Hannah Gurui obtained the golden flamflower of the memorial with momentum that seemed to take away even after killing it.

"Fantasy Flowers" is quite a thing to have just one round, and the more Zenicrazy's losses to date if sold, the more they can all be written off.

But she didn't......!

I thought if we compensated for the loss, Zeni Crazy would go back to manufacturing the original weapon.

If that happens, I am used up and thrown away......!

That's why I forced it...

rooting, ……!

Rooting means planting and reproducing the roots of flowers separately.

In the case of flamflowers, the advantages are that they are easier to grow than to start with seeds, and that flowers of the same color are more likely to bloom.

If successful, it is possible to fill the hills with golden flamflowers......!

Hannah Gurui from then on, punched more into horticulture than ever before.

He took care of the whole body by pouring it into its roots.

Let your life, your sweat, your tears, and even your blood stain.

But...... there was only one thing missing.

Only one of them was lacking......

To all the curry powder for the curry, above all it matters......


No, she had the love of a day, too, when she became like a bitch.

"Atekshi LOVE"......!

But where I was pressed into self-love, like such waste, full of black desire, it's like putting a weight on a bud that says' 10t '.

On the heavy side, love like you only think about yourself can't be called love.

Just egoism......!

What "phantom flower" needs is still self-sacrifice.

The Holly Doll girls, like invisible hot water......

It's 'pro bono love', it's flooding your mouth with dovadoba like a Marrion...!

Naturally, rooting ends in failure.

Still, until now, I've blossomed enough to attract people...

The next bloom was a heedless flower, as if it had been demonically modified with warped love......!

It was a sad monster-like flower that seemed to hear 'colloquial... colloquial...' from within...!

Zenicrazy, who saw it, finally wakes up from a bad dream.

I finally realized that I was fooled by the Baba Virgin, like a bad witch.

But from here on out, it was a real prison dream for him.

Zenicrazy is separated from Hanagurui as declared.

chained her, to the Dob River in the city,

"Stop, stop, darling! Listen to Atekshi! I finally figured out the real, real cause! Okay? Listen, it's, it's...!...... ha na a la si......!

... Dude... aahhhhhh!

"That's where you spend the rest of your life exposing Hedro!

He gets all fucked up, after poking three and a half lines at his former wife, he goes east on a run.

Firstly, he fired all the gardeners he had hired on a hundred scale and sold off all his horticultural supplies.

The state-of-the-art demon guidance device was high enough for my eyes to pop out, but I was seen at my feet and it only became a bundle of three sentences.

It's been an unprecedented loss, but he doesn't give up. Aim for a resumption.

Finally, he mortgaged the mansion at the top of the hill to collect the gold and rebuild the workshop.

The remainder is the key, the craftsmen working in the workshop.

No matter how much equipment you restore, it doesn't make any sense without the people inside.

Zenicrazy turns a blind eye to the craftsmen who once made it into a checkbox.

That the craftsmen were still in the neighbouring town, so I called them together and told them this by sight from above.

"I'm going to start manufacturing weapons again! So let the last thing flow into the water and I'll hire you again! However, you left once, so don't cut your salary in half!

Zenicrazy wondered if they'd be happy to cry...,

"No, that's fine"

"The last thing we did was run it into the water... and you threw us out unilaterally, what are you saying?"

"Besides, we already work in another workshop."

"Become...!? Oh, my God!? What workshop is that?

... no longer, needless to say.


"Slumdog Mart"......!

Osama has the skilled craftsmen released by Zenicrazy...

As if he were at the source of the flush, he was just salvaging...!

Even if there is a workshop, without the craftsmen, we cannot make weapons......!

Without weapons, 'Gorgeous Smart' cannot resume......!

This was the great weakness of 'gorgeous smart' at the moment.

The store has its own workshop in each country, each region, and takes the form of an independent profit.

In the sense of competing with each other, this method works a lot...

I just ran out of stock and can't get it to accommodate from 'gorgeous smarts' in other areas.

The braves are up their bloodpath to kicking down their rivals, so even if they just sat down and asked for it, they'd be naked...!

By the way, 'Slumdog Mart' has a distribution network spanning the country, as opposed to the region.

As a result, we are able to respond quickly to any out-of-stock occurrences in any country.

Zenicrazy undergoing a series of tragedies, like a giant bee attacking the crying surface.

Once he unilaterally saddled, 'Gorgeous Flower Mart' was......

I stopped landscaping, so I ran out of flowers to sell...

No weapons to sell, even if you want to return to 'Gorgeous Smart'......

It has finally turned into an abandoned, void space...!

First, he loses artisans and clerks, which can be called blood in commerce….

Then I even lost a store that could be called a bone......

Finally, even the hilltop mansion, which had taken care of the mountain general...!

It's all in the hands of a wild dog, I gave it away......!

The 'Gorgeous Smart' sign in this country disappears......!

I can repaint it......!

From the smile of God to the smile of a wild dog......!

This series of events, as if a great coup had happened.

I thought it was a pretty hectic trick, actually, it wasn't.

Osama just advised Hanagurui, who has been boarding the garden of the Holly Doll family.

Other than that, static......! Nothing......!

At the end of the day, then, we have brought the other brave men down seven times, but don't be afraid...!

"WOW WOW!! What have you done!! I just let go of the business that has been working so far and let go of my greed......!! I've lost everything and everything!! If this happens............!! After it takes......!!

Afterwards Zenicrazy begins to follow the pattern of the fallen brave.

In the middle of the night, he used to be the Holly Doll family......

Now he snuck into the garden, which became the 'Fifth Good Child's Square', snuck his guard's eyes, and stole the 'Fantasy Flower'.

"Golden Flam Flowers" and "Purple Flam Flowers" are flowers that I love Godsmile, so I was trying to dedicate them to get an upper level eye spill.

But it's by amateur hands, so I fail to replant...

It was good when it shipped, but by the time it reached the upper brave man, it was already dead.

I didn't know you'd give up the dead 'Flower of God'......! What blasphemy!!

and instead results in further kaminari being dropped.

... and in the end,

"Stop, stop, stop, stop! Listen to me! We finally know what's causing this! Okay? Listen carefully, that's...!...... ha na g l i......!

... Dude... aahhhhhh!

Couple of them, friendly and fucking everywhere......!