Having finished reading the love letter from Scylla, 24 (Twinkle Four) sees a cutely wrapped bag, which was in the backpack as well.

Before checking its contents, checking the back of the letter… I perceived disturbing signs.

"... who!?

Looking back, the bushes shake gusty......

"Anybody, it's me."

Sixteen (Wine Six), a companion of the same squad, showed up.

"What, is that you..."

"What's the matter with you? I feel like they saw me si... Shomben isn't the only one who can't stand it anymore?

"Oh... is that why?"

24 pushes the love letter into the backpack as it is repaired and closes it so that it is not seen.

I stood up snuggly, carrying him back.

"So, why are you here?

"No, Shomben tried to get back to the rendezvous point after, but you got lost.... Oh, yeah. When I got lost, I found a funny monster, something that the bastard in the wild dog mask probably dropped."

16 took something out of his pocket as he said and threw it loose toward 24.

The sole, about the size of a pebble, was exactly a pebble, but at the same time 24 recognized it,

... bah!

and comes packing the distance at once, 16.

Pull the knife out at once while jumping into the sword reach area.

...... Shrung!!

The sound was heard at the same time.

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

The stone distracted me and the first start-up was one tempo delayed 24.

With a sword drawn from the sheath, he manages to succeed in receiving a machete.

"Hey, what are you going to do, 16!?

From beyond the white mask, "Humph!" and laughed.

"After all, there's only one guy who stained the same training ground with the same amount of sweat. If he was there, this pebble would have killed him."

As mentioned previously, Squad 10 is quite hand-finished in swordsmanship.

At first, the 16 was going to sneak up from behind the 24 and ninja kill without sound... but it would also be obvious from the fact that I guessed it with signs.

And 16, who thought that there would be enlightenment, also had another means available.

By throwing the stone in your pocket in a meaningful way, you created 24 skies for a moment only, and it took a slash.

Two brilliant blades make a critical noise during the day.

24 immediately ascertained the reason for the sudden murder of his companion.

"No way, it's on you......!?

"Oh... that means you had a love letter too..."

"Guys, let's not do anything stupid about killing each other! Stop it!

"If you were in my position, I wonder if you would have vomited those words...?

(10) The competition had quite a few minutes on 16.

Twenty-four swords had not yet fallen out of their sheaths, and they had received them in an unnatural position while they were being pulled out, so they could not push them back.

To escape the unfavourable situation, one way or the other you place a bet24.


He jumps back while disfigured, and takes a distance.

But there was an unforgiving shower of sword flashes.

... Gakin! Kickin '! Kickin'!

16 laughs challengingly as he unleashes a constant sword attack rampage.

"The sword skill of the 10th squad is balanced...! If you do it decently, it's five minutes and five minutes, but this is how you get ahead of the good stuff......! What do you say, just outdone it would be the best!?

The concepts of 'attacking' and 'being attacked' exist in something called the Battle of the White Soldiers, not just swordsmanship.

They look like they're fighting on the same terms, and they're snatching 'offensive rights' at each other, as if they were going to take the ball together in football.

If it is the battle of those whose strength is separated, the 'right of attack' is always held by the good.

The bad guys can only plunder the 'right to attack' for a moment while snubbing the attack and fighting back.

Sixteen is right, if the strength of the men of the tenth squad is befriended, then sixteen who have taken the lead have the 'right to attack'.

While 16 continues to attack, 24 has no choice but to be defensive.

Try to forcibly take away the 'right to attack' and you'll get busted......!

That's what "rushing" is about in the world of swords.

24 was diligently accepting the wave of white blades that were constantly returned.

He's not a concurrent user either, so even if he turns to the rear, he won't be slashed so easily.

If so, only wait for the rain to stop while retreating and taking the distance.

Eventually the 16 should be tired and the fat muscles dull.

If you can tap back into that momentary ski......!

There's no way I haven't noticed 16 for that aim.

Then 16 should come at once to decide the battle while maintaining a unilaterally advantageous situation.

But no matter how long we waited, the rhythm of sixteen sword strikes was constant.

Twenty-four should have realized that unnaturalness sooner.

...... Zuzaa!

and even fly big behind 24.

He was coming here and finding a new aim.

- There's a tree behind this, so if you pretend to be cornered and invite a big swing, and predict the timing and get involved...

Sixteen swords should stab a tree and make a big gap......!

I thought so, and I was trying to keep my back in the tree behind me.

...... zummm!

and on the flank, he felt the heat as if he had been pressed against the baked chopsticks.


I twisted my neck and checked, there......

A double-edged (if you will) knife stuck in the trunk of a tree...!

A double blade is a weapon with a blade on both ends of the pattern.

However, the 10th Squad wears leather armor, so the wounds received by the 24 were not that deep.

But his body was stiff and he was removing his sword.

Just saying that the battle has been decided, 16 says as he lays his sword on his sheath.

"Soytz is my 'present'. I think I feel it with my own hands, but the blade is poisoned."

As I answer, from 24 mouths, "Ha ha!" and the blood splashed.

"Whatever it is, I'm five minutes away. Because of how many poisonous weapons there were, it's bone that swings and hits. So let me set a little trap for you."

"Ko... here, until... I lured him... and I said...!?

"Oh. Even so, there were a couple of presents, so I set them up in a few places. Trying to lure me into one place makes my fat muscles unnatural and I thought I might feel it."

"Huh... unconscious... Huh!

24 threw up a swordsman's words, and slept, and collapsed.


170 Unnamed Warriors ⇒ 171

Sixty-one unnamed Brave Woman.

One hundred and thirteen unnamed braves.

167 unnamed brave men.


"Now, first one, all the way"

The crouched 16 opens the backpack that was carrying 24.

And I reached out to the gift that remained unopened.

"I'd rather have more weapons."

The moment he sings around his nose, unwrapping the ribbon......

... dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

The flames are blowing up.


Unnamed Warrior (Shinyusha) 171 ⇒ 172

Sixty-one unnamed Brave Woman.

One hundred and thirteen unnamed braves.

167 unnamed brave men.


Erased without a trace, two crew members.

A love letter that has become a burning cusp, flickering like a dead leaf.

On the back of it, it said:

'You can't open this gift because if you open it, it will cause a big explosion. How to use it... think for yourself'