of the Holly Doll and Zenicrazy families, a horticultural confrontation......

No, the Holly Dolls had no awareness of the battle, and they did nothing special.

As usual, I just enjoyed home gardening with everyone in the mansion......

The Zenicrazies took the liberty of being rivalry conscious, breathing on their own, breaking down the workshop, making huge capital investments on their own, and taking a challenging attitude through the press.

But... the opponent doesn't care about winning or losing at all...

Or even though it's not originally a battle or anything......

On my own, I lost, I...

On my own, I felt defeated...

Plus, I started breaking buddies on my own......!

...... gasp, gasp, gasp!!

Newlywed men and women were running around in flower gardens covering one side of the hill.

It seems very happy when it's just literal, but it's not.

Smiles are dust-free in the shapes of the man chasing them.

Angry enough that the unlikely hair rushes through heaven.

In its hands, a mowing sickle for horticulture.

"Because you're definitely going to work, I've changed my industry! The result is that there are flowers everywhere with no food or shame! Don't let demotion happen! How the hell are you going to take this responsibility?

The shape of the escaping woman has no shards but a flirtatious smile.

There was confusion and fear floating around like characters running away from killers and getting killed at the beginning.

"No! Darling! I don't want that hanna seal, either! Hannah, the seal came out and I did something extra......! Atekshi isn't bad! It's not that bad! So forgive me! Forgive me!

In a rainbow-colored fantasy space, it was indeed surreal that magical violences across domestic violences unfolded like a day in a row.

The Virgins of the House of Holly Dolls were nurturing love in gardens like the Peach Town, where they looked nowhere in the world.

"Guys, you bloom so beautifully... thanks for being born! Mom, I'm so glad. Wow!

"Sister, Pine, look. Mr. Bluebird came to see us."

"Tori, I'll give you dinner!

This blue bird is a type of legendary sacred beast said to bring happiness.

Equivalent to "Fantasy Flowers"...... no it is more precious than that, and when found, everyone will change the color of their eyes and swing a wormnet to chase them.

But because they are sensitive to human desires, it is impossible to catch them, even if they are found.

That blue bird flew into the garden like a tin...

On the shoulder of his second daughter, while his eldest daughter stroked his head, he began to snub the seeds offered out of the hands of the three women...!

They say it's never possible, such as the Holy Beast nostalgic for human flair......!?

It was no longer an overly sacred sight, like it could never exist in the human world.

That's it.

From the targeted situation of both households, as is evident, this battle….

This' horticultural battle ', in which those other than the Holly Dolls were just unilaterally thriving...

He betrayed many expectations and ended up in the overwhelming victory of the Holly Doll family.

But again, the three sisters have done nothing.

If you want to analogize, if you're sisters and you're enjoying a pajama party, it's about time the three of you accidentally accidentally did an acquis and that wind pressure swept around......

It even reached the boxer's match venue where he was inside the TV, and it was like falling him trying to ring in, causing a skull fracture catastrophe.

The media, however, wrote down whether this would still be the victory of the Holly Dolls and the defeat of the Zenicrazies.

And as a result......

Both of them have had to make big decisions.

First, the Zenicrazy family of losers.

Today and today, couples crumble in flower gardens.

My husband Zeni Crazy was waving a mount punch of horse riding and fouling the rainbow carpet with more and more black blood.

"Absolutely! I'm sorry! You plague god! Poor god! Reaper!!

His wife, Hannah Gurui, cries her swollen face like a balloon, rocked left and right like a punching ball.

"Whoo! So, darling! haha! also...... no more! Forgive me!

"If you want forgiveness, be God of Blessings! Blooming 'Fantasy Flowers' all over the hill!

"Wow, I get it! Give Atekshi one more chance, one more chance! Next time, I will definitely try to blossom 'Fantasy Flowers'!!

"Really!? The next time you fail, you're a slave! I'll make you a slave to the dobby of this city!

... the couple made the worst decision.

And the winner's Holly Doll family.

Today and today, the sisters crumble in the flower gardens.

At its heart, for some reason, Osama......

"Um, ladies and gentlemen, you don't have to go to sleep in this place..."

"Oh, well. What's the matter, Gol? If it's a nap in your garden, isn't that what you always did?

"Could you, uncle, be tired of our bodies...?

"Oli, Ra!

"No, it's not... A lot of people are watching..."

Three sisters face up to Goldwolf's gaze.

Beyond the garden measures, people were tightly packed, like a full audience.

"Oh. Speaking of which, a lot of customers are here now."

"Before this, the blue bird thing seems to be affecting what became a newspaper article. Now not only from neighboring countries, but also from distant countries."

"Speaking of which, the Textiles Association people are now serving stalls as well. The other day, Mr. Pine Pack sent me to buy a wasabi."

"Padan, I Ame-cu!

"Well, it's like a festival. Well, I guess it's time to move out here."

Mother found a hannah seal just on her way out of the mansion, so she got up from the Goldwolf arm pillow and spoke up.

"Hannah, can I have a word with you? Moms, I'm thinking of moving... but you're coming with me, right? I want you to be a gardener, even in your new mansion."

"What the hell, Mother, from a stick to a stick"

"This mansion is now full of people, so I'm going to unlock it as a 'good boy's square'. When we're all free to come and go and enjoy the flowers, don't you think it's nice?

The Holly Dolls moved regularly at this time.

There are two reasons.

Because, as in this case, people pushed against the mansion on a regular basis.

To keep up with the world expansion of Slumdog Mart and keep up with Goldwolf.

When Mother moved to Goldwolf's head in a natural motion, she knee-pillowed him as if even the cat she owned would hold him.

"Gol, is the store going to be okay?

Osama gives a squeaky voice, like a giant mirror cake was put on his face.

"Yes, Mother. You can move because your share of 'Slumdog Mart' in this neighborhood will reach 100% soon."

The secretary's primula raises an unexpected voice.

"What? Uncle, are you going to be 100% already? Until the other day, it was about 50%..."

"Yes, Mr. Primla. In one case of this horticultural disturbance, the share of 'gorgeous smart' in this neighborhood drops all at once"

The causal relationship between the 'phantom flowers' blooming in this garden, packed by customers, and the fluctuating share of the store, could not be understood by Primla...

"Yes, I did. If your uncle says so, I'm sure he will."

"Let's see, full! O-ri-tan, eh!

Like his wife with full confidence, Primla smiled and Pine Pack rejoiced like the child.

When that happens, the Hannah seal boy will remain.

He was nagging and showing distressing bareback......

After a while, I gave him a pah.

"Sorry, Mother. I can't go with you. I have other things to do."

The boy's expression was full of determination, so the reincarnation quickly regains its usual serene grin, although it showed a hint of drizzle.

"... yes, that's too bad. But you can always come and see me. You can come back whenever it's hard. Hannah, you're already my mom's baby."