Found a new life in the golden flower, Chuang Brave (Yusha) Zenicrazy.

I just think of it as a crazy shack, such as taking a word of the bored Virgin truly and disposing of her property, but there was insurance for the day after.

It's a golden flamflower, blooming in the Holly Doll family.

The golden flamflower is considered particularly valuable among the "phantom flowers," and is so valuable that just one bottle far outweighs Zenicrazy's total assets.

So worst of all, even if the hana seal horticulture fails, you just have to let him bring a golden flamflower.

All you have to do is get the Holly Dolls to the Zenicrazies to replant them.

That's all we can do to make up for the loss.

But there are two big traps hidden in this.

The first one is, "Whether Hannah seal cares about it".

The second, 'Even if you care about it, if you fail to replant it, it will wither away'.

Hanagurui was telling this to Zenicrazy in secret, emphasizing only the benefits.

"Darling, if the gardening of hana seals was accidental and it was really a snare, there would be no problem. If you had me bring you the golden flamflower that I grew by chance, that would make you a lot of money, wouldn't it?

"Hmmm...... But if I did, Mr. Reincarnation wouldn't shut up, would you?

"Master Reincarnation can't even oppose replanting. 'Cause it was Hannah seals that I grew up with.' Cause she's proclaiming herself. You said in the paper that flowers are free for those who grow them."

Zenicrazy has believed the word.

And if my mother, Hanagurui, asks me, I assume that Hanagurui will accept the replanting.

Plus Zenicrazy was a horticultural amateur, so he didn't know that replanting sometimes failed.

It should be noted that Hanagurui intended to let Hanagurui himself do the replanting as well.

Because you can push all the blame when you fail to replant and wither.

"Ahhh!? I can't believe you're drying up golden flamflowers! Darling, she's here! I shouldn't have replanted this kid! I must have been worried sick because I grew golden flamflowers! Ah, if Atekshi had done it, it wouldn't have been such a catastrophe......! I'm sorry about this girl! Knock it out as a slave now and make up for the loss at all!

All these evils, by the way, you know, all then...

In the gardens of the Holly Doll family, when she was rambling with a scoop, a certain Osama let her in and wisdom, and it was something that came to mind.

Skip the jewelry, but if you can read back the creeps at that time, you will understand.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Hannah, of the seal boy, a new life has begun.

Go back and forth between the Holly Doll and Zenicrazy families and work as gardeners.

Growing a golden flamflower, he was already considered a genius gardener, so the media also covered this matter.

"Hana Arashi, a genius gardener, to the chief gardener of the Zenicrazy family!

"Master Zenicrazy speaks! Let this hill be filled with" phantom flowers "!

"Living parents and children reunite and start bonding parents and children horticulture! Flowers of love, bloom!

By the way, Osama was building a new horticultural corner at 'Slumdog Mart' in anticipation of the horticultural boom.

That stunningly hammered and generated increased revenue, but that's another story.

The Hannah seal boy of the day sends three sisters in the Holly Doll family, a mother in the Zenicrazy family, and a horticultural day.

At the Holly Doll family, he left the choice of flowers to Hannah seal, so he chose a wide variety of flowers to plant.

The Zenicrazy family was forced to plant only certain flowers such as flamflowers, grace flowers and vent flowers.

They are expensive and noble flowers, preferred by brave men, royalty and nobility, etc.

The color is golden or purple. Occasionally platinum or silver was designated.

Gold and purple are the colors most preferred by Godsmile and are considered sublime in this world.

The 'Gorgeous Smart' sign he holds the chairman is also a golden embossed lettering on purple land.

And there was so much difference about the size of the two houses that it could be said that they were opposite poles.

In addition to the Hannah seals and the three sisters, the Holly Doll family has several gardeners.

It is also commonly used for horticultural scissors, small ginger.

It is a horticultural landscape of wealthy households, likely everywhere.

The opposing Zenicrazy family was accompanied by hundreds of sized gardeners as assistants.

In addition, many of the most sophisticated agricultural machines powered by magic have been introduced, called "Magic Guidance Devices".

Are you just looking at a major industry? It seems like a factory.

Nothing, the two families are not in contention, but the brave man and his daughter-in-law unilaterally saw the Virgins as their enemies.

"Don't talk about just one round, mass-produce golden flamflowers and turn this hill into gold! That way, no one will look down on the flamflowers in the Holly Doll family! That's right! Make this hill a tourist destination and collect your entrance fee!

"Nice idea, darling! And Atekshi and the Holly Dolls thought they didn't like bugs! They are not interested in brave men, pretending to be like, trying to attract the attention of Lord Godsmile......! In the meantime, we're off to a rally that's important to the Virgin for reasons we don't really know about, like Gol! If Atekshi blossoms a lot of golden flamflowers, he must regret it and step on the estate waste!

As one-sided thoughts like crossroads erupted into flames, they finally came.

The gardens of the two houses were surrounded by green buds on one side, time after time.

All you have to do is wait for the flowers to blossom......!