When the 10th Squad's Wild Dog Tracking Squad was playing Death Game on the side of the Wild Dog...

The Wild Jean Dog Tracking Squad is more about how he was...

Members from 26 (Twinkle Six) to 29 (Twinkle Nine) were chasing girls like hunters enjoying hunting under the lead of Strongtanishi.

Subject to Goldwolf going down the mountain, she runs up the mountain.

Coming near the top, he escaped into the cave where he slept.

The tracking squads are alert to the trap, but try to get inside after them.

Then there...

The girl is getting smaller with her ears slammed down and her long tail wrapped around her body, characteristic of wild tail...!

That, however, is like a child fox who has just been hunted for his parents, full of anxiety and fear.

He lays down his face as if he thinks it's a bad dream, trembling in small pieces.

As if trampling that thought,

... Jiri...!

and boot kakato, four impending shadows.

"I knew you'd be a kid to run into this place."

"Oh, so trembling"

"You caught so much clam, it's a little boring..."

"But for that matter, let's say you enjoy it..."


What the four of them took out was one of the 10th Squad's gear, a magic device that makes an impromptu strip.

The body with the handle is about the size of a vacuum cleaner, and the pipe extends like a gap nozzle.

The nozzle is as sharp as a bamboo spear, and the body of the subject you want to strip ahead of, poking as little scratch as possible in a discreet place, when switched on......

Along with the various suction sounds, suck out the blood, the flesh, the guts, the bones...

Inject the stuffing from the cartridge of the body and strip in the dozens of minutes of the......!

For the side that is said to be, there is so much pain that even that small amount of time can be felt forever.

Even though we didn't show each other, the four of us who took out that devil's apparatus face to face.

"What, you guys were going to peel it too," he said 26.

"Oh, my son gave it to me," 27 said.

"I'm a bit of a penny earner," 28 said.

"I'm... 'for myself'...!" and 29.

"Damn, you're still a pervert, 29 is...!

26, 27 and 28 looked frightened.

But 29 receives it like a compliment, and groans his tongue.

"I rarely get a chance to toy with such a small wild tail...! That's such an upper-ball too...! In the meantime, in the meantime! Hi-hi, hi-hi...!

Turning a white painted face with a bright red tongue is still the devil......!

Strongtanisi heard their conversation from outside the circle and it was a total furry thought.

"Heh... heh!? Hey, can you give me a minute!? I thought you were going to catch this girl alive!?

"That would have been before. It's the wild dogs that catch them alive. Mr. Rivolve ordered you to do whatever you want with these jeans."

"Heh!? Oh no... Oh no...!? But that's why you stripped such a little girl!?

Strongtanisi guts the member's shoulder! And when I grabbed them, they looked back.

In the dim darkness of the cave, my white face rose to me.

"That's different......! Because it's small, doesn't it make sense...!

"It's rare to strip a wild tail child, and become a female, so if you sell it, it's gold...!

"Yes, yes. Because the rich have enough of them to collect...! If I give my son a gift, he'll raise his father's shares too...!

"I just wanted to make sure my daughter was full of holes...! Spill, spill! Hihi, hihi...!

The men's eyes were shining as if they had preceded the fine lamb (lamb) meat.

Eyes as if dealing with meat rather than humanity......!


Strongtanisi behind.

With the same wild tail, he can't say anything more than too much of fear.

Because I thought if I had any more opinions, I would be stripped with them.

"Keh" throws up Strongtanisi, who has pulled in awesome, and the demons turn back to their prey.

And then one step, one more step and... pack the distance while I set up the torture apparatus of hell.

... Jiri...!

"Come on, lady...! Let's do something good with my uncle......!

... Jiri...!

"You don't have to be so scared...! Because...!

... Jiri...!

"I'm going to have scarier eyes...! It's so scary in my eyes to kill me and cry...!

... Jiri...!

"Licking the crazy dripping yodale is another exceptional thing...! Beh, beh, beh! Hihi, hihi...!

Covered by the adults, Chesna becomes invisible.


and the cutting-edge of the torture apparatus wielded by 29 sparkled with a colour that also froze the blood.

"Heh...! Hehe...! Hehe...!

Strongtanisi was gushing her legs so much that she was likely to lose her hips now.

But as you shake off the invisible chains, let one shake your body,

"Heh...! Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

I kicked the ground, along with the rage that gushed from the bottom of the earth...!

...... Dogaa!!

and tack on the back of 29.

The cutting-edge, which was about to stab Chesna's body in the next few centimeters, was a big bump.

As a result,

... dosuuuuuu...!!

Stabbed on the flank of the 28 that were next door......!

...... Gyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!


A roar as if the mechanical evil god Deus Ex Machina had moved and a scream as if it were the end of the world.

And the sound of water pounding a lot of rotten fish on the floor rocks the sinus.

Strongtanisi had already, at that time, pulled Chesna's hand and escaped from the cave.