"Ohhhhhhh!? Ha, ha, ha! My son! Where have you been?!? Mother, I've been looking for you! Come on, come home with me! Live with your mother! That, with the golden flamflower...... hey!?

A woman putting together a dull robe who suddenly appeared in front of a hannah seal boy......

It was a woman with lotus leaves that seemed more suited at the end of the day than the cathedral.

In her mouth, it seemed as if she had finally met her son, who had broken up with her...

The footsteps of the yotayota did not go to my child, but it was the flamflower that was squeamish and cheeky.

"Ah, when I saw you in the paper, I thought I'd hold my breath! I can't believe you were alive when you jumped out of the house when you were little......!

Suddenly, everyone there was stunned.

Primla asks, as if to represent everyone.

"Um... sorry. Could it be... Hannah, are you Mr. Arashi's mother?

Then the woman said, "Yikes!!" I answered louder than I had to.

As if to let those on the spot know.

"I am!! Hannah seal mother who grew this golden flamflower!! My name is Hanaglui!! Hannah seals pop out of the house at a young age!! I'm the kid I've been looking for!!

Hannah seal, who had been leaning down ever since she showed up, was shaking her shoulders.

"Here!! Look!! Newspaper reporters!! Hana seal is also a pleasure to see me and I am trembling so touched by it!!

Hannah Gurui is a playful move, with one hand spread out.

On the other hand, hold the golden flamflower securely and don't let go.

"Come on!! Come!! Hannah seal!! Jump into your mother's chest. Come on!!

But my son doesn't move.

Kick! And I give him a face,

"Yikes... what the hell are you doing out there!?

Yelling Hanagurui was truly deliberate and pretended to cry with Yoyo.

"Oh you don't have to be so strong!! Mother, because I know how you feel!! Because you raised this golden flamflower with all your heart to see your mother!? If I could grow a golden flamflower, it would be in the paper...... my mother would notice!!

She keeps screaming toward the press when she gives you a crying face that hasn't spilled a single tear.

"Newspaper reporters!! Did you hear that!? This child, this child...!! You wanted to see me, but I grew a golden flamflower!! And I've always wanted to apologize for giving away my golden flamflower......!! This kid, that's what he is!!

"Chi...... no!! Don't decide on your own!! You're not my mother anymore!!

"It's okay, it's okay!! Mother knows!! You must be ashamed because everyone is watching!? Now that we finally have a reunion, let's keep parents and children out of the water!!

"Ha... let go!! Get off me!

Having caught a reluctant hannah seal, Hannah Gurui tries to force her to dig back the flamflower when she lets her grip the scoop that was falling.

"Come on!! Newspaper reporters!! It's a shutter opportunity!! Parent-child bonds back to normal through golden flamflowers!! How touching!!

Don't all pull on Hannah Gurui, who gives you golden cuts with her pupil's open eyes.

The three Virgin sisters tried to stop it, but the beginning and end of sprinkling the soil.

"Oh, please don't! Mr. Hanaglui! Ahhh!?

"You mustn't! Hannah, you hate seals! Ahhh!?

"Bullying Hadan, yah! Yan!?

Until earlier, the garden is wrapped in a whirlpool of nasal screams.

The servants joined in and managed to stop Hanaglui, but he gets soiled.

Well, until then, I was a bystander, a man moved.

... loose.

and approaching was osama in butler clothes.

Even so, I'm not wearing a tie or anything, but a disfigured outfit.

There's a big scratch on his face, a sharp eye, more like a ninja-man than a butler.

He gently shrugged the flying soil, crouching like a wolf attacking his prey,

... Gah!

and grabbed Hannah Gurui's wrist with a scoop, as if eating up at the throat whistle.

"Ha... let go of me, servant!! Do you know what would happen if I did this to the Virgin Atekshi!?

"I am not a servant. More than that, if you're a horticulturist too, you know how burdensome it can be for flowers to replant a minute of blooming flamflowers."

Hanagurui is shaped like a hag, staring back at Osama with a glimpse.

"Hey, why does Atekshi say he's a horticulturist...!?

"There are two reasons for this. The first is that you have octopus on your hand pharmacopoeia. Using horticultural scissors on a daily basis, you can have octopuses there. And the second is Hannah Alasi's knowledge of horticulture. I'm sure Hannah Arashi learned how to grow flowers after watching your work."

"Oh... yes!! Hannah seal is the son of Atekshi!! This girl has been raised by Atekshi with one woman!! I can't believe we're just taking the delicious part, because we won't let that happen!!

"But don't you hate Mr. Hannah Alasi"

"It's been a long time since I've seen you, it's just lit up!! And even if you don't like it, what are you saying!? Whatever parents will do with their children!? Parents can take care of their children!!

Then Osama nodded, hum, reasonably.

"Let's do this, then. Hannah Arashi will continue to work as a gardener for this Holly Doll family, but every other day she will also work as a gardener at Hannah Gurui's house."

To an unexpected suggestion, "Become...!?" "and breathtaking, Hannah Parents and Children.

"Why are you such a pain in the ass......!?

"Doesn't that mean you and your newlyweds can have a carefree marriage and wait afterwards?

Then you understood the intent......

The face of the maiden, who looked like a young man, cursed like a monk.

"... I see... It might be more convenient..."

"Okay, that's good. And in any case, leave this flamflower as it is."

"Become... why!? This is for Atekshi's wedding......!

"There are two reasons for this. The first, as I said earlier, replanting a minute of blooming flamflowers is because you have the fear of withering. With so many reporters, I forced a replanting, and if it dried up... Isn't that what gets you out of the newspaper and you're in a bad position?

"Indeed..." one of the audience was crushing.

Osama goes on to bite and include.

"And the second thing is, Mr. Hanaglui is not the parent of this flamflower, although he is the parent of Mr. Hanaglui. The parent of this flamflower is Mr. Hannah Alasi. If you say that parents are free to do whatever they want with their children, the right to do with this flamflower should rest with their parent, Mr. Hannah Alasi."

Those words, neat, were moving the hearts and minds of many.

The maiden who was so hysterical,

"Well... if you ask me, well..."

I was so convinced......!