A bridge on the Dob River, in the corner of the city.

The landscape you can see from there is precipitating and dirty.

But the sight of the city, which was about to become a new specialty, played out like every day.

"Because of you! Because of you! So much has happened to you! Lose everything, you Baba! Don't forgive me! Don't forgive me!

"That's a dialogue over here. Yikes! Because of Temei's involvement, Atekshi can't even get married! You jizzy bastard! Forgive me! Forgive me!

"Whoa!? Oh, my hair......!? What are you doing?

...... buti buti buti!!

"Kihaha! Now Temei really, lost everything! Zeni, your hair! It's bald crazy, not zenicrazy!

"Ugh! Never again, Mr. Xu! Mr. Xu! Oh, my God!

...... buti buti buti!!

"Whoa!? Oh, my hair......!? Oh my god!?

"Dowa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Now you've lost everything! Flowers and hair! Not Hannah Gurui, but Bald Gurui! With the punishment of the brave man of the future!

"Fallen Temehe is no longer a brave man! It's just a bunch of fucking bald shit, bald shit! And that's what you're gonna do to the future Grand Virgin!?

"There's no way there's such a damned Virgin! You bald fucking baba! Don't die now! Don't die! Don't die. Ohhhhhhh!

"KIEEEEEEEE!! I can't stand it anymore! Today is the day to die! Die! Die! Die, hey, hey, hey, hey!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The village of Lurdi, by the way.

A boy approached the three rounded children, who were wandering in the corner of the park.

"Hey, you guys took over after me."

The three children of the boy's head have three melons: face, physique, clothing and tricks.

And it was like a flock of snowmen crouching in their unclean outfits, and their teeth snarling as tight as they could.

"Keh! What's that, Temei?!? We are the most walrus in this village, the Three Blood Sugar Brothers!

"Too! You think we're only the flowers and you're the ones who are naming us!? Like the flowerbed there, Temei's hair, let's do it all, shall we?

"Chip! And from above, I'm gonna smack our sweet Shomben!

"Well, calm down, I'm a hana seal."

"Keh! Hannah, no seals?

"Tu! I heard there was a hell of a bad kid in this village before, but you mean Temei!

"Chip! Looks like you're totally round!

"Not really. I'm still a Hannah seal."

"Keh! I don't know. - Oh, no!

"Tu! What's that hana seal doing to us?

"Chip! You're telling us even how to vandalize flowers!?

"Oh, you're right. I'm a professional hannah seal."

"Keh! What the hell!?

"I used to be happy with the park flower beds and all that vandalism. But I realized it was a dickhead job."

"Toe! Are you calling us dicks!?

"Chip! You're such a jerk, come on!?

"Well, listen. I brought you guys a big job. Hey, come here. I can't say it out loud, so give me your ear."

"Keh...? What? A year later, the Great Virgin's, reincarnation...?

"To......? To this village, come...?

"Chip...? For your welcome, fill the village with flowers...?

"Oh, yeah. Master Reincarnation is coming to this village."

"Keh! Liar, you idiot!

"Toe! When it comes to reincarnation, you're one of the world's leading great saints!

"Shit! Such a great saint Sama would come to such a fucking village!

"That's what brings me here. So the four of us are going to grow flowers and fill this village with flowers."

"Keh! What the hell!?

"Tu! Why do we have to grow flowers!

"Chip! Are you nuts!? I'd better do it!

"So listen to me till the end. With our hands, after filling this village with flowers... what do you think will happen if we make a mess of it in front of Master Reincarnation?

"Keh!? What the fuck!?

"Tu!? In front of the Great Virgin of the World......!?

"Chi!? Flowers for welcome, to the mess......!?

"Imagine the face then...? You're freaking out just thinking...? Isn't it time you guys got tired of getting the villagers in trouble?

"Keh, keh... I did..."

"And tho... in front of them in the village, let the flowers even..."

"Chip... you're only going to get the look you gave up..."

"Wow, then let's do one big job here. And if you find out you've done that in front of Mr. Reincarnation, you'll be famous."

"Keh!? Yikes, a jump to fame......!? I did, maybe I did!

"Tuh! I can't believe you're making the Grand Virgin sad, because you're such a jerk!

"Chip! But we don't know how to grow flowers...!?

"I'll tell you what I'll do."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Hey, you guys just took care of me, you just sprouted up"

"Keh! You bet!

"TOO! This guy is getting bigger and bigger now, isn't he?!?

"Chip! So, what are we going to do?!?

"When you sprout, from now on, you talk to him every day."

"Keh!? Talk to the grass!?

"Tu!? You can't tell I talked to you, you're not stupid!?

"Chih!? If the villagers saw me like that, they'd think I'd gone weird!

"But this is what grows up so often. Try to fool me. It's better to bloom beautifully, isn't it?

"Keh... what am I supposed to talk about?

"Whatever. If you don't think of it, you can just say hi. And while I water it, I say," Thank you for sprouting it. "

"Tu!? What the hell!?

"Chip! Why would I have to say that!

"" "I guess Temei doesn't really think about that either!

"No, I think so. Of course, against you guys.... you're helping me take care of the flowers, and they're helping. Thank God you're born."

"Keh, that's disgusting!

"Toe, this guy, I knew he was crazy!

"Chip, I just have to think about scattering flowers in front of the Grand Virgin!

"Ha, I guess so. But I keep telling you. If you don't, you won't be able to convey your thoughts."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then a year later.

A gift was delivered to the Holly Doll family who moved to New Heaven and Earth.

"Sister, Pine, Hannah, I've got a pot plant for you."

"Wow!? Shh, shh!

"Oh, well, that's not a nice potted plant"

"According to your letter, Mr. Hannah Arashi seems to be doing well in Lurdi. And...... they filled the village of Lurdi with flowers, so they want to invite us. Look, there's a photograph."

The second daughter handed over a bunch of true photographs that were enclosed, one at a time.

"Wow!? I'm hungry, but full!?

"Nwell......!? Wow! Looks like the village is wrapped in a storm of flowers......!

"Rudy says this' Flower Storm 'has become a specialty and many customers are visible."

"Wow, Hannah, Alassi! I can't believe you grow so many amazing flowers...!

"Hannah, shuuuuuuu!

"No, according to your letter, these flowers are mostly at the hands of the children of the village."

The last true photograph that came out of the envelope, bigger than the others, the three sisters peeking into it.

There... standing back with flowers blooming like a flood of colors, the boys.

Three round kids, who used to be like dirty snow but now have a dirty smile like fresh snow.

Behind it, of course, smiles like a father......

I've grown up a lot since then, I had him.