A noise thrust through the quiet morning forest, where the wild dog just rocked the leaves of the tree.

... dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

Twenty-three members of the 10th Squad, who were in the neighborhood, heard it, and it was not long before they gathered.

They came closer without a single sound, diving into the bush, and after a while wanting to see how things were...

He slowly appeared on the blast site.

On the ground worn like craters, piles of black debris are formed by fallen trees.

By the way, the little firehand is up, but it didn't seem as good as it would have led to a mountain fire.

"... a bomb"

"By nature, it's not incendiary bullets."

"Did you do the wild dog mask?

"I guess. We heard the explosion. We rushed right here, but the fact that we didn't see any wild dogs..."

"You mean you were setting a trap"

On-site verification by 23 people was very natural, as Squad 10 always does...

Everyone seemed to be pinching something in their back teeth, which was irresistible.

They were searching for what was from the wreckage, lest their companions should understand.

That is, of course, a 'love letter'.

The explosion was supposed to be 'The Work of a Wild Dog', but it was just a rumor, and the heart wasn't.

Maybe 'special assignments' had been given to other members and it was a dispute by......!?

That's what I thought.

It would have been definitive if there had been a love letter left at the scene, but by the time I rushed, everything was black burned and shattered by the explosion.

Someone throws up and throws it away as he kicks his torn, blackened arm, which was rolling to the ground.

"So fragmented, you have no idea where or which one was hit"

"It was my 10th Squad crew who got hit. And five of them."

"How do you know?

"There are only twenty of us here now."

I tried to pick up the dots with the people on the spot......

Missing were 16 (Wine Six) and 24 (Twinkle Four).

And five people: 02 (Jewel Two), 11 (Wine One), and 18 (Wine Eight).

Two people blew up in an earlier dispute...

Only 16 (Wine Six) and 24 (Twinkle Four).

That would mean that there have been about three more victims.


172 unnamed warriors ⇒ 175

Sixty-one unnamed Brave Woman.

One hundred and thirteen unnamed braves.

167 unnamed brave men.


That's why......

Because a similar dispute had already taken place elsewhere and had been settled.

The three of them are dead elsewhere, but if they decide to be caught in an explosion, they won't be able to understand the existence of a 'special mission'.

The crew were in suspicion.

Has the special assignment from Scylla been entrusted to you alone or to other members as well….

Beyond not knowing that, the elements that make you smell like a special mission are eliminated as much as possible….

Needless to say, it would be more convenient to let them think it was the work of the wild dogs.

Yes......! Among the twenty survivors...

For my own sake, there were about three murderers who had already killed my people...!

The body is already covered up, sin is covered in wild dogs, I know my face......!

But this is bad......!

If the wild dog is the other person......!

Regardless of the authenticity of this special mission, there is no way in such teamwork we can hunt...!

That (●) wild dog...!

But here,

"Me, Master Scylla gave me something like this..."

and disclosing love letters to his peers and confessing that he is on a special assignment is a bad hand in the bad hands.

Because it sucks,

"This guy's gonna kill us to be deputy captain!

If something like that and someone else is going to fan it, the last......

From as many as nineteen people, to slaughter...!

You don't have to go that far, your gift will be confiscated and you will be done enough to be tied up until the end of the mission.

And where it has become irresistible, the murderer who became one of the last will kill it easily and it will end.

So... what is the best hand in this case?

That... we'll reveal it sooner or later.

By the way, the crew have sworn allegiance to the captain, so I wouldn't blame Scylla for giving such an outrageous order.

Rather, "Master Scylla has given me a chance to be deputy captain...!" So much so that I was grateful.

... Let's get back to it.

The remaining twenty troops were discussing measures about wild dogs.

In the meantime, twelve (wine-two) say this.

"All right, guys... stop spraying gas"

"Why? Twelve."

"Earlier, you were pissed off when we tried to stop the gas spilling."

"That was just now. I thought it would be safer to remove the anti-virus mask and secure more vision than to find out that the wild dog mask was setting a trap."

The merits of this new proposal were split in plenty among the twenty members of the corps.

"Right! If the Wild Dog Mask was an expert in traps, we'd have to get in the mood for that too! Because the anti-poison mask takes away your sight, maybe the wild dog mask put it in its weakness and set a trap!

"Oh! You're absolutely right! As many as five crew members are now being hit by a wild dog mask trap! As it is, there is a chance of annihilation!

"No, I disagree! The wild dog mask is already inhaling poison gas and much weaker! If you stop spraying here, you might recover him!

"Oh! I think so too! Plus, this anti-narcotics mask is a symbol of the 10th Squad! This is what it means to wear and fight evil!

Now, needless to say, these are totally 'congrats'.

The sincerity of the pro- and opposition was obvious.

Proponents have a 'gift' that diminishes effectiveness when they have a drug mask......!

Opponents that they have a 'gift' that will diminish in effect without a drug mask......!

'When there is a anti-poison mask, the effect diminishes' refers to a gift that is exactly like poison gas, which causes the enemy to aspirate directly.

"Without a gas mask, the effect diminishes" refers to a gift that is easier to hit, such as the poisoned double blade that appeared earlier, when the enemy was blocked from sight by the mask.

The conclusion that the settlement of this hand debate is' left to the discretion of each person 'is smart, but it could not have been its landing.

Because we all agreed with the unclear theory that "10th Squad must be aligned and on a mission".

It doesn't make a lot of sense to wear or remove your own anti-virus mask.

It makes sense to put your people in that state.

Because I want to kill them with a 'gift'......!

After a bustle of arguments, we will end up taking a majority vote….

With a marginal difference of 11 to 9, "Remove the anti-virus mask."

That being said, the Grade Club......!

It was just a farce, like I just think elementary school kids are doing......!

And the truth is, the Return Party...!

No one can go home alive, it was a death return party...!