Around the flowerbed of the Flamflower was a mansion full of humans.

"Wow, beautiful...!

"I've never seen a golden flamflower before......!

"Shine golden until the morning dew around...! Nice............! It's like a flower blooming in heaven......!

"I didn't know you were so gorgeous and beautiful in bloom for a minute yet...! I'm looking forward to this!

The noise stirs, and reporters come into the garden all crisp.

"Ooh! What is a golden flamflower!?

"Even though golden flamflowers are rarely blooming! This is gonna be an article!

"And I can't believe it's in Mother Reincarnation's garden! Looks good to treat you like a top!

"Dear Mother Reincarnation! Cheeks on the golden flamflower, one please!

"Let us know how you feel right now! After all, everything must be the occasional mercy of Dear Reincarnation!

... Here, a mountain. How many great saints...

I would have told the newspaper reporters on Doya's face and made all the handles my own.

Of course, she's not.

Smiling nicely at the reporters,

"This flower was raised by our gardener, Hannah Arashi."

A spot-like light moves ahead of her palm as she stretches her big chest with an opium.

There... there's one boy, still stunned.

"Oh, me...?

On his shoulder, his hands were gently placed.

A crouched mother whispers in his ear.

"This flower is the flower you raised."

That being said, the boy didn't seem to really feel it yet.

"I raised...?

"Yeah, that's right. You're the father of this flower."

"Me, Dad...?

"Yeah," chuckles Mommy.

Keep your hand on your dad's shoulder and turn to the child standing next to you.

"So whatever you do with this flower, you're on your own."

"Mine, on my own..."

That was just one word from the usual mothers.

But behind the boy's brain, he was sparking certain thoughts.

- Oh, yeah...!

Hey, I'm surprised...

For what, I struggled so hard to grow these flowers...!

There are a lot of them around the flowers right now...

On the contrary, even the newspaper reporters are gathered...!

Wouldn't that be a better chance for me...!

Hannah seal's, for me......!

The boy picks up a scoop that was falling at his feet.

Holding on to that as a renewed determination......

... then!

The golden flowers were suddenly challenged...!


Surrounded by the superb screams of the audience, the boy...

Like a sickle of death, shake up the scoop......!

...... there is!

Like slashing off the baby's neck, sprinkle the soft flower tsuka and shake it down...!

... Gu Gu!


Everyone makes their faces attract to the crime, as if it were the moment when their own children are executed.


... I'm scared...!

I was on the verge of touching my soft skin and it stopped.


...... puffy......

and a scoop that spills out of your hands.

Being, which should have been as horrible as a reaper, was shaking his shoulders.

"... so... hey...!

... come on.

On your knees so that you can collapse.


It's as if from a long curse, you've been unleashed......

Whimpering, I'm starting to bring...!

"Ugh...! Ugh! Ugh! Wow! I can't believe I'm doing this. I can't believe it. Whoa! I can't believe you scattered these flowers!! Ahem!! Wow!

The feeling that has been condensed until now dissolves and sprinkles tears as if it had flowed out of my eyes.

The boy cried wow so much that he was going to fly somewhere now.

embraced from the front, from the back, and from the side so as to envelop its body.

White as a feather coat, like a goddess who accepts all sins......

He was three sisters of the Virgin, clean and gentle everywhere.

"... ahhh! Mr. Hannah Alasi......!

"Ahhh! Primla! Primla!! I, I...! So far, I've scattered a lot of flowers and trampled on them......! Oh, my God! Oh my god i did that!! Wow!

"Yeah! Hannah, seal! There's no way a kid who can blossom like this is a bad kid!

"Wow! Mother! Mother! I've done irrevocably! I've scattered so many lives in half, I've grieved everyone!! I was born...!

Less guilty, a boy who twists his body to be torn apart.

But what saved him was a word of a girl who, instead of blooming for a minute, was still a bud.

"... Ha-ha-ha! Thanks for the good work!!

"Pa...... pine pack......! Me...! Me...! Wow!!!!

... It was precisely for this moment that Mother took over the Hannah seal boy.

There is the phrase 'parent's struggle, child's ignorance', but to let them experience it with themselves.

I've seen my mother's horticulture since I was a young boy, and all I had was knowledge.

He grows flowers for the first time in his life and learns about their hardship.

Although there was a lot of trouble in the meantime, that's why the boy was able to know the dignity of life.

And after the flowers bloom......

Mother turned to the boy and dared to say this.

"This flower is the flower you raised. You're the flower daddy. So no matter what you do with these flowers, you're on your own. '

Intentionally, to throw and make aware of words that remind us of his determination in our place.

To make you repent of your sins so far.

And to make him say this.

"... Mother. I did grow these flowers. It could be my dad in that sense. But the golden flamflower is said not to bloom without the love of the Virgin...... That's why Mother, Primla, Pine Pack is my mom... it's a flower we all blossomed...!

"So the moms can set this flower free, too?

The boy looked straight at his mom with clear eyes.

And shake the veil.

"Yeah... I'm not...! Even if you're a parent, there's no way you can free your child's life...!

"Right...... right! My mom was wrong! Great wow, hannah seal......!

The Grand Virgin put her hand on the boy's cheek, along with a smile of tearful mercy.

The Holly Doll family mansion is surrounded by pleasant emotion.

Both servants and newspaper reporters were wrapped in gentleness.

But it's like ruining it, the golden cuts......!

"Ohhhhhhh!? Ha, ha, ha! My son! Where have you been?!? Mother, I've been looking for you! Come on, come home with me! Live with your mother! That, with the golden flamflower...... hey!?

It was the Virgin, still young, who felt badly slated, putting together a dull robe that prompted the crowd to appear.