Strongtanishi, a white mask after white paint, was not uncommon enough to make us do it.

But his heart, which leads the mountain path, was pounding like never before.

- Hen, seriously cool!? I'm dreaming!

I can't believe I'm with Squad 10 of Shinsengumi!

"God's Finger" and hey, unlike all the god-spirited groups I've ever had, I don't do any assholes hunting evil people!

They say it only works when things really happen, the elite in the elite......!

But once you move out, the more you don't even grow peppergrass after you go through it, the more you mess it up...!

They're horrible people who've made one more country!

Besides, speaking of the 10th Squad, it consists of 'Witchcraft Sword' hand trimming......!

Yet the captain has never been slaughtered or plundered with a sword tip...!

And instead of slashing the opponent, without plundering the tip of the sword, kill him...!

The more there are the two names' Moon Shadow ', the more they are indeed there, but they can never be touched...!

He must be a god or a devil like that......!

Besides, hey, you must be a user of the outer sword...!

I can't believe I'm seeing that with my eyes...!

After his frying footsteps, like an elementary school student going on a hike, the rumored 10th Squad folks follow.

Thirty troops forming a formation, mainly Scylla.

Everyone but Scylla even looks creepy because they wear something like a white pesto mask.

On his back he carried something like a tank, marching from the tip of a stick connected by a tube, scattered around with something like gas.

Strongtanishi didn't notice because he was cowardly at first, but he noticed the spraying of the crew as the light purple smoke began to spill around along the way.

"Henh!? So, what are you doing? Are you going to mess with me?

But there is no one to answer.

Inorganic mask ladder, only returns a breathing sound called Shkoshko.

Strongtanisi turned his back on them because he couldn't help it and tried to resume the guidance......

To the two shadows that suddenly appeared on the way, "Henh!?" and I raise my voice insanely.

"of... wild dog bastard!? And even my daughter!?

Like a wolf with children, a wild dog mask nestled on a beast path.

Behind it is Chesna with a frightening peek.

Strongtanisi got up.

"Hey... why are you here?!?

But once again, there is no answer.

As the wild dog mask stepped forward silently, he pulled out the sword he had on his hips.

"Heh...!? Hen......! You want to do it with me?

Strongtanisi put his hand on the long sword he was in charge of, but faster than pulling out his sword, he was pushed away by a crew approaching from behind him.

In the bush that was right on the side of the road, he said, "Duh!?" and I go in.

Squad 10 confronts the Wild Dog Mask while maintaining formation.

Fuji's front hedge cracked and the white painted laughing man represented him.

"Nhuhuhu...... You're the rumored Wild Dog Mask. He said he defeated Cy Crops and left Gorgon missing...... From that standpoint, let's do a little bit of it."

He laid down the two swords offered to him by the soldiers who were beside him, while he ordained Osama, illuminated by the morning sun.

... Shran...!

and pull through.

"I usually leave it to these kids, and Scylla seldom holds the sword (here)... but I haven't wanted to play in a long time... Nhuhuhuhuhuhuhu..."

To that sneer, Strongtanishi, who was scratching his face out of the bush, wars.

- Hen!?

Speaking of which, I've heard these words......!

For Scylla, a sword is not a slaughter. Not to mention nothing to wiggle about.

It's just something to grip and shake, and it just reflects itself like a hand mirror...!

The light of the sun that began to climb, amidst the two demonic swords, gleams like a demonic eye.


On my eyelids, a wild dog mask that turns away unexpectedly.

Not even Strongtanisi missed the moment, of course, the Divine Spirit group.

- Hen!? The wild dog mask reacted......!?

Whether you've ever slashed each other with Cy Crops or with Squad 4 of Squad 13, just pale...!

Like a gardener who branches, there's a wild dog mask who was silently pruning his life......!?

Do something nasty, such as distract yourself from your opponent, before practicing as much hand as Scylla...!?


By then, I'm so good at this Scylla...!

Besides, the blind eye succeeded, and even though it's a great opportunity, Scylla doesn't even move...!

As always, I laugh at Niyanya......!

Unlike the guys in the god tip group so far...!

The vessels are too different......!

The first thing that moved was a wild dog mask.

Step in big enough to shake off your eyelids, scylla standing still with your no-guard, and take a blow all over you...!

...... kiddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

The slaughter looked as if it had gone in decently, but in one thin piece of skin, it was inhibited by something like an invisible barrier.

Tyrosis and tongue crawl out of her mouth like a deep red three sun moon.

"Nhoof...... too bad. Scylla doesn't have to take a machete to avoid that kind of attack. Because these kids will protect you..."

Move your swords to give and cross your arms to an oblique cross.

There are two treasures in his gripping hand, as if he were wearing the color of his lips......!

From the bushes, I heard a breathtaking voice.

- Hen!? Oh, that's, "The Stone of Rejection"......!?

That if you wear it, even if the meteorite falls, you won't suffer one cusli scratch......!?

I can't believe you have two when you say you have a tremendous defense for just one...!?

Ahhh!? That shines red......!?

...... Gwwwwwwwwwww......!!

Scylla's hands are engulfed in luscious demonic flames in the light emitted by the gems.

It burned up, as I poured more power into my sword......!


A wild dog mask that groans and takes distance.


On its back, something like a black wing flipped.

- Hen!?

Oh, is that... magic arrow...!?

And I can't believe it's a black magic arrow......!?

The bastard in the wild dog mask, was he a magic swordsman!!

"Nhuhuhu...... So" black "is the way to fight" red ". Besides, I can't believe it's Black Magic Arrow, a pitch-black magic arrow bullet that can only be used by high-ranking operators... That, too, is so much...... Nfufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufufu..."

Against the Red Flame Swordsman, Osama finally gave the Black Wings......!?

It's like a fiery angel and a darkened demon confronting each other...

It was a sight to mark the beginning of the battle of the century...!