The pine pack was rammed into the flower bed as it was hit by waterfall-like rain.

And he was stroking 'Flamflower' with a little hand like Momoji's.

whilst, as my sisters were doing to her......!

"Come on, come on... So if you have cancer...... I'm sure you will soon..."

Hana seal standing behind her drinks her like a lightning strike.

"Humph! Whoa! What are you doing? That doesn't make the flowers feel better!?

"Hey, you were there. Happy to be praised... Happy to be praised..."

"That's why! We're going home!

The boy is resisted by gassily clinging to the flowerbed, even as he tries to lift a muddy toddler girl.

"Yah! By the halibut! Kanpi!

The sisters of the Holly Doll family are all clear and pathetic.

They always smile with a full smile of charity, do not move around in everything, and are said to be unrelated to public obscenity.

However, they also had a stubborn side to them.

Especially if the three women eat up, at the end of the day, they won't leave like a spoon until they're convinced.

The victim is a certain Osama...

Aside from that, it's incredible from a fairy look, no matter how much force the boy pulled, he couldn't pull it out of the flowerbed.

Hannah seal finally loses his roots and proposes:

Already a wet body, not to be undone by the rain noise, loudly,

"Wah...... ok! Then I'll talk to the flowers instead of the pine pack!

"Ha, ha...?

"'Cause I'm gonna talk to you all the way! So you stay asleep! Aren't you glad you got treated by a sick guy!?

"Ugh... yeah"

"I promise you that! I will bloom this flower! So... listen to me!

"Wow, okay! Hana, Yumikri!

"All right......!

At this time, in the window of the mansion, there was a man.

He is another man who is allowed to stay in the mansion of the male forbidden Virgin.

He has a silhouette across the gray curtain that intertwines his fingers...

I just stood still, watching.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

And a new routine was added to the boy's work as a gardener.

In the morning, "Like" is the first greeting.

Even noon, "It's noon, it's water," he said in the middle.

At night, he says, "Look, it's night water," his last greeting.

It was such a nasty thing at first, but gradually, the mouth counts.

"Uh, you're going to be hot today"

"Look, it's noon water. Still, it's really hot today."

"It's a tropical night, so we've got a little more water."

"Hey, it's still hot today, but this is just about right for you."

"It's noon. It's Mother's lunch today, so I'm gonna hang out here, too. Sometimes, let's eat together."

"Ha... hey"

As the boy fell asleep on the lawn, he was looking at the starry sky full of stars, pillowing on a flowerbed brick.

"It's not bad to fall asleep like this and see the stars with you"

And talk to one with a bump.

"Hey...... you finally have enough buds, but he said you don't have to worry. I'll make sure it blooms."

"I promised the Virgins in this house that I would make sure you bloom. That's not one of those flowers, either, big enough for everyone to lose their hips."

"Because it's a little late to bloom, what is it? Flowers are prettier in late bloom."

"So... don't be crummy. A lot of people expect that from you. Not with me."

"Well... that's what I'd expect, too"

"Wow... I'm so sleepy. Because of this, you're going to sleep here today."

"It's been a long time, sleeping on the roof of a star, like when I was in Rudy, isn't bad,"

"Good night, then. And..."

... thanks for being born.

After the boy snaps like that, he immediately hits the back of his sleep, as if to do a blindfold.

To the flowers as buds, I turned my back.

... The boy had a dream that night.

Dream of laughter, along with the Virgin, and the people of the village of Lurdy.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The shadows are removed from the palace of White Ya, which bathed in the climbing morning sun.

A flock of sunlit leaves stains the lawn further green.

The smell of the twitchy grass also begins to mix with something like the momentum of summer, the uncut of autumn.


"Ugh... Uh-huh."

The boy was hitting a turnaround so he could escape his eyelids.

accidentally on its cheeks,

... Pippin!

and the cold Shizuku hits.

"Put it on!?

And he jumped up so he could play, the first thing I saw was...

It was such an incredible sight that I accidentally rubbed my eyes and clutched my cheek......!

"Huh...... blooming ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Flamflowers, as their name suggests, blossom like burning flames.

It was still as small as a candle, but it certainly was there.

The golden, the flame......!!

... Dobbaaaaaahhhhhhh!

The door of the backyard opens in momentum like a tense wrong dove clock.

The first thing that popped out of there was a little pigeon as immature as its flowers.

But as life-burning as flowers, he was a little pigeon-like toddler......!

"Hana! Ha-ha-ha!

Pine pack with your hands up and running through the morning dew lawn.

After that, Mother and Primla follow him like a parent pigeon trying to stop the early nesting.

"Hold on! Pine!

"Pine, Kiku, suddenly feel better......!?

A pine pack that is tumbled near a flowerbed and held by a hana seal.

He's butterfling his hands and feet so he can swim in the air while being held.

"Hang in there! Hang in there! Ha-ha-ha!

"Hey, panic! Flowers don't have legs, so don't run away!

"Wow! Shh, shh, shh! There he is. Whoa!

The three women were so healthy that they did not think they were sick.

My oldest daughter and second daughter who caught up with me also said, "Mmm-hmm!?" and the flowers are astonished as if they were dust.

"Oh well...! Such lovely flowers......!

"Ki, it's beautiful, very...!

I couldn't help but cry at my second daughter.

The noisy mansions gathered together and surrounded the flowerbeds.