In the brain, 14 (Wine Four) makes fast thinking circle like a chess of early fingers.

- My 'gift' is tobacco.

The 'gift' of 05 (Jewel Five) is cigarette chocolate......

And each other, poisoned......!

Plus, we're noticing each other, their poisoning......!

Then this is...

I just have to keep pretending to recommend it and make the story stubborn......!

Because I'm better...

You're not just 'poisoned'......!

14, whose next hand came together, tried to force the cigarette in his hand into the mouth of 05, but near touching his lips,

... Gah!

And they grabbed my wrist.

05 was 05 and was just about to stick cigarette chocolate in 14 mouths, so I grab my wrist back with a knife to give back.

"Hey what...!?

"You're the one, what the...!?

14 puts force into the hand holding the cigarette.

Then, 05 will do it again.

"Yes... please don't push me! You love cigarettes!? Patience is poisonous to the body!? You don't have to suck it, at least suck it!

"Oh... I'm sorry I can't do that! Choco, you love it. Yase, be patient...! You don't have to eat it, at least eat it!

... Gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Like a quack fight, two people combine into four disappointments.

Much, we're shaking each other's pulls.

"Muggle...! Just suck it...!

"Muggle...! Just eat...!

The unusual concessions between the two members of the crew lasted for a while.

Fourteen were the ones who proposed the opening measures earlier.

"So, how about this? We're taking a break, so even if it bothers you, we can't help it. Mutual, stop forcibly recommending... Let's smoke our own and eat ours. That's all right."

05, who was floating blue muscles and eating up his teeth, nodded, "Wow, okay... okay".

"Oh, well... Let's just take each other's hands off each other.... Ready? No."

... Pah!

Along with the signals, the two leave like rebellious magnets.

Inside, 14 was giggling damned.

- It took!

My cigarettes don't have to let me smoke to figure it out...!

It's a little risky, but if he can't make me suck, I'll have to...!

He took a big sigh of relief and shrugged his shoulders.

"Phew, now we can finally get some rest. So let's say we do our own thing."

- I'm sure 05 will let me smoke first and try to figure out if it's poisoned.

Here, if I hesitate, or stop on the way, it's like rosing to 05 that this is poisoned tobacco.


Yeah, stay!

14 was in the mood to jump off the fresh water stage, smoking a cigarette.

Then he rattles his fingers with his pussy, with the fire magic at his fingertips, and lights a cigarette.

... sooo...

and staring 05 to inhale heavily.

I smoked 14 and was anxious that nothing strange would happen.

"What's up, 05? You're not eating? I don't think so, but it's not poisoned, is it?

When I made fun of him, 05 included cigarette chocolate in his mouth in a mushy manner.

Smash, crumble, and drink.

Until then, 14 kept the poker face, but I accidentally frowned.

- I ate poisoned chocolate...!?

No, maybe it wasn't poisoned...?

No, no, that's not supposed to happen.

Could it be a slow-acting poison......!?

After making it look harmless to eat and recommending it to me too...

If we break up after that in a big hurry and just detoxify ourselves......!

Right, that's what happened......!

... but sorry to hear that!

Cheap tricks like that don't work for me!

14 swells his cheeks like a fugue, and he glances 05,

...... hoo!

and spit cigarette smoke......!

As soon as possible, 05's face clouds.

"What do you do!?...... woo!? Is this...!?

The expression begins to wear an even more distressing colour.

14 had taken out a handkerchief and covered his mouth.

"Yes. As you expected, he's a poisoned cigarette. But I'm not the type with poison on my mouth. It's the kind of smoke that's poisonous. So if you don't put the smoke you smoke into your lungs and throw it up like this...... The poisonous braces are raised...!

"Ku...... damn! Ya... they did it!

Press your throat to strangle yourself and fall 05.

Stay flat and fall on your back and start cramping.

So the battle was settled, but even the 14 I set up, I'm sorry they weren't safe.

"... Grr!? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ha!"

The handkerchief stains red on the clap I cough up.

"Chi......! Got a little in your lungs......! But it's not a problem...!

The consciousness was blurred, but the suction was trace, so it would soon revert back to normal.

14 crouched down to the body of 05, which was no longer moving, as he crammed like a bad boy who smoked for the first time.

"Don't feel bad, 05......! With this poisonous cigarette, I'm gonna go up and pack you in the vice captain's seat...!

resolutely put his hands up, and tried to give up the body of 05,

... Dossssssssss...!

And a little machete was piercing his heart.

"Grr......!?" and peel off 14.

That, at your feet......

Still lying around, laughing 'as the operation goes', 05 looks......!

"05 What!? hey... why, why are you, living with poison smoke...!?

"Pfft, cigarette chocolate, which was my 'gift', is not 'poisoned' or anything... Actually, it was an antidote. I ate it in advance, so I was fine eating your poison braces."

"Become... what!? Then why did you recommend it to me?

"At the time you recommended tobacco, I knew it was poisoned. If, after I got that poison, I took the chocolate and ate it, you'd soon realize it was the antidote, and you'd get in the way, wouldn't you?


"But oh do it, if you recommend him from this side, you mistakenly think he's poisoned......! How dare you suspect someone else's is more poisoned than your tobacco is poisoned, because it's a very natural thought!


"And at the time you said, 'Stop recommending me impossibly, suck my own, and eat mine,' I came pinning. Your poisonous tobacco is not the type with poison applied to the mouth of the smoker, but the smoke is poisonous...!


"And I ate my own detoxifying chocolate and pretended I was hit by your smoke. You didn't even think my chocolate was the antidote anymore... That's why I didn't interfere with eating chocolate, and assumed I was smoked to death... right?

"Grr!? Grrr!? Grrr!?

"And then, to me who fell, I got you close to defenseless...! Here's how......!


...... Zuuuuuuuuuu!!


Unnamed warrior (Shinyusha) 183 ⇒ 184

Sixty-one unnamed Brave Woman.

One hundred and thirteen unnamed braves.

167 unnamed brave men.


Squad 10, 17 Kokori......!