When I realized the village was burning, I went down the mountain to roll down and back to the village.

Then there...

It was like hell...!

They've been helping each other for a long time, holding a pair of tweezers and sickles in their hands...

Set fire to the neighborhood... and we were killing each other...!

That, too... crying...!

Besides, the villagers, when they see me, rush me crazy to death...

"Forgive me! Crotanisi! Not to protect my son!

Swing the blade like crazy......!

I don't know, I can't be hit, I bummed him with a wooden knife.

I was the strongest swordsman in this village, and I struggled quite a bit.

Anyway, not only did they have bad kids, but Jijibaba from the village they were taking care of, and even the daughters they were playing with made fun of, tried to kill me...!

The whole village hit a plague, and it seemed like they were all going crazy in the village.

Though I was wounded, I managed to make my way to the village square.

Why, you went for the square...

Because this was the time, and the festival was ringing.

The square we finally reached had an even more incredible sight.

The villagers used to skewer my dick, my owl, and Akatsumexa with a spear, acting like a god...!

(Yagura) had them playing whistles and drums crying.

At the center of it, the lion, the kid who shakes his long, bright white hair and dances...!

♪ When the brave come, we'll all be happy

♪ If the brave come through, the festival's a touch

♪ This road is the way the brave come, the way to go

♪ Whoever can't touch the festival, with his life, the bloodlust... ♪

While Soitz dances, he just pays his finger for a pip......

The neck of the young children, which was tied under the gills, was flying...!

I knew right away.

That he was letting the village kids kill each other for the hostages...!

And you let me kill my dick and my owl, Akatsumexa...!

"Heh! So... wow...! What mon!?

When he noticed my voice, he stopped dancing and looked down.

When I had eyes with Soitz, I thought... my heart would stop.

"Heh!? Ohh...... Ohh hah!?

Definitely, things had changed a lot......

Those eyes were definitely my brother Shirosanagi.

As he moved to block his hand, the festival stopped pitting.

But he doesn't say anything.

He just stared at me with cold eyes like a snowstorm.

"Heh... heh! Shiro Sanagi...... oh man, you're Shiro Sanagi!? You know what I mean! What the hell are you doing? Cancer!

Then he didn't even move his mouth, and he said:

"I am a member of the Shinsengumi 1st Squad," God's Finger "... Squad One is also known as Stinger Finger."

"Heh... heh!? Shirosanagi...... hey, you just became a brave man!?

"I am not a shilo-Sanagi."

That day, for me, I didn't believe it in the morning. It was a series of events...

On this day, I was most anxious to doubt my eyes.

He was on his back, on a sword longer than his height...

Hilarious ride, dancing feathers in the universe, fluttering, coming down...!

The look was breathtaking.

And it was cruel.

At the same time as he landed on the ground, the lads of Ogiko, the gods, the kids behind him...


My neck looks like a Tsubaki blossom, and I fell...!

Back with the red blood blowing up like a watercraft, he said with his hands wide open.

"I am the" Stinger Finger "... Mad Sanagi...!!

"Ma...... Mad Sanagi......!?

"Yes, I was reborn by the great brave, Master Primal Blade, also known as the 'Primitive Blade'...! I am back to decorate my hometown with brocade...!

"Heh... heh! What's with the Mad Sanagi! What are you doing back home? I knew it was my brother Shirosanagi!

"There is no one left to know it, except you."

When I looked around... there was no longer anything there that I could call a village.

All there is is, sinking into a sea of blood, a pile of corpses and... and burning down, a pile of debris...!

"Well... hey hey hey!!

I turned to Mad Sanagi and hit him with a wooden knife.

But he doesn't move a step...

Shiitake cherry blossom-like hair, just shake it in the wind...

...... Dosh!!

He slaughtered me!

"Ba... silly... na...!!

"Master Primary Blade says: Why does the sword exist in this world...... The reason for this is the same as for a sickle. To mow human life, like rice. It is a heretical act for those who are pruned. An act of disregard for all reason and truth. Therefore, all sword paths become 'outer paths' …"

From my eyes, the silo sanagi was visibly stained.

"When I was allowed to go home after my training at the training center, I thought, Master Primary Blade's intentions……. And I noticed." Primitive Blade "says you want" an outward journey home "......!

Divine Spirits are those who live and die for Dear Godsmile......!

Anything to avenge Lord Godsmile to the north, go and kill him in a boring way......!

If you are a demon who doesn't believe in Master Godsmile to the south, scare him to death with plenty......!

Throw away the past, burn it all down, dedicate it as a brocade of blood......!

Even a family of fruit mows like a bunch of rice and tramples its corpse like a crust......!

I want to be that way...!


Hey, you seem to be out of chat.

Yes. Let me give you this sword.

For me, it's getting a little heavy...

of the Three Ways River, because it will be about to be paid......

So... good day.