Scylla wrapped her own sword in flames, using the power of The Stone of Rejection.

A wild dog mask that unleashes the magical powers you've been hiding and wraps itself around black wings.

The view was too targeted.

Light and darkness.

Angels and demons.

Justice and Evil.

And brave and wild dogs......!

Strongtanishi, like in that narrow space, was flirting and eyeing which sword moves to focus on.

- Hen!

Scylla's witchcraft sword using the 'stone of rejection', which is the deciding ball, and the wild dog sword using the high-altitude magic, which is the hidden ball......!

Neither is turning into an outward sword, but are you still better at one of Scylla......!?

Under this heavenly road, the devil's wild dog bastard is going to be hard to fight...!

In the strong sun of the South, a wild dog mask that gets burned with a twist.

The skin is still sweaty.

Skylar had the same whitening makeup and smile.

"Nhuhuhu...... Using the black magic arrow bullet Black Magic Arrow sounds like you're better at magic than swordsmanship. Magic swordsmen who can manipulate magic so high are rarely anything but brave men. So, more or less in hand..."

...... Zubaaaaa!!

All I ask is to shut up, and the pitch-black wings spread wide.

I thought the threatening bat-like wings flipped upside down,

...... Zuba Babba Babba Babba!!

Countless black arrow bullets roll backwards like stormy rain and pour down into a white laughing mask......!

"Nfu. I hate ultraviolet light because it's bad for your skin, but I don't hate rain. This way, the rain from outside the window is especially..."

...... Gaggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!

Hail-like extremes that punch windows.

All arrow bullets were rejected by invisible barriers.

"Nfufu. I almost told you, I already found out in my hand. This way, shoot the black magic arrow bullet" Black Magic Arrow "first..."

... bah!

In the black fog, shadows dance like tooth wolves.

"Oh. That's how they slash it in... Like you remember every fool."

With an arrow bullet in tow, the wild dog mask swings over the big upper section and fires a blow all over him.

But even that,

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

I ended up just scattering sparks, as if I had slashed the permafrost.

But I won't give up.

Move on to one more blow with the knife to return, another and a series of slashing down and slashing attacks.

...... Gakin!! Gakin!! Gakin!! Kickin 'Kickin' Kickin '!!

Kickin 'Kickin' Kickin 'Kickin' Kick!!

Strongtanisi watched the scattered sparks like fireworks.

To him it looked like a series of fireworks from the Great Tri at the fireworks show.

- Shh, wow, wow, wow!?

Create a gap between opponents with Magic Arrow and then shoot relentlessly!

This is the outer sword!

No matter how many god sama's fingers you get when you get so much fat muscle, it's pounding...!

But swordstrike chaos suddenly ends.

... Pah...!


By a clear tone......!

A wild dog exhales another rough breath.

from the arms that swung up afterwards, a stinging sweat.

But the sword that was erected did not draw the fat muscle again.

Without force, slowly descend.

Hey, hey, hey...! and like a driven dog, he is fiercely raising and lowering his shoulders.

Every breath, from the nose to the mouth, a light purple smoke enters.

Hands lowered sloppily, powerless.

A depressing face so that you can sneer disappointingly as you follow ahead with your eyes.

The sword he was holding was broken, leaving behind a slight body.

... swordsmanship you can have, and a wild dog mask that has mobilized all the sorcery and beaten everything to its full potential.

But even if we do that, it should be noted that the mask in front of us remains immovable.

He kept the pose he had taken before the battle...... he stood with the same smile as usual.

"Good day, Nhoof. But you can't pollute the mountains. Bring back the broken sword. See, so much so..."

Then there was a sword that was broken and dancing through the universe...

It's like being manipulated by a curse mask, pouring wild dogs over it......

On my shoulder, I stabbed him...!

... Dossssssssss...!


A wild dog mask that pushes your shoulders and accidentally kneels.

Like a demon giving in to an angel, squatting (groaning) its appearance......

The bystander was peeling his eyes.

- Been...!? What the fuck!?

Oh, I can't believe you didn't take so many sword strikes and move a step off the spot instead of one scratch...!

I didn't see it well with the spark, but I'm sure Scylla didn't take the knife or flip it!

Besides, I haven't made any attacks yet......!

I just manipulated their broken sword......!

And what a humiliation to do damage with it......!

This is... the power of the Stone of Rejection...!

The power of God's finger (god finger)......!

Chi, no......!

The actors are too different......!

Compared to him, the god tip group so far is just a chamberlain......!

This, this...! So you can win!?

I guess I'll just have to kneel now...!

I guess I'll just have to regret what I've done to my teeth...!

Except cry and beg forgiveness, hey hey hey hey......!!

But the devil was noble.

Stay on your knees and wait for your mistakes.

But the angel was more brutal......!

"Nhuhuhu...... Are you done? The dance hasn't even started yet?

Unexpectedly, a faint bell sound breaks in.

Behind the laughing face, it was the Times from the city's clock tower, which can be looked down in the distance.

"Oh, this time already? As I said, UV light is not good for your skin, so it's time to excuse me."

... loose...!

All the angels did was gently rock the blazing sword in front of the devil.

While, like hypnosis with candles.


... Grrgggggggggggggg!

The sword held by the devil's wild dog begins to move from arm to arm with a murmuring sound.

A mask with a glimmer of expression floated with a lucid colour that I could clearly see.

"Heh... my body, on its own...!? Holy shit... this is...!? Sorcery Sword......!?

A wild dog snuffing his teeth so as to bite his surprise to death.

The muscles in his arms are buoyant, which gives him a peek that he resists with all his might.

But helpless......!

The tip of the broken sword is like twisting the baby's hand......

of his kneeling feet, set his aim on the tendon......

...... Zubaaa......!!

and a katana......!


So he finally breaks free from the invisible curse and removes his sword with screams.

At the same time, a sadistic laugh poured out.


The laughing mask shows behind his back with his thumb, shaking his shoulders with relief.

There, his men stood, not making it slight to witness a series of astonishments.

No longer for them, this is a routine sight.

The opponent's onslaught has not worked at all or manipulating the opponent's broken blade......

It wasn't uncommon to let yourself get hurt with a broken knife.

And from now on, the actions to be taken by those who have been made self-inflicted are foreseeable…!


When the wild dog mask groaned, he turned his back and ran away.

Tell Chesna I'll be Otri and split into two hands.

Wild dogs disappearing into the woods as they dragged their legs and wild jeans running off toward the mountains as they twitched......

Those who wore the Tsuru mask did not chase after him, but gently dropped him off.