Scylla was dropping off the dwarfing wild dogs, as if to count to a hundred in hide.

And besides,

"If you're that much of an opponent, you can afford it. Okay, guys, I'll take care of the rest. Er..."

Scylla looks around at the formation that surrounds her, as if she were choosing clothes in a walk-in closet.

"For wild dog masks, from 01 (Jewel One) to 25 (Twinkle Five). For jeans, 26 (Twinkle Six) to 29 (Twinkle Nine). Split them up and do the yoroshik."

The 10th squad members are called by number, not by name.

From 01 (Jewel One) to 30 (Satin Oh), it was a unique call sign.

But the only person who grasps jewelry is the crew on the called side, and Scylla on the calling side doesn't know who is the number.

This time, I divided the squad into two parts as a chaser, but I counted from the head and gave 25 to the wild dog mask, and the other four to Chesna.

It's always appropriate like that, but the one left...

"Thirty, take Scylla to the hotel by carriage. When you're done with that, rendezvous with chasing the wild dog mask."

This is how I use it as a leg to get tired of my assignment.

But this is how the 10th Squad does it, so no one has anything to complain about.

"Ha!" he takes a divine spike ceremonial salute and spreads it for the given order.

Scylla began to descend, as escorted to the remaining 30 (satin eau).

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The crew from 01 to 25 followed the wild dog mask through the woods still wet in the morning dew.

Blood stains, like landmarks on breadcrumbs, are dropping a little.

The wild dog mask has injured his shoulder and foot tendons, so he can't escape that far.

The crew felt like a hunter hunting down a handful of wolves.

"This mission is going to be taken care of."

"Oh. The wild dog mask was quite skilled, but what I'm saying is that it wasn't Scylla's enemy"

"Don't you have to sprinkle the gas anymore?

Squad 10 had four things called 'standard equipment' that were supposedly bound to be brought in during operational operations.

I. A one-handed sword polished up like a mirror for demonic swordsmanship

II. Magic guidance device for creating impromptu stripping, about the size of a vacuum cleaner

III. Hallucinating, gassed cylinders

IV. White and couchy, anti-poison mask

Yes. Whether the power of the 'Stone of Rejection' is the real thing...

The identity of their manipulative 'witchcraft sword' was due to Gus......!

It is said that after the 10th Squad passes, no pencil grass will grow, but it will also be natural

It's cutting edge, because it uses magical chemical weapons...!

But I didn't use lethal gas this time because the purpose was to capture him alive.

Nevertheless, there would be no chance that a wild dog mask could escape.

During the confrontation with Scylla, he was inhaling a lot of gas...

That Osama must be flipping and blowing aways by now, like a cockroach that got smoked pest control...!

By the way, Scylla doesn't need to wear a mask because she can also reject poison gas thanks to the 'Stone of Rejection'.

Imagine a wild dog mask dying, and the crew were trying to stop the gas, but one crew blocked it.

"Wait, don't be alarmed! The other guy is said to have crushed two of the Shinkansen's inferior units! What are you going to do if you are still healthy and Gus gets away with it because of the interruption! He says he's holding off on the Kamikaze enlistment soon, but he's going to be a good laugh about mission failures and all that!

Everyone pounds their tongues at the attention of the squad.

"Shit, twelve (wine-two) guys, the same Hillah crew sucks, fuck you..."

"That honorary student must be after the vice captain's seat."

Squad 10 is Scylla's policy, with no deputy captain, squad leader, etc.

If we make a slight difference, we have to separate the treatment of the crew, so we want to make it a pain in the ass.

Therefore, all the crew members are Hira......

They wanted to be recognized by Scylla and wanted to be treated specially and were taking a leap forward.

"Whoa, you're getting shorter intervals for blood trails. You've been bleeding a lot from a wild dog mask?

"It's almost over for him."

"Hey, I'm telling you not to be alarmed! Besides, the shorter spacing of blood traces is natural to think of it as a slower rate of escape, given the situation of wild dogs! What were you doing at the training ground?

"Chi......! You, come on...!

"Stop now, if you're fighting, let's do it after the mission, and I'll work with you."

"The wild dogs are not long away! Guys, take out the map and check your current location! We're moving to the siege net!

12 instructed, and perhaps the crew trying to retrieve the map from the backpack.

But there, I found an unfamiliar envelope.

maiden chicks like love letters. That includes, instead of destinations,

'Where no one is, sneak in and read it. From Scylla.'

It said:

The crew are at the same time, bah! and give you a face.

And after we had each other,

"Ah... before we move on to the siege net, I'm gonna go, Shomben."

"Oh, me too. I kind of wanted to suddenly."

"Well... then I guess I'll go too"

Send an unnatural voice.

Even "Twelve," which was as strict as it was just now,

"Shit, I can't help it......! So I missed the wild dog mask, because it's not good......! Allow it specially! Five minutes!

As many as 25 troops appealed for urine at the same time and scattered from the spot at the same time.

And when you dive into a bush where no one is, or in the shade of a tree...

I opened the envelope as if to look at the letter that was in the dumpster.

"Special Assignment Order for Selection of Deputy Captain"

This assignment is to keep the wild dog mask alive, but apart from that, I'll give you another assignment.


Killing everyone but yourself.

Scylla is going to fix (remake) Squad 10.

I only thought about leaving you because Scylla thought you were particularly good.

If I can accomplish this mission, I'll appoint you deputy captain.

And after the Kamikaze enlistment ceremony, 29 new crew members are supposed to come in from there.

Let me show this Scylla if you really deserve a deputy captain and if you deserve to have 29 newcomers in your hands.

Good luck with that, then.

From Scylla, Love (Here's a sign of Rouge's Kismark)


I left a present in my backpack with this letter.

Read the precautions behind this letter first.

It's a little dangerous stuff, but it's bound to help kill you, so use it well.