- I saved my life because of the bump I had.

Then we buried them in the village, and we went on a journey.

Oyaji's, Off Crow's, Akatsumexa's...

And to avenge the villagers.

No, that's not all.

How did the weak-minded Shirosanagi get so...

How did he end up like the one who only thinks about lightning up a killer...

To make sure...!

To do that, I have to be the strongest swordsman, too.

I've become a brave man too, Shiro Sanagi...... no, now I have to climb to the same height as Mad Sanagi and stand by the same gaze.

To that end, I became Strongtanishi!

At the border of the outer road, to stand......!

The sword moves of the outer path, to the extreme......!

Yes, I've decided...

Yes, I should have decided......

Why... why me!

You're taking a daughter like this and running away to the villagers!?

"... hihihihihihihi...!

Strongtanisi's recollections are blocked by noise from behind.

It was a back laugh that couldn't help but be frightened, as if a cold blade was being pressed against his spine.

"Hihihihihihihi! Where is it? Where is it?... ahhh! There he is! Because of this, I was wondering if I would strip them! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hihihihihihihihi!"

...... gasp, gasp!!

Shivering trees and whispers loom like alarms.

Strongtanisi held up Chesna and ran out again without turning around.

"Hi-hi-hi-hi! Run, run, run! Every time I catch up, I'll get one of your guts! Hee hee hee hee hee hee!"

Soon from behind, a noise like a broken radio kicks me off at full volume.

It was like running away from a giant round scarecrow that rolled off.

If they catch up to you, by the way, they'll make you into two pieces of pressure, unspoken or not......!

It's obviously supposed to be more intelligent than a bear, but the atmosphere doesn't seem to make sense at all such as discussion......!

When it comes to feeling like you are being chased by aliens of the battle race, is it easy to understand?

That, too, had hook claws......!

No, no...!

...... Gyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Sometimes I roar like I incite fear It's more of a chainsaw......!

One stab strains your guts out, a annoying chainsaw......!

Strongtanisi, stirred up by incitement, was supposed to be in a mountain that could be his own garden, but he didn't even know where he was now.

I just waved my arm at Gumshara, moved my legs to Shakariki, and ran away to bullshit.

Crazy laughter and the noise of a crappy machine cling to my ear.

We didn't know how far behind the tracker was right now, but we can't look back.

It also gave him the feeling of never ending, like a rat running around from a cat in a spinning car.

I feel my body become paralyzed and motionless to freeze.

But I couldn't stop......!

"Hihihihihihihi! If you think about it, you don't even have to strip it clean! The peeling of the octopus is hilarious! It's hilarious that my skin is bumpy like a worn stuffed animal and the cotton inside sticks out of all sorts of places! Zakuzaku, Zaku!

...... Shrung!

Strongtanishi looks back at the sound of a knife drain without being able to handle it.

Then there...

The further you reach, the further you are likely to reach......

I was shaken like a pendulum blade, the murder blade......!

That shines through the cloudy seven colours, like oil floating on the water, in the wake of the leaking day......

A moment of despair, like a dirty rainbow falling, is just now......!

...... GOOOOO!!

A gushing sword pressure stirs, and a zombie scare runs on Strongtanishi's spine.

...... pun!

and his shoulder was ripped open so that he could play, and blood bled out.

And then a severe pain strikes like being hit by burning chopsticks.

A sword is cold the moment it's slashed, and then it's hot.


I accidentally wanted to push my shoulder, but I caught him and held Chesna's body back in front.

"Hiccup! I didn't hide it that way, that jean didn't kill you! What a lot of fun to fill a hole in your body! The only thing I enjoy slashing is wild dogs! Hihihihihihihi!


Like Kamaitachi's work, whenever the wind cuts, Strongtanishi's skin can play along with the rupture sound.

My arms, my back, my hips, like a perforated water balloon, my life leaks out.

Strongtanisi finally got his legs pulled together,



Big and awesome, head sliding......!

Scatter the fallen leaves like waves and draw straight dirt muscles.

They slipped my face down and pulled in the tears I went out with.

My body is tired and in pain and I don't know what to say at all.

The beginning and end of an inner scream at exercise beyond its limits.

"Gee......! Gigi!"

As if it had overflowed, the noise leaked from between the eating teeth.

Even though the sun is still high, a shadow stretched out as long as dusk covers him.

"When the brave come, they will all be happy. If the brave come through, the festival will not pass. This path is the way the brave will come, the way they will pass. Those who cannot touch the festival will have life, and the blood will not."

Ha!? and Strongtanishi to give you a face.

Then there...!

"Blossom of blood, no going to the afterlife. Wrecked, no to mad death. Undancing assholes, let's decorate. Decorate, for generations, laughing things."

To the out-of-tune singing, a brave figure grunts a magic device in small pieces like a fusi...!

Strongtanisi manages to only wake her upper body and cover Chesna with her back.

Trying to get a little distance, he let his legs crouch and stuck his hand out to keep pushing.

"Heh heh! Ma......! I'll wait for you, brave man! No matter how many wicked you are, don't kill your daughter like this!? Besides, I can't believe I'm stripping it...! If you're a kid, why don't you just let him convert!

The brave sings deliberately and poorly.

"It doesn't matter if you're a wicked person or anything. The kid is mine for the most part. If you're an upper-ball, it's all the more so. It's going to be stripped, then. My distressed face, hey! More than enough to leak, hey, hey, hey, hey! Heeeeeeeeeee!!"

White painted face, peeled white eyes.

Twenty-nine (garlic) letters on the forehead.

The brave man, imbued with warped carnal desire, drips his tongue and yodale from his open mouth to his throat.

That was no longer the appearance of what could be called a person.

Exactly, 'The Outer Way'......!

...... WOW!

and Strongtanisi with all body hair upside down.

... you just have to abandon it.

All you have to do is throw away the little, weak one on your back.

There is no need to protect those who have no edge or itch for him.

If you leave it there and run, I'm sure this outer road won't follow you.

And that act must be the 'outer path' and the food for him.


"Mad sanagi! I am, I am...! Only now, only now, throw away the 'outer roads'!

He said that when he removed the back sword from every sheath,

... Gah!

and freshly poked it to the ground, to get to it,


and try to get up......!

The body, which has already exceeded its limits, is rattling and trembling, as it is rattling everywhere.

The butt is like roots have grown, no matter how much you step on it, it doesn't lift......!

"Ho ho. You still want me to get up with that nari...! Look, you're good at teasing, you're good at teasing!

Meat man taking a provocative rhythm as he swings his hips to Kunechne's left and right.

"Gu......! Grrr! Grrr!!

The more blood drips from the edges of your lips, the more strongtanishi you can eat up your teeth and use your strength.

My whole body twitches and makes noises.

"Ugh! Ugh! Guuuuuuuuuuuu!!

A wild dog tied to a chain shakes his hair, face, voice into a mess, as he seeks freedom.

That's it, finally......!

Mech meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh!!

He stepped on the ground, behind his two feet, so that the roots of the great tree could be peeled off.

Meat man clapping with pussy.

"By my own power, I was able to say goodbye to you. I'll say goodbye to you. Next time, I'll say goodbye to you. You're good, you're good."

They said they ran as much as each other, but they're still energetic.

Strongtanishi against is already a bug breath.

He's just up and down his shoulder, fluttering his whole body loosely.

And on his head, he hit a trick and something.

It slipped off my shoulder and tumbled into a borough cloth-like nostalgia which......

"Ko, this is...! Mi, isn't it a mill walnut...!

I picked it up with my fingers, and I threw it in my mouth whole, and every shell burrs and scabs a strong-tanisi.

"Mirwalnut" is the nut that is this mountain, in fact so nutritious that it is also known as "mountain milk".

Shells are also known as' eating opium 'and when taken crushed, they provide a strong cardiac effect.

However, when it expires, it is attacked by a tremendous sense of vanity.

Strongtanishi gave his last hope to this nut, which came down like a miracle...!

"Heh... heh! My body moves...! The power is all too much...!

Unlike earlier, tremors coming from fatigue, the body is joyful.

The pattern of the sword I was using instead of the wand, Gah! and grasp it forcefully.

"I...! The mightiest brave man...! Master Strongtanishi. Uh-huh!

...... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

When the carp is cut, the magnesium overflows flashing as if it were on fire.

The meat man frowned on his eyelids.

"No way is that a sword said to only be allowed to have a 'man stabbing finger' Stinger Finger '......' Orthodox Outward Sword '......!? No, no, there's no way it's in the hands of such a wild dog...! I'm sure a lot of similar niceties......! But that made it a little more fun...! You're just chasing me unilaterally, I don't know...! Hihihihihihihihi!"

"Heh! I'm not saying a mess! You're hurting me! You're hurting me! Now it's our turn!

When I waved him a long sword like a dry rod, he shone like a moon.