Upon returning to the hotel where he was staying, Scylla called the crew of the 10th Squad, who were also visiting the island, to inform them of tomorrow morning's operational decision.

My men are the same as the other Divine Spirit units, a total of thirty.

But everyone is famous for being a 'demon swordsman'.

They admired Scylla, famous as the world's most powerful 'demon swordsman', and those who aspired to the 10th Squad.

He was then hypnotized by Scylla and became an absolute believer who would not spare his life for him.

His blood is also delighted to drink, so he does not suffer the effect of The Stone of Rejection.

It is also a rare being that can touch Scylla's body.

Scylla is a cautious person, so she doesn't basically share her own blood.

But if you really didn't touch it from anyone, you wouldn't be able to get treatment when you had a lot of injuries, so you were giving them blood specifically just for them.

Described their wild dog hunting mission, the men said in a controlled move, "Yes!" and return the salute.

Then he disbanded, went back to his room every day, and began to prepare for tomorrow morning's departure.

When one of the crew returned to his room, his family welcomed him.

They had originally entered the site for the ceremony, so they had finally brought their families with them.

"Dad, welcome back!

"Welcome back, you! Hey, listen to me!

"What's going on?

"I just went to the casino in the hotel for a roulette, and for some reason it was closed! I already looked forward to playing 'Narrow Roulette' when I came to this island!

"Mom loves to see evil people suffer, but you should go to a casino tomorrow"

"Yeah, I will. This kid's a good age, so it's time to let him play with the 'Narrow Roulette'. If you hesitate when killing evil people, you're doomed, so let them get used to it now. Oh, by the way, how was your job?

"Dad! What bad guy are you going to kill next!?

"Look, this is it," the crew showed the family the material they received during the operation description.

It was a wild dog mask and a Chesna personage.

If it was a previous operation, it was about 'Chesna is to be caught alive, regardless of the life or death of a wild dog mask', but this time the other way around.

'The wild dog mask is to be caught alive, and Chesna is to be lived or died'.

Because in the aftermath of the Kamikaze enlistment ceremony, it was from Chesna to the Wild Dog Mask that he was executed.

But only the task of 'Never use fire' remained common.

As soon as his son saw the copywriter girl, he let his eyes shine.

"Dad! Are you going to kill this wild tail female!? Then strip it and bring it back!

"Oh man, you really like to peel"

"If she's this kid, it's been like this ever since I went to the Brave Pure Achievement Memorial Museum, Yushi Shinobikin, on my last social tour, and watched a lot of evil strippers strip."

"Yeah! Stripping is popular in my class right now! Stripping wild tail females, it's rare that it's so small too, so you can be proud of everyone!

"Right. There's only so many young wild tailed females in the memorial. If that's what you have at home, maybe you can boast about your neighborhood."

"Well, suppose we make him a souvenir then? Besides, tomorrow's the end of the mission, and then we'll have a family vacation until the day of the enlistment ceremony."

"Wow! Yay! Dad, I love it!

"Ugh, you, good luck with your work!

From my beloved family, hiccups, and embraced soldiers.

... Now let's say we have a view of this hotel from the outside.

Then there were about 29 other windows that reflected the sight of such a happy family.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

And around the same time......

Strongtanishi, who was chasing a nice-brave man under arrest, had been captured by a young man from the Shinsengumi group and taken to a beauty salon in the city.

"Henh!? Bring me here, what the hell are you talking about!?

"Shut up, grow up! Master Rivolve has asked me to show you the 10th Squad to the Wild Dog Mask!

"Henh!? 10th Squad!? I can't believe this assi...!?

"That's right! Captain Scylla hates dirty-dressed men, so he wants to get you ready by early tomorrow morning!

"Whew!? Hey, what the hell, what the heck!?

Strongtanisi has zollied her bossy hair and her beard has been ripped apart and rampantly mowed.

From above he was coated with something like white powder, making his eyes black and white.

"Squad number 10 has decided to white-paint his face, including his companions, according to squad policy!

"What!? Does that mean you can look the same as Master Scylla!?...... that!? But aren't all the crew wearing masks?!?

"The crew is wearing a mask while on duty, but it's all white underneath! If you find out, grow up!

"Uh-huh! The witchcraft sword of the 10th Squad can be seen up close, it can be a wish or something...... this is so awkward!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

And early the next morning......

At the foot of Sin Itmulau, where there is a wild dog mask aside, Squad 10 boarded a carriage.

The captain, Scylla, orders a Strongtanisi with makeup like a clown who greets him there.

"Phew... you're the guide to the example? It looks like it's getting pretty, but it's not that good... Plus, he looks like a scroll shell... and it's not Scylla's hobby..."

Fashion checks were interrupted early and a white mask was pressed against them.

"I don't want that face in my sight, so I'll be wearing that mask the whole time I'm on duty, okay?"

"Huh......" he replied mercilessly, Strongtanishi wearing a mask.

It is shaped like a pesto mask with a pointed tip.

The 10th Squad emblem is a twat, so it mimics it.

And everyone, except the captain, is set to wear that mask.

That's creepy as it looks, so it also has the effect of intimidating the beholder...

It also had a terrible effect to make them demon swordsmen...!