A few days later, Hannah Gurui came to the Holly Doll family once again.

A new father, pulled the name.

"Come on, this is Zeni Crazy. Don't be rude because you're the darling of Atekshi."

Goldwolf and Hannah seal greet and respond at the garden tip.

Hanaghurui revealed his dissatisfaction early on in his arrival.

"It is disrespectful that a servant, not the Grand Virgin of this house, should respond when he says that he has seen a brave man of the rank of Nobunaga."

Well, don't worry about it.

Zenicrazy, who can do so, has a chocolate mustache on his head with thin hair stroked like a barcode with wax.

It was a typical 'cultural' brave style of wrapping a little fat body in a circut.

"Are you the gardeners that these people blossomed golden flamflowers?

He was a faint face that seemed to be depicted on a barley tea package, but his gaze is giddy and licking around to be ordained.

Hannah seal had a blatantly unpleasant look on her face, but Goldwolf shook her head without worrying.

"No, Mr. Zenicrazy. It was this Hannah seal who blossomed."

"I knew you didn't have to tell me. I was wondering if you would take away your child's feat, so I tried it."

"My child?" and a hannah seal that flaunts his face further.

"Hannah Alashi Hannah is Hannah Gurui Hannah's son? Then he's also my son."

Guru! and Osama, who puts his hand on the shoulder of the boy who solidifies his clenching fist, to hold it down.

"By the way, Mr. Zenicrazy was born in Naniwan, Sibukami."

"How did you know?

"The intonation of the way we spoke belonged to Naniwan."

"Well, knowing Naniwan, the best commercial country in the world, is something to learn for a servant. But, well, a wild dog is rotten like a diamond."


Hannah Gurui laughs so loudly on purpose.

"Don't be a hippo as much as you are a wild dog. Than that...... whoa!? That was in the paper too, golden flamflower!?

It emits more treasure-like light than flowers. Besides, Zenicrazy is sucked like a moth.

"Much more beautiful than you can see in a true photograph! If this is what it is, it will be in the ranks of Li Tian in no time...!

Hannah Gurui leans against him like he dreams.

"This is not the only 'phantom flower', darling. With Atekshi and Hana seals, you can also fill the garden with gemstone-like seven colors......! In that case, the darling...!

"You will be able to work through the gardens in Lord Godsmile's temple...!

"And Atekshi is such a darling Harlem's, First Lady......!

"Oh Hanaglui......! You're my sweet honey!

So much so that the musical is about to start, two exciting people.

Stupid couple about to dance out of time and place, "Hum!" and a voice that didn't seem funny interrupted and stopped.

This, strong sniffing was a hannah seal boy's vice.

Ever since the three Virgin Sisters cleansed my heart, it has also lurked...

I'm frustrated with the greedy couple in front of me. I jumped out again.

"Hey! So what are you going to do with me?!?

The two men, who came back to the boy holding hands, still seemed to be in their dreams.

"Oh Hannah seal......! My adorable son...!

"Oh Hannah seal......! Pretty Prince of Atekshi......!

"For you, I hurried to the Wataru Mansion to build a large garden! We've got the best equipment here, too!

"Come on, Hannah, seal! Let's go together! And with Atekshi, grow full of phantom flowers!

The Hannah seal boy stayed put and was put in the carriage as if it were a crowd, leaving the Holly Doll family mansion behind.

The Zenicrazy mansion is famous, so Osama doesn't go after it in particular either.

Neighborhood ahead of us.

The city, which is spread around a large hill, is famous for its weapons production.

There is a Zenicrazy mansion at the top of the hill and all the hills are his property and there should have been many weapons workshops there......

The view of the hill, seen by the boy through the carriage window, was completely further ground, without a single shed, instead of a workshop.

"No way, this is...!?

"Yes, you are! For your sake, I demolished everything!

Zenicrazy pointed and explained to me the stripped hill as he stroked his stripped head.

Until now, he had produced equipment for the brave, but this time he decided to embark on a landscaping business that would not undergo an industry change.

For that reason, he demolished all the workshops he had built on the hill and dismissed all the artisans he had hired.

The city's shops, 'Gorgeous Smart', have also all stopped handling weapons, forcing them to change to 'Gorgeous Flower Mart'.

Of course every human being in this city objected, but power-activated.

Being a Nobunaga brave man, there was no such thing as replacing a single city.

He threw all the know-how he had built up, including the assets he had accumulated and the trust he had built up, into a new bet.

That's all I could think of was one witchy woman...

Yes, because there was temptation from Hanaglui.

Through horticulture, she has won many horticultural contests, a Virgin named Hanaglui......

And I inherited her genes, a genius boy gardener named Hannah Alasi......

If these two tag their parents and children, they can mass-produce 'phantom flowers'......!

It is possible to fill the hills of this city with beautiful flowers, like mountains of gold and silver treasures…!

I turned Zenicrazy on him...!

"Fantasy Flower" is equivalent to "Legendary Sacred Sword" if you compare it with a weapon.

Rank up if you dedicate yourself to Godsmile while selling it for an unbeatable price......!

On the contrary, if you are free to produce, going to God's knee is no longer a dream...!

"Weapons are outdated...! From now on, the age of flowers......! From now on, it's not a sword, it's a time to love flowers! I immediately caught my eye on it. Now you're all over the street! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh!