09 who was shown a nice cheat photo from 08.

His reactions are not confusion, anger, amazement, etc. about his wife's infidelity......

Totally unexpected, unexpected.

"I knew it......! You noticed that too...!

It was a certainty.

It was a different reaction than I had imagined, so 08 gets poked into the void.

"... you noticed, too, what...?

09, who raised his face from a true photograph, had taken him seriously.

"Okay. Well, let's talk from the beginning. Just calm down and listen to me, okay? Whatever I say, don't ever mess with it, okay?

09 places his hand on the shoulder of 08 so that he does hold his chi.

That was the nasty atmosphere, so 08 accidentally rang his throat.

"Yes, what the hell...?

"Actually, there's a letter from Master Scylla in my backpack... It was a special assignment."

08 already knew in the cadaver fishery after he deceived the rest of the crew that special assignments would have been given to the entire crew.

But no way, I didn't know 09 would confess from himself...!

It was an unexpected event, but 08 pretends not to know.

"And special assignments......?

"Oh. I'm going to teach you the contents of the special mission, but whatever it is, never, ever panic."

"Oh, okay"

"That's... an order to kill all the 10th squad members but myself...!

"Hey, what!?" and pretend to be surprised 08.

Since I did it, I thought I might have exaggerated a bit, but 09 is obsessed with confessions and unaware.

"Don't panic! I'm not gonna kill you! I don't want to kill you!

"Oh well...... But what are you gonna do? Waiver of duty is a felony, isn't it?

"Oh, that's why I already killed one. It's 06 (Jewel Six)"


Unnamed Warrior (Shinyusha) 179 ⇒ 180

Sixty-one unnamed Brave Woman.

One hundred and thirteen unnamed braves.

167 unnamed brave men.


"What, give me 06!?

09 to stop the 08 attempting to lay his hand on the sword of his hips with force on the hand placed on his shoulder.

"So just calm down! You're not the only one I'm gonna kill!

"Why, just me...?

"You've made up your mind! Because you're my best friend!

09 let go of saying 'best friend' and so on in great seriousness, 08 almost blew it out by accident.

- I really think I'm your best friend, too.

But I wouldn't have thought my best friend was after my life...

The hot valve of 09 continues.

"It was written in a letter from Master Scylla. If you accomplish this special assignment, you will be promoted to deputy captain......! I'm trying to convince Master Scylla to kill everyone but you! Me and you two, let me do the deputy captain...! There are other teams with two deputy captains, so I'm sure Master Scylla will agree!

- Buh!? What the fuck are you talking about?

Keep the guy who's exactly after his life right now alive, and then, he'll make me deputy captain. So...!?

Is that how you're trying to keep me alert?

08 decided to put in some sagging.

"... but what happens to 10? Me on 08, you on 09, and three on 10 were best friends. I'm gonna help you, and you're gonna kill ten?

The question was meant to invite the upset of 09.

But 09 nods, "Oh," with unshakeable eyes.

"Ten kills. He's not my best friend anymore."

"Come on, what the hell happened? The training center. Then the three of us can help each other, and we've been through dangerous places in action many times. As a matter of fact, I felt more bonded than my brothers."

Then 09 turned into a spicy face.

"The reason I don't help ten... It's a gift from Master Scylla."

"A gift?"

"Oh, there was something in there to help me accomplish my special assignment."

My face is about to get naked by accident 08.

Because I thought it would be quite advantageous if I knew what the gift of having 09 was.

"... what was that?

"I'm going to show you that. If you look at that, you'll see why I decided to cross with ten. But promise me. If you look at that, you must definitely disturb it."

"Oh, okay"

- You can't mess up what they put out!

Damn it, I want to put it on...!

He's been around for a long time!

One true photograph was taken out of the nostalgia by 09 with a mysterious face.

As soon as they handed it over and checked what was pictured,

"Ah......!? Ahhh!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

08 was so shocked that the world collapsed away......!

"That's why I said it! Calm down! Calm down!

So much so that the words had not arrived already, that 08 had forgotten me.

Tears flood from his eyes, his legs gushing and trembling, and he finally can't stand, and he's on his knees.

What was in the true picture that cornered him so far...?


The wife of 08, at the window of the companionship inn, is throwing a hot hug......!

of the 09 gift, not a true picture of the blurry silhouette, etc., but of the clarity that you can clearly see......!

Could that person be......!?


10 (Wine O) Huh...!

09 crouches down, with a crocodile and a trembling 08 ears, whispering.

Sweet and hot, with a demon hotcake-like voice......!

... When I saw this, it was the thought of blood refluxing...!

He sucks at getting his hands on someone else's woman...!

So he's not my best friend anymore......!

08, you would too......!?

I wasn't sure if I should really keep this true photo hidden...

When I saw your face, I couldn't...!

I can't really make a secret out of my best friend...!

That's why I revealed the special assignment to you...!

Now that we've revealed our secrets, we're bonded...!

Come on, 08...! I'll work with you...!

To the worst cheating man, impose sanctions...!

Let's go kill him now...!