Gardens of both houses finished preparing for flowering at the same time.

Both are just genius boys involved right now, and there's no way the press won't eat them up.

"To the Holly Doll and Zenicrazy families, bloom forecast issued!

"Both involve the genius gardener Hannah Arashi and raise expectations!

"Which is it that blooms the" phantom flower "?!?

The reporters stirred up like a streak of days wondering which of the two houses would bloom 'phantom flowers' first.

As for the Lower Horse Review, the situation is overwhelmingly favorable to the Zenicrazy family.

I can't help it.

The Virgin on the Zenicrazy side, Hanaglui, is a gardening veteran who has won many contests in the past.

In the meantime, a large number of gardeners and state-of-the-art magic devices have been introduced, and a large number of pesticides have been used in the hands of the brave Tsute.

The hills with Zenicrazy mansions were laid with green carpets and absurd buds, but all were large but even.

In response to the interviews with the reporters, they say:

"The only way to get all these brilliant buds together is if they're world-wide! If you do, you can make as many flowers as you want! You're not like some Virgin who just coincidentally made one round! Well, on deception, that's the best you can do! Compared to a pro, it's pathetic! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

"More than just living in a horticultural twist and having won an award with many flowers," Fantasy Flowers "is not a fantasy or anything. I'd like to teach some Virgin who thinks horticulture is something she relies on by chance. That horticulture is inevitable. Take that as proof, and see, the buds that can be compared to this work of art...! Using the latest horticultural technology, the largest large alignment, what an error within 0.5 mm......! You wouldn't be able to do this to some Virgin upside down! Ohhhhhhhhh!"

Hanaglui puts his hand on his mouth and gives him a high laugh that he doesn't know if he's classy or nasty.

But you remembered the key thing along the way, and I rushed to say it.

"... Oh, by the way, Hannah seal has talent, but she's still immature, so this Atekshi is fully coaching her! So the flowers here are hardly an exaggeration!

Once upon a time, the buds covering the flower beds of the Holly Doll family...

Big or small, they were all inconsistent.

Lincolnation, plunged into the reporters about it, answers this as Kyoton.

"Huh? Not the right size? Is that something you shouldn't do? My mom loves big buds and little buds, both of them. 'Cause little Pine, big Gol, they're both so cute, aren't they? Ugh, buddy, thanks for getting so big."

Mum Virgin loves the buds, with an example that is so unconvincing to those who listen.

"What, I thought this piece belonged to my mom? Yeah, my mom just helped me out when she had time, so I had Hannah Arashi raise her. Besides, it's not a piece of work. These kids are all cute kids, Hannah, Alassi, and Mommy, Primla, Pine, Minnah."

... Everything was the opposite.

Whatever the scale, equipment, personnel and budget you put on gardening.

Hannah seal boy and also a stance on how to treat flowers.

And my intentions for 'Fantasy Flowers' and my hatred for my rivals...!

Through the media, the Zenicrazy family even repeats the provocation.

But where does the Holly Dolls wind?

Or I didn't even have the perception of a battle.

"In horticulture, soba? Oh, the flowers in the shochu are lovely, too. Hannah, why don't you ask Arashi to plant it in your garden?"

I wanted the press to come up on the same mound, so I actively tried to stir up Mother, but she's been doing this all along.

Get your buds in front of you, and all the expectations around you keep rising.

And finally......

Finally, finally...!

The day of simultaneous blossoming came...!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The two cities that woke up that day with the Asahi sun had been engulfed in great chaos since morning.

Because the hills with Zenicrazy mansions were covered in seven colors that would wake my eyes...!

The people of the city were flying outside and witnessing moments of miracles.

"Ki......! Beautiful!!

"Shh, wow......! Flowers bloom so beautifully...!

"It's got all the right colors and it's nice......!

"Yeah! It's like Master Zenicrazy's mansion is on the top of a rainbow bridge!

Red, orange, yellow, green, water, blue….

Exactly like a newborn rainbow, vibrant seven colors......!

Whoever saw it showed a hundred out of 100.

Contrary to that, the garden of the Holly Doll family is not so much......

The servants who flew out of the mansion, and the packed press, were faceless.

True the opposite of the expressions of the Zenicrazy family of people filled with love and hope......

Instead of facial expressions, it's as if they've even died of emotions......!




Everyone doesn't even have words, just groans.

Playing with white feathers, just staring at the three heavenly ladies blurry.

"Uh... oh... could we..."

"Shit... he's dead, huh?

"Oh, oh... well, yes, it must be..."

"'Cause, look, there's a goddess, there's an angel..."

"So, but I'm glad you're in heaven."

"Oh, yeah. And that's heaven. There are so many purple flowers on the ground that were said to be the finest. And not just gold, but even diamond flowers...... Countless more."

"Damn...... that's right. Purple is the color of God, as Godsmile loved it. So is gold and diamonds. If it doesn't grow all over the kingdom of God, where does it grow all over?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah. Besides, it's easy here. There's not a whole circle of just dicky flowers..."


Reporters who blow awa and bu fall, as if they've really ascended as it were.

Around the sisters playing with herds in the light there were so many, 'phantom flowers' that they could no longer even be called phantoms.