This is more about the future than it is now.

Reincarnation, who visited a small village called Lurdi for comfort.

He was guided and pompous by the flower gardens that the villagers had created in tandem for the day.

"Oh well... what happened to this?

Perhaps until yesterday, it was a blooming park with no shadows to see.

Someone broke into the fence, trampled and vandalized the flowers, pulled them out, scattered them, and yet seemed like a mass slaughter of flowers.

Especially the children who attended and cared for this park as every day are crying down as if they were flesh parents of flowers.

The mayor of the village, who had guided the reincarnation, had turned bright blue.

"... be!? Oh my god!? I can't believe everyone in the village is messing with the flowers they grew on hand salt...! Must be 'Hannah seal'!

"Hannah seal?" Reincarnation asked,

"Ha...... yes! Dear Reincarnation! There was an evil kid in this village named Hannah Alasi...! He's bothering everyone with the flowers in the flower beds and on the front of the house! I thought it was a kid's prank, and I had seen it... but this far, you can't forgive me! Pull yourself together now and bring your sins to justice......!

By the hands of the young people of the village, the boy in question was captured.

Village people gathered, brought to the square of the park.

The protruding boy has no way of reflecting even if he is scolded by all the villagers.

He said he was only about an elementary school student, but like the extremely bad guy with the liver, he said, "Hung!" and pointing that way.

At last, the rain of stone poured on him.

"Ooh! Forgive me for today.

"Master Liincarnation is here because of you, but you've done a hell of a thing!

"There's no such thing as a Grand Virgin coming to such a nasty village! The villagers were all welcome......!

"You ruined it all!

"Oh man, it was a mistake to sympathize with a miserable child! I should have kicked him out of the village!

"No, I'm not tired of just kicking you out! Hang him, I'll fatten him up with flowers!

For the evil kid of a hannah seal boy, he would have burned his hands all the time.

All the villagers were united, relentlessly hitting the curse and the stone.

The rubble (crushed) with so much hatred was as intense as a storm...

But faster than a passing rain, it stopped.


"Guys, you can't!

... bah! and the great Virgin of the example, as a stone throwing shield to shelter the boy, because she stood...!

... Gah! Gun! Gong!

"Ah, ugh!? Oh..."

Reincarnation that leaves the stone shower all over your body and in a decent bath.

Bleeding out of his head, he snaps and collapses.

To this, the liver was cooled by the time the village was on the verge of shock death.

By three tons of cold sweat.

Throwing stones at the Grand Virgin is a major crime.

Whether accidental or accidental, it is considered an act of vengeance against the use of God.

On the bright side, instead of disappearing from maps such as these little villages......

It gives neighboring countries a big name for war, and it becomes so important that the country shrinks...!

But while she turned her eyes to the cradle,

"Oh well... Mom, I think I fell again. If you want to, keep going!"

... Paa!

One of the prayers of the Virgin, considered precious, activates' Healing 'at all costs......!

By the way, the Virgin cannot heal herself if she has suffered painful injuries.

Because when there is pain, prayer cannot be concentrated and 'healing' cannot be activated.

But this Virgin is a special case in the special case and is out of standard.

Rather than praying, you can make everything healthy with just one word like you play.

Besides, it wasn't just for my injury.

... Paaaaaa...!

Even the boy who was behind it was injured, together......

No, no, on the contrary...

...... Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Even those who were throwing stones envelop themselves in the light.

All the villagers, dwelling in the light of a dome.

Inside it is as pompous and warm as spring, bringing them calm as it is held in my mother's chest.

"Ha... Here... This is the 'healing' of Dear Reincarnation..."

"Ha hoo... what a warm, soft light..."

"I can't believe you took the stone yourself, sheltering Hannah seals... more than rumors, you're merciful..."

"And I can't believe you're giving the prayer of the Virgin, which is considered precious, to someone like us..."

The expression of the villagers, who were momentum that could have killed the boy until just now, was truly calm.

But the power of the transfigured Grand Virgin was not something like this.

"Ah... that? Been bothering you, back pain......?

"Oh, what...? My burn marks...!?

"Gone...... Gone......!?

"Wow, I couldn't let go of my wand, you see, on this street!

What a 'healing' of reincarnation not only in the minds of the villagers......

Even the illness that has plagued them for years has cured them like a last......!

"Shh... wow...! What a help......!

"Ri, it was true that Master Reincarnation was reborn of the goddess!

"Ah......! Thank you, thank you...!

The villagers bow down simultaneously to the reincarnation that rises "at last".

They were frightened by the power of greatness, but at the same time, they were experiencing another anxiety.

What more demands will they make than they have been given so much 'healing'...!

For non-brave humans, the Virgin's 'healing' is not free.

They always demand some form of return so that no doctor treats the sick free of charge.

That's mostly expensive enough for ordinary people to be extrajudicial, like you can't pay without royalty, nobility, etc.

And even if it's a one-sided push, you can't turn down the power of holiness.

I know I can't even pay for the Virgin's side, so the villagers and others don't have to give me 'healing'.

If so, only when you have the intention of crushing the village all over debt.

If anything happens to the Grand Virgin in that neighborhood to give these Rudy villagers' healing '......

In a village without this specialty, it would not be enough where the whole property was offered.

Besides, this time, it's an improbable, miraculous act of curing everyone's illness, etc.

Where all the villagers were enslaved and made to work for free for the rest of their lives, it is obvious that it is not something that can be paid for...!

And finally, a nightmarish moment arrives.

"You know, Mom... I need a favor from everyone"

The Grand Virgin, who calls herself 'Mommy', hands together in front of her big breasts, with her little neck around her and a cute snake.

... Coming...! and villagers, including the village chief, everyone stifled their bodies.

I'm terrified of what kind of impossible challenges I can push.

What is the innocent 'please' that popped out of its innocent lips...?

That was so horrible, I thought my ears had gone crazy, it was outrageous......!

"Guys, don't blame him for this hannah seal. I just need a little help from my mom. Hey, please."

To an incredible word, the noisy villagers.

And as a child, I was frowning...

The body is idle, but the overly rich motherhood sticks out from the side. What an unbalanced silhouette, its back......

It was just a stark view, a hannah seal boy......!