"Guys, don't blame him for Hana Arashi. I just need a little help from my mom. Hey, please."

The contents of the Grand Virgin, still as a child, were hard to believe.

And naturally, they get misunderstood and taken.

"Ri, Dear Reincarnation, execute yourself......!?

Since disrespect for the Grand Virgin is punishable by extreme imprisonment, it was also an inexorable interpretation.

Normally, however, it is common for guards, brave men, and those accompanying you to lay down their hands.

The Virgin of the day looks gracefully at it under her umbrella...

Towards the surprisingly shivering village chief, she was shivering as she sifted her neck, followed and sifted to her chest.

"Yeah, no, Mr. Village Chief. Hannah, I need you to take care of Arashi for a while."

"What...!? Oh, that's nothing, I don't mind......!?

Until not long ago, by the way, it was forbidden for the Virgin to take care of the deemed Son.

But it was amended by a certain Osama and the dedication of a certain Virgin...

That's another story, so let's put it aside this time.

Anyway, Reyncarnation, who convinced the confused villagers, said this as he untied the rope tying the hana seal.

"Well then, Hannah, let's go home and grow flowers ~"

Hannah, the seal boy was stiff about what the hell was going on...

"... ha? You want to go home? Grow flowers?

"Yeah. I want you to grow flowers at my mom's house."

"Hum! How dare you use me as a gardener in the Mansion! Anyway, you're trying to pull the crap out of them at the Mansion!

"Yeah, I wouldn't do that. If anyone does anything mean, my mom will say," Meh. "

Either way, there was no choice for the boy.

Because if you refuse, the villagers will slap you and kick you out of the village.

"Besides, my mom wants to grow flowers with me. Not just my mom, but Primla and Pine together."

"The three sisters of the Holly Doll family...? Hung! There's no way that such a famous Virgin would jerk off! You're going to let the gardener do the majority anyway and show off the flowers you made, even like you did!

So, behind the boy's brain, I had an unexpected thought.

- But the prestige of the Virgin...

If the three sisters of the Holly Doll family could make a mess of the flowers that they even nominally grew...!

Come on, it'll feel good......!

It's rare to see a grieving face of the Virgin, who is usually a tung...!

Recently, even if I scattered the villagers' flowers, they didn't respond well, just fine......!

Pretend I've been reflecting for a while, and hang on to making flowers for the most part...

Just blooming beautifully, I'll mess you up with my hands......!

It was blooming in this park, like a flower...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Hannah seal boy who was temporarily taken from the village of Lurdi and was to live as a gardener apprentice at the Holly Doll family mansion.

I'll just go out to the garden the next day and get to work.

I thought the only mother at the top of the note would be her mouth, but I pulled my sisters in early in the morning and came with Nico.

"Then shall we grow flowers, Hannah Alashi? Yes, this."

The only flowers that had been put on Mother's white palm were the flowers that had been uprooted.

"Could this be... the flowers I scattered in Rudy's park?

"Yes, it is. 'Cause I heard it's better to grow from the roots than the seeds."

"Hung! You just want the track record of making me sin!

"Yeah, it's not like that. My mom loves flowers."

"Hum! You like 'Flamflower'"

"Oh, Hannah, you know what flowers are just from looking at the roots. Wow."

"Hum! That's common sense. He's a tough flower to grow. And even if you grow it from the roots, it can take almost a year for it to suck."

"But it's just that, when it blooms beautifully, it's worth the scatter," the boy added in his mind.

And from my mother's hand, I snap my roots.

"Well, fine, I'll do it"

"Then I will be with you."

"Pie, too!

Primla and Pine Pack, who also had a small scoop in their hands, lined up beside them and began to crouch and dig flower beds.

"Hung! Not there! To grow a rooted 'flamflower', you have to be in a good sunny spot. So we have to plant it as far as possible where the sun can't block it."

Hannah seal turned her back to her sisters with a puy and headed for the flower bed in the center of the garden.

There were already flowers planted there, but he digs back in scoops and throws them away like garbage.

And in the empty space, he was embedding the roots of 'Flamflower'.

Primla said, "Oh, terrible......!" I tried to be careful, but my hands were gently placed on my shoulders.

"It's okay, Primla. Hannah, let him do what he wants with the seal. The flowers that were sent out will be replanted later by my mom."

While doing so, the flower beds are dug back one after the other, and the holes are everywhere.

And the boy said this without evil.

"Look, I got rid of the garbage and I even drilled a hole for you guys. Gardeners are like taking trash and burying new trash, right?