Blood smoke was swirling like a storm in the 'Mountain of God's Residence' on Greyskay Island.

Occasionally, the voices of breaking demons (manma) such as gay, ugly, etc. are heard, and birds can be seen flying from the trees around them.

The Wild Tails and Wild Celebrities were staring at the situation from the settlement at the foot.

I can't hide my anxiety in the mountains where the trees can't stop twitching, like the foretaste of the vicious signs.

"Early in the morning, if you think the brave men of Shinsengumi have gone inside Shin Itomurau..."

"Oops, that scream never stops......!

"Yes, what the hell is going on in that mountain?

"Ah, look! There!"

Ba! A certain wild tail pointed ahead, on a cliff near the top of the mountain.

Usually, at this hour, the wild dog mask and the witch Chesna come out for morning gymnastics......

It appeared that

"... damn, whoa, whoa, whoa!

He runs away somewhere screaming, the look of Strongtanisi.

Immediately after that,

"Hihihihihihihi! Run, run, run, run!

and the figure of a brave man chasing him, as if he had touched his heart.

With a white painted face, it says' 29 'on his forehead.

After that,

"Stay! Gotcha! Now I'm rich!

"Yay! Gotcha! Now you're in big trouble!

screaming, etc., embracing each other's bodies,

... bah!

and throwing himself off a cliff, two brave men.

They are also white painted faces, written '26' and '28' on their foreheads, respectively.

Suddenly forced, the settlers said, "Ahhh!?" He raised his voice.

The last brave man to appear on the cliff, written '27' on his forehead, seemed seemingly normal, but not.

Instead of his companions running away, he doesn't even give a glimpse to his companions who fell off the cliff, and starts a pantomime that takes something out of his backpack.

Then gently round both fists to create a hole and peek in like a telescope.

He looked over the city with that handmade telescope for a while, but suddenly when he turned his angry hair upside down,

"Never... Never forgive me!! Whoa!!

and spread his hands like wings, jumping off a cliff, along with a brave cry like a hero of justice.

To the second oddity, the settlers said, "Ahhh!?" I raise my voice.

"Yikes... what the hell is going on...!?

"The brave man has gone crazy......!?

"And where did Master Silanoshinyi's wild dog mask go?!?

"I don't even see the witch Chesna!?

Well, the two of them...

"... Ha-ha-hoo. I don't know about hot springs, it's a hiccup."

In the water, it was melted.

"You'll be tired of running in the morning. This spa contains ingredients that work very well to restore fatigue, so soak it carefully."

Wild dog mask swinging across the hot air.

He said he was completely naked, but he didn't take it off, so it was more and more unusual from the side.

But Chesna, who is used to it, doesn't seem to care anymore and enjoys her first bath in a long time.

"I didn't know there was a trick in this mountain."

"There are several other hot springs like these in this mountain. Among other things, this is a great place because it works well and has a great view."

A wild dog mask in a completely familiar tone, as if it had already become a local person.

But he was right, the hot spring where you two are now was on a rocky shelf further up than a cliff near the top, a stunning enough spot to see half the island.

"Wow, this is the first time I've been up here."

The girl travels to the foot of the hot spring and looks down the mountain from the height.

Then, from the woods just below, a bursting barbaric voice came up.

"Ugh! Ugh! Guuuuuuuuuuuu!!

"Um, Kamisama... from earlier, I can hear screams from many places... Besides, downstairs...... every wild tail and this one has been doing something all alone...... what the hell is that?

Chesna peeks under the rock shelf with her hands on the sides of a hot tub and jealous dog-like tricks.

The wild dog mask approaches her side with "which" and looks down together like a parent dog.

Under the eyes of a parent and child dog, a wild dog still dying stood with a tree branch instead of a cane.

The wild dog mask takes the pebble that was nearby and throws it at him.

... Kotsun...!

"Ko, this is...! Mi, isn't it a mill walnut...!

A young man like a wild dog took it, obviously just a pebble, but he had his eyes shining like he had witnessed a miracle.

throw it into your mouth without any hesitation,

... Bari! Gari! Gori!

and along with the sound of my teeth about to break, I was drinking it down.

"Ugh... Wow, yes, I did a tattoo...!?

Don pull chesna.

But that seems to have made the youth a hundredfold more energetic, wielding tree branches in the mess.

From time to time, he stuck his face against the rock.

A wild dog mask that I've been watching for a while.

He put his hand against his mouth on his cheek as he shouted at the mountains, and spoke to the youth.

"... Mr. Strongtanisi. Remember when you slashed me in the cave."

The wild dog mask turns to him and repeats some advice.

The young man who received it poked himself in the stomach with a branch of a tree as he raised the fury of the rift......

"I want to see...! This is my outer sword...!" Brother (Brothers) "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

After cutting the big deal of unintelligible meaning, he was buzzing down so that he could run out and peel off his white eyes.

"Oh, um... Kamisama, what the hell is that?

Chesna asks with a complicated look she doesn't think of as a child, who has been forced to watch a creepy one-person play.

The wild dog mask took the buds of flowers that were floating in the water.

"That's because of this."

"Are you...?

"Yep. This is the flower that grows on this mountain when it comes to 'The Flower of Hope'. It's a very rare flower, and not many places in the world are blooming"

"It's not uncommon in the demonic world," he said, "Yeah, it grows everywhere," and I heard it from somewhere, but that doesn't sound like Chesna.

The wild dog mask continues silently.

"They say this flower withers as buds, but when you do something, it blooms. And that's when they scatter pollen that's very hallucinogenic around them."

"Let's go, shall we?

"Yes. When you suck pollen, you start to see your dream come true."

"I got it! The scream you've heard so far is a delightful scream!?

"Exactly," snorted the wild dog mask.

"To be precise, you are a flower of the demonic world, dragged out of your desires until you destroy yourself."

'I wish those kids hadn't masked it because of you, too!

'No, Pull. The anti-virus masks of the 10th Squad will not prevent pollen from flowers in the Demon Realm.'

"What, really?!?

'Yes, because the pollen of the demonic world flowers is neither liquid nor solid nor gaseous. Wasn't it about Mr. Scylla who had the "stone of rejection" that was preventing pollen among those in the 10th squad'?


"More than that, the effect of" Flower of Hope "can be seen from here."

"What, really?

'Yeah. The desire of the 10th squad to be deputy captain will be around the time they are fulfilled, so then...'

A girl like a white fairy, floating by the face of a wild dog mask.

She had an innocent smile, like a maiden opening a box with chocolate.