What sees a hill with a Zenicrazy mansion, in its full colour, is a beautiful seven-color, as if everyone had strayed into the world of dreams.

It was a fantastic sight by then.

Anyone who sees a garden in the manor of the Holly Doll family becomes true to its pure earthy dreamy glow.

It's not like that, it's completely metastasized...

It was such a sight to be torn out of my soul...

To parable, it's like traveling to Hawaii with a door where you can go anywhere, with a rich family bragging about Hawaiian footage on full-high vision TV on your ass.

Even if it's the same paradise, not at all......!


Nevertheless, this is by no means a lack of effort, etc.

One is just unusual......!

The flower gardens of the Zenicrazy family were created using modern pieces to the limit, a landscape that can be called the finest, not allowing other followers in its time.

The Holly Doll family is like using over-technology from the future, which is a defiant move in the first place.

Instead of firing a nuclear bomb into a child's fight, this is like an alien coming in a UFO and taking the other child.

It was human in the first place, and it wasn't something you could fathom.

So what the hell is the identity of that 'defiant move'?

After all, that (●) osan...?

No, it's not.

Do you remember the conditions necessary to blossom "Fantasy Flowers"?

From the words of the Hannah seal boy of the past, let me quote.

"... Mother. I did grow these flowers. It could be my dad in that sense. But the golden flamflower is said not to bloom without the love of the Virgin...... That's why Mother, Primla, Pine Pack is my mom... it's a flower we all blossomed...!


The 'Infinite Love' of the Holly Doll family......!

Still, it was Lovely Mom who was so loving that she seemed to do that and this...!

Reincarnation Holly Doll Huh......!!

I can't even say flowers are my child, her......!

"It would be a shame not to give all the good kids a lot of water and air and mom's love and prayers because they are free, right? I can't wait to say, her...!

Until unusual, affection......!!

And the skill of Hana seal horticulture meshed to make the first miracle possible......!

No, it was inevitable......!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

People from all over the country were visiting the city where the Holly Doll family was located.

And make a long queue for a glimpse into the gardens of uninterrupted beauty.

On the ground continued those who fall down, those who faint, those whose sixth senses bud, and those whose third eyes open, not very much but not the reactions of those who visited the garden.

Those who sprouted new values and worshipped Holly Doll's three sisters as gods of God will try to return with great satisfaction...

Because of this, I try to follow the Zenicrazy Hill, which has a reputation for being beautiful.

And then we have a really subtle reaction, and then we go home.

The hills are beautiful too, indeed beautiful......

No, it's not...!

In "Fantasy Flowers" that even make you feel divine and "Just Flowers" that are just beautiful......!

About the high ridge where the phantom beast lives and the garbage dump where the goblins live......!

Both must be monsters, but they are never the same......!

That's not to blame on the goblin side either, the other guy was just too bad......!

And naturally, brave men can't be satisfied with goblins.

Hanaghurui, who perceived the grump, leads first to his feet.

"Oh, darling! Atekshi did it right!? I grew it with a lot of pesticides, using a lot of servants for the most advanced magic devices!? That girl! I didn't raise her that way!

But all this time, I couldn't round it up.

With a haughty blue muscle on his head, Zeni Crazy kicks Hanaglui's stomach up relentlessly.

... Dossssssss!


"That's not true! The Holly Doll family, where Hannah seals are now gardeners, is blooming enough to sell 'phantom flowers'! Saw today's paper!? Hannah, the seal was answering the interview!" Fantasy Flowers "says she needs the love of the Virgin! He said it was because of the love of the Holy Dolls' Virgins that we could bloom so far! He said he only helped!

Zenicrazy that exposes you to even more stomping on a body that rounds and bitters like a fetus.

"Because the Virgin's love was not enough, there were not" phantom flowers "at Wataru, but flowers that could neither be eaten nor shaped! You're losing a lot of money! How the hell will you take this responsibility?

"Oh, darling! No, she's the one who's responsible for everything! So beating me up as a slave right now......!

... Gassssssss!


"Over this period, you're still saying that!? It's up to you to be slapped and sold as slaves!

"Yu...... forgive me! Forgive me, darling!!

"Don't call me darling easily! Don't be your wife or anything anymore!

Zenicrazy and Hanaglui had just announced their marriage the other day.

Surrounded by "Fantasy Flowers," the world's most beautiful ceremony was bustling with the press......

Shown to the visiting press was the ugliest domestic violence in the world.