Strongtanisi, with the witch of a wild dog, was running away from the mountain where God dwelt, whilst komatsuri was frightened.

Confused by aggressive behavior that I didn't even understand.

- Heh!? I am, I am...

Weren't I supposed to be an 'outer road'?!

Since that time, throw away all your pity...

Live only for your own pleasure, abandon even the same wild tail......

Waving the outer sword, wasn't it supposed to be Shura?!?


Weren't you supposed to be brave?

"... damn, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Screaming, jumping over a fallen tree.

... bah!

But the long sword I was carrying caught me,

... Gah!

"Heh... heh!?

... Shishi Ahhh!

In the bush, head sliding......!

Besides, I'm unlucky, there's a Tanuki nest hole ahead of me going in......

... Zubo!

His face had been disturbed by the momentum of breaking down the entrance, so Tanuki's parents and children, who were in the regiment, were flipping with colorine at the same time.

But soon, the parents and children join forces to scratch the intruder's face in a burst.

"Come on, whoa!!

Strongtanishi's face, who managed to pull his head out, was scratched.

He had scratches all over his body, and he was lying that they were all sword wounds that had been creeping through the training ground.

But thus was the truth, the wound upon the animals of the forest.

Forget about that......

"Heh!? What about my daughter?

Looking around, he was lying down a little further away.

Strongtanisi crawls up to the girl and wakes her up to help.

"Heh! Hey, you okay? Hold on!"

When I pampered him with my muddy face, a pretty face with big eyes appeared on his white skin.

As soon as that round gaze bumps, a hazy strongtanisi.

of the back of his brain, further back.

And deep in my heart, there was a fire.

………………… heh!

..................... Hey, you okay?

... hold on tight!

"Ku... Brother Krotanisi..."

"Heh! Are you okay, Shirosanagi!

"Shit! There's another crotanisi bastard out there!

"Oh, my God! If you don't like me, don't call me that, not my brother!

"Damn! Krotanisi's bastard is bad for his opponent! This is gonna get shifty!

... I was born in a small village and lived there until then.

with his parents, and four of his younger brothers, Shirosanagi.

Wielding a wooden knife in longing for a swordsman, a territorial feud with the evil kids, every day of a fight.

I was the best swordsman in the village, so no one could beat me.

But Shirosanagi was weak, and he was always hit.

"... Sorry, Brother Crotanisi. I'm just weak..."

"Heh! Don't worry about it, Shirosanagi! Oh, you're so dirty... you ruined your cute face because of it! When I look at you like this, you really look like a daughter!

"I already care if you want it..."

"Hey, you're making it worse again, Crotanisi!

"Come on, what!? If you look at people, don't pull them off, Akatsumexa!

"Because you're so evil, you can bully Shirosanagi! And what's wrong with helping the house!? I've been looking for your mom and dad, but where did that idiot go? I'll tell you what's wrong here again!

"Heh! Damn, you broker! Don't pinch your mouth about people's houses! Hey, be careful, Shirosanagi. If I get a daughter-in-law like him, he'll be too laid on his ass to look like a scarecrow!

"Oh no... Akatsumexa is not such a girl..."

"If I crotanisi already! Learn a little about Shirosanagi, apprentice! That's why the girls in the village hate me, and this is the only way I'm going to be dealt with!

"Heh! I wanted you to hate me the first time! Come on, let's go, Shirosanagi!

"Ugh, yeah."

"Hey, where are you going?!?

"You're at Master Silanoshinyi's place!

Me and Shirosanagi prayed to Master Shiranoshinyi, who was dedicated to the village, as they did every day.

Mostly always, Akatsumexa prayed with me.

I thought going in the daytime wasn't enough, so I snuck out of the house after my family went to bed, and sometimes I prayed alone.

May the sickness of Shirosanagi get better soon...!

But even the village doctor can't get his hands on it. Sirosanagi's disease just gets worse every day...

Thin and thin, my skin really grew blue and white when I got sanagi.

One day, a brave man came to the village.

I wondered what I could do for such a snug village, but the brave man spotted Shirosanagi as incurable and offered me treatment.

But to do that, they're going to have to take Shirosanagi to another country for a while.

I wanted to follow you, but the brave ones wouldn't let me.

I was worried about leaving my brother, but if the illness were to heal... our family decided to entrust Shirosanagi to the brave.

But my brother himself hated it to the end.

"I don't like it, I don't like it, Brother Crotanisi......! Come on, I don't want to go......!

"Heh!? Why, Shirosanagi!? Even the Yab doctor in the village couldn't have gotten better praying all that to Master Silanosinyi. Your illness is going to heal!?

"Come on, I'm scared of that brave man......! I'm scared...! When I go to that brave man, I feel like I'm going to do something that's not good and I'm scared...!

"Hey, you idiot! He's a brave man!? Master Primary Blade is indeed a little creepy, but he's a great guy! Nothing like this. You came to the village, and I quickly spotted the sickness of Shirosanagi...! And I'm telling you, you can cure me without taking any money!

"Ya... no...! Come on, I don't want to leave you with Brother Crotanisi......! I want to be with you all the time...! Please don't throw me away, Brother Crottanisi, Brother Crottanisi......!

... I handed over Shirosanagi... to Master Primary Blade, who was so weak that he couldn't get up from his bunk anymore.

The bones are going to look clear, shake that hand off......

You dumped jeans, shake those eyes off...

... Since the village lost Shirosanagi, you've lost half your body.

Prayer for Siranosinyi, which was so indispensable, also stopped going flat.

Then, a year later...

There will be that incident.

I've been climbing mountains in my village neighborhood since morning to do sword arches that day...

From above, I saw it...

The village is burning...!