Strongtanisi unleashes his full body spirits and waves down.

If properly decided, it was just a one-off blow.

"Whoa! Zane ~!

I was really caught lightly.

"Weren't you the mightiest bravest Sama ~!? Hihihihihihihi!

Like giving up a baby, Abba! and a meat man moving his tongue.

"Heh, shit! Hit it! Hit it! Hit me. Yikes!!

Strongtanisi releases a rare slaughter without turning around.

But as if even the desperate counterattack were to grin, the meat man shrugged.

The meat man does not even take a stand to say that he has a sword in one hand and a magic device in one hand, and lowers his hands sloppily, just floating from the chest to the top.

That every move was coupled with a creepy look, scared as if he were dealing with a ghost.

"Hey...... why don't you hit me!? Damn it! Damn it! Damn!"

Strongtanishi gets out in a hurry with his mouth on.


Finally, I get a rash, and I pop like a wild dog with a big mouth.


... Gah!

and he gets caught in the leg, out of balance and falls.

Due to bad luck with the rocks ahead,

...... GANG!!

I punched him in the face...!

"Gu......! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

Strongtanishi who unintentionally pushes his face and extinguishes it.

On its back, a mockery descends.

"Hihihihihihihi! Sama, the mightiest brave man, didn't want to slash each other!? But I haven't done it yet!? Or rather than the exchange of life, I wanted to play with you. So CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

For one thing, I might as well have been busted.

Strongtanisi was humiliated, and the tears that were pulling in seemed to creep up again.

"Guuuuu! Huh! Huh! Huh!

His eyes, kicking back at his opponent, were completely seeping.

He exhales roughly from his swollen nose and raises and lowers his shoulders severely.

One leg is like a tear, from the nose is full of bumps and blood, and it doesn't stop.

Shame on him enough to forget his words as a man.

No matter how many opponents are Shinsengumi, I am the best swordsman in the village...

I've been training ever since I left the village, so I thought I could handle it if I was willing to die.

But this delight......!

- I am... I am!

Instead of the villagers and their daughters... you can't even satisfactorily protect your own life...!?

Until then, all that sounded in the sky was laughter.

"Wow! Damn it!!!!

A helpless, squeezed scream blows up...!

The indifference is strange, the meat man twirling his belly.

Makes you feel humiliated enough to create a peel that leaves its agony engraved and exposed as a disgrace to life......!

That was his way.

The meat man finally tries to get into the final finish when he taps into the meat named Strongtanisi and realizes it has just softened.

But earlier than that...... heaven was moving.

"... Mr. Strongtanisi. Remember when you slashed me in the cave. '


Is this voice... wild dog mask!?

It was Osama's voice, you can't go wrong.

That, from above the clouds covering the Ethereal Dome, as it pours......!

It sounded, as if it were a revelation...!

In Strongtanishi's head, what happened the first time they met flashes back.

- When I was slaughtered in the cave, I thought I was going to fall...

I thought it was a bad scaffolding cave, but the wild dog mask caught my leg...!

'Humans can react quickly to things that are above the horizontal of their gaze, but they react late to things that are below. The advanced swordsman knows that, so the opponent who thinks he's inferior to himself targets his legs. That'll make it easier to take them down.'

"Heh... heh! Well, that's about it... did you think I didn't know that? I'll do it!

But also for help from heaven, Strongtanisi takes a spitting attitude.

But God keeps going.

'If your opponent is about to snap his leg, it's easy to crush that aim. I just need this one to aim at his leg first. The person you're trying to scratch your leg on is easier to aim at because your leg is out front than your body'

"Heh... heh! Oh, you must have had that too!

'Just don't go slashing your feet right away. It is also assumed that when you are advanced, you will be targeted for your feet. So first you put it on the upper level, make it look like you're going to slash your body, and you swing it down faster than it hits your body. That way, it hits nature and the other foot.'

"Oh... that too...! I know. Uhhhh!

Don't get up, don't bark, ha ha! and strongtanisi to shake.

"Hihihihihihi! So again!? One of the fools!"

velobea, and toward the meat man who utters his tongue,


...... Bishung!!

The sword of the mightiest brave sword plunders his nose tip, his tongue tip, his chest tip, and his critical spot.

As it was, he swung it down with a snake.

He is convinced.

- I got it!

The sword will capture his leg in a few moments, and it will be refreshing...!

But the difference in touch of about a piece of skin,

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

I was inhibited by a blade that slipped in like a thin skin......!


Strongtanishi peeling eyes.

Ha ha I give you a face, there......

Smiles like murdering clowns, they were disappearing.

Instead, a maggie murdering clown makes blue-white raised blood vessels stick with a freckle all over his face......!

There, there you go...!

"Tenmei......! You made me take the knife...!? In" The Witchcraft Sword, "even though receiving a machete is a disgrace above all else...! He made me do it...! I won't forgive you......! Forgive me, bro! KIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

A meat man suddenly exasperated for reasons I'm not sure about.

He starts shouting like a weird bird and wielding his sword in a mess.

Strongtanisi desperately takes a sword blow out of his whip-like arm that does.

"Heh heh!? What the hell? Suddenly!?

"If you find out you took a machete with a dosampin like this, it's gonna be a good laugh! I'll kill you, Butch! I'll kill you!! KIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

... Gakin! Kickin '! Kickin'!

He looks like he's shaking lightly, but the blow was as heavy as a hammer.

And I won't take it all, my body will be torn apart.

Blood erupts from everywhere, like it has become a balloon with holes.

"Die! Die! Die! Die, die, die, die, die!

Bamboo-like movements rocking in the storm and words of death repeated like a curse.

Scattered with every single machete, a skin armor that is about to rot.

Skin shredded and bounced, bones struck and life erupted.

Strongtanisi has finally become what she was born to be.

He is finally conscious of what he was losing.

Something called 'death'......!

"Death! Die, die! Die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die!

There was no more pain or anything.

I didn't feel the unwinding sensation of blood or the heat of my body.

However, I can clearly see that my vision is darkening as the night book descends, and my whole body is freezing cold.

'... don't you run away?

Also, I heard that voice.

"Put the witch down and run, you'll be the only one who can help."

- Heh, heh! I don't know if I'm gonna run away!

"Why don't you run away?

- When you're on the outside road, it's because you stopped!

'Why, did you stop being an outside road?

- Heh! I don't know!

I'm sorry. 'Cause you're gonna be off for about Sunday!

Besides, I'll never turn my back!

Swordsman, back wounds are a disgrace!!

"Didn't you just run away like that?"

- Heh... heh! Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

'A scratch is the same scratch whether it attaches to the front or the back. Whether a wound is a disgrace is not where it came from, but why it came from. You turned your back on the enemy to protect the witch, and wounded your back… it's never shameful, no matter what people say'

- Gu... Ugh!

Even though you might die from this, there's no preaching!

'And by "outer roads," I mean being out of the truth. The "back wound is shame" you said earlier would mean truth for a swordsman. If you want to be a true "outer path," never be afraid of back wounds'

- Let... the back wound, I can't be scared...!?

'That's right. And many swordsmen in this world are caught in the "truth". Even those called "God's Fingers" are no exception. And that's where we find the winning chance.'

- On the outside road, give me a win...!?

'Yes, many famous swordsmen have spoken of the word' outward sword ', but there is no true' outward sword 'in this world yet. No one has it. Finding it is the only way to defeat the swordsman in front of you.'

- Heh...!?

As a swordsman, outer roads......!?

As an outer road, truth......!?

It's, 'Don't be afraid of back scratches'......!?

In a dead place, his head, covered like a dark cloud, becomes clear like a blue sky.

A single flash of light ran through the sky, as if it were a meteor during the day.

The vitality gained in "Mirwalnut", stirring up all the rest of its cusp and lodging it in its arms.

And shake off the meat man's machete...!

... Kiddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Behind his eyes, which were losing their brilliance, the meat man realizes once again that the flames are burning.

"Hihihihihihihi! Well, you still have that power! That's good! Hit me in. Yo! I'll take it! A blow to the whole body! Your face when you find that to be futile would be extraordinary! Hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi!

...... JAKING!!

and a strongtanisi that rests on the middle and pokes its cuttoes.

"Go, go, go, go, go, go! This...!!! My goodness!!!!

And like a hungry wild dog, jumping on prey, straight......!

... Za!

Let's go!


Meat man intercepts with spare time.

But that laugh, instant icing.


...... Ha ha!!

A wild dog, who should have been suddenly stripping his fangs, flipped every body in front of him, turning his back......!

Keep it up, make sure you fall in......!

"It's an outward sword. Ahhhhhh!!!!"

...... dozbahhhhhhhhh!!!

I poked a knife in my stomach...!?!?

That is a completely unexpected, madness suicide bomber......!

No, I didn't even imagine a lunatic meat man, big/crazy......!

The blade that popped out of Strongtanishi's back, just like that......!

... Doswoo!!

Meat man too, pierced......!!!!

"Buh... silly, be...!

Oops! and a meat man who spits blood and is already turning into a chunk of meat.

"I want to see...! This is my outer sword...!" Brother (Brothers) "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!