The next day.

Hannah seal was coming to the neighborhood.

Cover the cloth, shoulder a large cage where you don't know what's in it, and creep through the gates of the city entrance.

I was going to keep going down the boulevard, but there was a lot of crowd, so I had to stop.

People look up at the sky with their pulled faces.

The boy looks at the hill ahead as he follows with his eyes the boulevard, which is a wave of people......

"... be!? Oh my god!?

He changed his blood phase and was rushing out.

Painful voices leak from the crowd that draw them apart.

"Mi...... look! At the top of 'Rainbow Hill'......!

"That's the Device of Magic!

"Why, why are you treading and crushing flowers with the 'Magic Device'!?

"I can't believe you make such beautiful blooming flowers a mess...!

The boy through the boulevard, once again, looks at the hill.

Then there...

Like a leaf-eating bug, you run endlessly through the hills, with a number of magic devices......!

The demon guidance device is shaped like a bulldozer, crushing flowers with a powerful caterpillar by the tyranny, drainage slabs (blades) to the tyranny, digging back flowers......!

It was changing to earthy colour so as to tarnish the bright carpet......!

At the top of it, there is one woman who shouts a roar that is neither whispering nor raving...!

"KHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's not Atekshi that's bad! The bad part is, Hannah, seals! The way I grew hana seals was bad, so I got all these helpless flowers! So make it a mess and grow it all over again because of Atekshi! That way, 'Fantasy Flowers' will surely bloom next! Darling will be delighted! Atekshi can be the Grand Virgin too! Ha-ha-ha, ha, ha!

Like a repeated blade, Hannah Gurui makes her body twirl and laugh.

That was so much so that I could only think that I had touched it.

To twist and distort his squeaky face, he could only be described as a mistress.

Just having her, the beautiful flower garden, was like by the third way......!

Hannah seal runs up the hill and approaches her.

"Stop it, mother!

The man, who was called Mother, when he admitted to the appearance of his son, strengthened himself to the likeness of a young man.

With glaring eyes like a fierce blade, staring at my son with all the slashing,

"You're here, demon......! Here we are again trying to get in the way of Atekshi......!?

"No! I'm here to stop you!

"They're here to interrupt that! You're messing with Atekshi over and over again...!

"Why... why, Mother! My mother was so mad when I was little, when I vandalized the flowers! That feeling finally made me understand it too...!

"Huh? I don't know, no! Atekshi got angry, not because flowers mattered! Because Temei annoyed me! And I was annoyed with the flowers that Temei grew, so this is how I did it! This is what you do to get in the way of Atekshi!

Step on the little flowers that were at your feet.

"Oh no... no...!

"When I was a kid, Temei threw it away because he was just in the way of Atekshi... I thought I'd finally come in handy with Atekshi, and I picked him up again, hey!

Hannah Gurui approached her suddenly self-inflicted Hannah seal slightly as she trampled and vandalized the flowers.

Spread tear bags full of bears, cloudy pupils, and nostrils.

Pinch more wrinkled, carved cheeks, stretched with viron......

From the dried Rouge's lips, he drooled his dead tree-like tongue, echoing like a strange bird.

"Hannah Alashi Chi Wow! He was born to me, and there's a tendency to whoa whoa whoa!! It fills my mom with beautiful flowers, and there's a tendency to whoa whoa whoa whoa!!...... hey i thought i'd say, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Beh! And even though he can spit, Hannah seals remain standing up to be struck by the rain.

"I thought it was finally useful, I can't believe you got in the way more than you did when you were a kid! I shouldn't have felt sorry for Temei! No, I wish I hadn't! Temei is the biggest failure of Atekshi's life. Yikes! It's not enough to buzz into fattening! If you find out, don't ever show up in front of Atekshi again! Clear, clear, clear!!

The boy looked up slowly.

And spin the words, as I remember that time.

"... I'm leaving this country. When I became a child, I wanted to go back to the village of Rudy, where I took care of you. I'm going to fill the village with flowers and repay you. That's why I'm here today to say goodbye to my mother."

Saying, point the basket you were hanging on your shoulder at your former mother.

... fu come on...

and when the cloth is removed, there is......

"Ohhhh... golden, flamflava!?!?

"I'm the first flower I've grown in the Holly Doll family garden. Mother asked me to. Give this to your mother..."

... Dunn!

Earlier than I finished, the boy was thrust and deprived of the potted plant.

"Kehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Yay! Yay! Yay! With this, with this!! Grow up rooting for this and absolutely, the golden flamflower must bloom!! Get your darling love back and Atekshi can be the Grand Virgin!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Lift the flowers that shine in gold like my child, a high and overjoyed lady.

The boy kept his butt on and watched the dance go wild.

"... I knew you wouldn't look at me (●) until the end... My mother regrets having me... but I'm glad I was born. Because..."

His voice was trembling with tears.

"Mother tells me every day." Thank you for being born "..."

But even that has been wiped out by a mad laugh and has not reached her ears.

"Goodbye, Mother...... Be happy in a world without me..."

In the boy, he was disconnected like an eternity, a mother.

A long parental separation finally marked the end.