Well, from here on out, as you can guess.

08, who has been put on a proper ride, becomes a bloody eye and searches for 10, and strikes......

Where we slashed each other and wore them out, we put them together on 09, snap...!

"Gu......! Ki, you......! So, you were cheating...!

Falling to fold with ten, 08 was looking up at his former best friend with a bloody face.

09 crouches down, with a crocodile and a trembling 08 ears, whispering.

Sweet and cold, with a voice like devil's ice cream......!

... Finally, have you noticed...

Then I'll teach you...

You had it, just a true silhouette......

I was connected to the photo I showed you.

Your whore (Bubba) and ten are walking off the carriage in front of the Bring In Inn, arm in arm...

That's the 'gift' you had.

And they went straight into the inn and hugged each other without even closing the curtains......

That's my 'present'.

How do you know that...?

I get it, that's...

'Cause I'm the one who took that true picture...!

By the way, you slept with ten hookers, so it's each other.

Look, there's a true picture of it right here, too.

Why did you do that?

That's settled. Tick on Master Scylla, to discredit you guys.

But I didn't expect Master Scylla to use this true photo around for a 'gift'......

I feel like that kid who got my present at the gift exchange threw it in the trash in front of me.

I could have let you help me kill the rest of them while I fooled you like this...

I thought I'd find out sooner or later, and I let it be a one-time disposable.

What do you want me to find out?

That... you don't seem to have noticed yet.

My "present" is not the true picture I just showed you.

'Cause you do, don't you? It's a true photo I took myself, so I have as much of the same thing as I want.

You should have had a chance to realize that too...

Because I taught you that I killed 06.

My mouth slipped a little, but you didn't think it was weird?

Because our 10th Squad's strength is befriending...!

You and 10 have done it, each other, so much so that we're worn out so far...!

It's the gift that improves the condition a little bit.

If the gift I have is the true picture I really showed you...

How could you beat 06 without struggling......!?

How can you easily kill 06 with a picture of someone else cheating on the red......!?

I can't...!


I still have the gift of fate...!

What do you mean, "Soitz"?

That's one last favor, you're too extravagant.

He gave me a lot of souvenirs from the underworld that I couldn't hold any longer.

Now... it's time, okay?

I'm gonna be deputy captain, so I'm busy.

Bye, best friend in hell. What's up, buddy?

...... Zuuuuuuuuuu!!


180 unnamed warriors ⇒ 182

Sixty-one unnamed Brave Woman.

One hundred and thirteen unnamed braves.

167 unnamed brave men.


Squad 10, 18 Kokori......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Are you... 05 (Jewel Five)? What do you say, have you found a wild dog?

"No, not yet. Fourteen (Wine Four). Looks like you haven't either."

Squad 10 deploying a wild dog siege net.

In the middle of it, in the woods, coincidences were made 05 and 14.

05, who had finished exchanging information, was about to leave the spot,

"Wait, you walked a lot too, didn't you? Let's take a little break here."

Stopped by fourteen, which led to a large tree.

"You can rest alone. It's just skipping, but if you two do, it'll be an ops conference. Hang out."

"... just a little bit."

On returning 05, 14 offers the cigarette out of his pocket.

"Do you smoke?

"No, fine."

"That's unusual. Heavy smoker. I can't believe you don't smoke."

I quit smoking a little lately.

"Oh, my God, you were smoking five in the hotel lobby this morning after the mess."

"I guess so."

Like changing the subject, 05 takes something out of his pocket.

"Oh, my God, you suck after all."

"No, this looks like smoke, but it's chocolate. I was thinking of switching over."

And as a matter of course, I'll give you one.

"Want some?

"No, fine."

"That's unusual. I can't believe you don't eat sweet things."

"I've been on a little diet lately."

"Oh, my God, you were eating five slices of board chocolate in the hotel lobby this morning after the mess."

"I guess I did. Chocolate doesn't suit you better than that, suck on this one."

"You're the one who doesn't look good in smoking. Eat this one."

14 takes the cigarette, 05 takes the cigarette chocolate out of the box and even takes it to the other person's mouth.

"You're patient, aren't you? I'm sorry. The clothes between jobs are awesome."

"You're the one who put up with it. The sugar between jobs is great."

Ringing each other's throats.

Tension dominates the scene, as if we were poking each other through the muzzle.

They both dropped their gaze at the same time and checked the contents of the other box.

And I notice at the same time.

- It's diminishing...!


14 put his thoughts around just fine.

- It's weird that 05, which is usually supposed to be a big hard party, is carrying chocolate...!

That means I'm definitely a 'gift'......!

Just like me, it's poisoned...!

And the fact that the chocolate in the box is dwindling means I've already killed some people using this chocolate...!

That's not all.

He, the big heavy smoker, refuses to smoke is unnatural......!

That still means......!

I also realize that my cigarettes are poisonous...!