I came to the garden of the Holly Doll family, Hannah Gurui, who calls herself the mother of a Hannah seal.

Early on in her coming, she was showing off a hell of a lot of monster pairings, but as soon as Goldwolf responded,

"Well, I'll be home for today. I'll come back when I'm ready to welcome the Hana seal."

That's all I left to say, shitty and gone home.

The sisters had a hatena face because it was light enough to clap it out.

After they asked the guards at the mansion to get rid of the press, they surrounded Osama again and asked what was going on.

"Um... Uncle, what the hell is going on?

"Gol... what concatenation was Hannah Gurui on? Something fried with calamari?

"That's a ton of cutlets, sister. More than that, uncle, why did you make Mr. Hannah Arashi the gardener of Mr. Hannah Gurui's house?... Oh, maybe I'll make up for Hannah Arashi and Hannah Gurui, trying to kick ass...?

Then the Hannah seal I was hearing next door came to Goldwolf.

"Squeeze out of the side and don't do anything unnecessary, Osama! I'm not gonna make up with that guy! Gardening to get a man, throwing him away unilaterally because when I'm around he's in the way of remarriage...! By now, you're going to be a gardener in a place like his mother's!

Freshly, the boy opened his eyes haha, as if he had noticed something.

"Ah...! All right, all right! Osama was the only man in this mansion until I got here! You must be trying to kick me out because I haven't been since I got here!?

The boy was likely to be beaten now, but Osama deals with him in a calm manner, as if to abandon the wolf.

"That's not true. Because I thought Hannah Arashi would never be able to leave Hannah Gurui for the rest of her life without knowing that she had grown golden flamflowers."

The Virgins, already well aware of Goldwolf and plotting all the way to Harlem for him, were convinced by that alone.

"Gol, you have an idea. Then my mom won't say anything anymore."

"Yes, that's right. If your uncle says so..."

"O-riko, Raiko!

When the three sisters said so, they leaned in on Osama as if he were in a home position.

The eldest daughter dares to take her arm and pinch it in the valley of her chest, the second daughter reluctantly attaches her hand to the sleeve of a white shirt, and the three women climb her face.

Osama, who has become like a tree of the Virgin, continues to speak to the boy with a bitter face.

"Mr. Hannah seal. It may take a little while, but do as I say. I'm sure it won't be bad."

Osama, who is so liked by the best Virgin Sisters in neighboring countries, proceeds without moving at all.

The Hannah seal boy feels as if he is in front of King Harlem.

The curse earlier made me feel kind of embarrassed because it seemed too misplaced.

And... I have to agree.

"Wow... ok. Osama's right, I'll do the gardener at his place. But Osama... who the hell are you?

Osama then laughed just a little as the edges of the soggy great tree swayed in the wind.

"Everywhere, it's just Osama."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time, Hanaglui was laughing high in one of the borough shops.

... ohhhhhhhhhhhh!

I can't believe my son, who got in the way and threw it away, grew a golden flamflower!

I couldn't believe it when I saw it in the paper, but I could see it with those eyes today and be sure!

That kid is definitely the Hannah seal of Atekshi's son......!

If I had that golden flamflower, I'd be excited to think that the brave ones are Ichikoro too...

Thanks to a hectic Osama servant for stopping me, I'm glad I saved you!

If Atekshi had forcefully taken Flamflower and Hana seal back then, he could have been in trouble later!

A minute of blooming flamflowers is vulnerable to replanting, so if Atekshi takes it away and withers, it becomes a criticism......!

Besides, if you take the Hana seal as your 'son', marrying a brave man in a flamflower ruins your newlywed life thanks to the cobbling......!

But if you act as that nasty Osama servant suggested, it all works out...!

The golden flamflower, the brave man, the seat of the great Virgin... everything belongs to Atekshi...!

Besides, if you have a golden flamflower, it's not the brave guy at the bottom there...!

Datian... No, Kwon Ten...!

No, no, that's even garbage!

A brave man of Nobunaga and above must take away Atekshi. Wow!

He said he has contributed flowers he has grown to distract all kinds of brave men so far...

I've been poisoned like a dead flower, but I'm done with that...!

That could also have been a goddess' thought, now that I think about it, don't get caught up in cheap brave......!

Finally... finally figured it out!

The fact that Atekshi wasn't hot, she was a late bloomer...!

Good flamflowers are just as time-consuming to bloom......!

But once it blooms, at the end of the day, you get everything and you have the power to overthrow everything!!