought of killing myself, trying to hurt others.

Everything was abandoned and I ran to self-immolation......

But they also had those who bowed their hands.

That, ironically......

Living in a settlement, it was the Wild Tails......!

Hearing rumors of a "celebrity frenzy," they were in the city and spoke to the wild celebrities.

"... if you have nowhere to go, you should come to me and the others"

"I've been delighted to hurt my buddies, and you hate me to death... but I'm just so glad"

"Occasionally, the godtippers come and use me to experiment with weapons... but don't hurt them."

Originally, Wild Tail, who lives in the settlement, was decided not to go out into the city, but now the attention of the Divine Spike group was not for them either, so he was relatively free to act.

By the way, the Wild Tail homeless people who live in the city don't go to settlements where they speak because they are homeless themselves.

Because if you go to the settlement, you could be exposed to the weapon experiments of the godtip group.

If they were guinea pigs and killed, they would be the ones who chose the path of death as homeless people.

In any case, the gentleness of the Wild Tails led many to interconnect their lives.

The former celebrities guided to the settlement are solved misunderstandings by being looked after by the Wild Tails.

Until now I thought I was an evil man, savage half-beast men......

Those who are spreading cults to the world in order to dye the world in darkness......

Those who were solemnly taken for granted are so...

I didn't know you were warm, kind, and gentle......!

Clothes, baths, futons, everything was crude but I was happy......!

The meal served was poor minister, but better than any gastronomy I've ever spoken of, it was delicious......!

And in the morning, we all went outside and started moving our bodies.

"Look, take a look," he said, caught by the wild tails pointing toward the mountain, looking up...

"Ah......!? Is that a wild dog mask?

"Well, always at this hour, that woman dances weirdly with the witch Chesna."

"I think I'm starting to imitate that, but the day I did that dance, I was feeling better."

"If you don't like it, don't say you can't, but you and the others should try it."

It should be noted that "weird dancing" refers to the morning gymnastics that the clerks do before the slam dog mart opens.

Incidentally, many people, not just clerks, participate in gymnastics in stores where the Virgins are.

It's to see a certain Grand Virgin, who gets a crush on the weight of her breasts, but aside from that...

The minds of the former celebrities just unraveled through wild dog gymnastics.

I kept making noise about this island, the wild dog mask......

Rumor had it that it was as ruthless as a killing machine, the wild dog mask......

He does look like a killer, but he's out, maybe he's not a bad person......!?

Such psychology was sprouting.

Yes... Osama came here and was taking in not only the big pawn, but even the little pawn named 'Tourist'.

"Chess Without Walk is Lose Chess" all the time......!